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How To Make Girls Chase You | Become Addictive To Women

June 20, 2020

In this article, you’re going to learn how to make girls chase you. 

Let’s not waste any time with a preamble: There are two main factors will make your personality magnetically attractive to women:

  1. Intensity.
  2. Unpredictability.


If someone talks with low energy and they don’t put any passion into what they’re saying, they won’t be magnetic.

But if someone speaks with enthusiasm, they are instantly 1000 times more engaging.

If I’m honest, the vast majority of men are bad at this. 

Men learn to communicate logically for the sake of exchanging information. But what do women respond to most? Not logic, they don’t care much about the information you’re giving them. It’s the way you make them feel that matters.

The feeling you project comes down to a few different factors:

The rhythm at which you speak, the tonality in your voice, and the enthusiasm that you project. All these things make the difference between being boring and captivating.

You might be wondering, “How do I know if I’m bringing intensity in the way I speak?” 

Record yourself talking to your friends or a girl. You can record it with your cell phone; it’s very easy to do.

And listen to how you sound. Do you sound passionate? Do you sound engaging? Do you seem excited about what you’re saying? Or, do you sound monotone and boring. 

The reality is, most men sound pretty dull.

If you find that your speaking lacks intensity, you can take two minutes per day to record yourself talking with as much passion as possible. Listen back to it the recording and do this every day. You’ll find that you will start to naturally speak with more passion and enthusiasm over the course of a few weeks.

How To Make Girls Chase You

Part 2: Unpredictability

Women are addicted to unpredictable men. 

Most men are predictable when they interact with women because they don’t want to be offensive; they don’t do anything that she might take the wrong way. They make sure to be as nice and agreeable as possible. They don’t tease the girl. They don’t disagree with her. They make her feel totally validated and approved of. 

This gets the girl’s attention; she might think, “Oh, he’s such a nice guy.” But it does not get her attracted to you, it makes her see you as a very low-status guy. 

Here’s the thing, we all learn to be agreeable, we all learn to be nice. That’s what social conditioning (and especially school does to us), we learn that we have to shut up and listen to the teacher, that we can’t talk out of turn, and that if we say anything that’s mildly offensive we’ll get punished. 

We are taught to shrink our personality so all that’s left is the most agreeable, boring, sheeplike aspects of it. 

And the parts of us that make us compelling are largely trained out of us by society because that allows society to function. But if you want to be compelling to women, you have to learn to take those parts back. If you look at five-year-old kids, they tease each other, they’re completely unfiltered, and they say whatever comes to their minds (it just slowly gets drained out of them through years of social conditioning). 

So you might think that you’re a nice guy or an introvert. No, you’ve been raised to be mild-mannered and even subservient. If you were in your natural state, teasing women, saying things that are a little bit controversial, and expressing a wide variety of emotions would all be part of who you are.

If you want to reaccess that part of your personality, use training wheels. This is why pickup techniques can be helpful: they act as training-wheels so you can start accessing parts of your personality that you didn’t even know existed.

Specifically, I recommend learning to practice the art of hot and cold. What is hot and cold? It’s also called push-pull. It’s the art of being unpredictable.

Let me give you some examples of things that are hot and things that are cold:

Things that are hot include:

  • Holding strong eye contact.
  • Complimenting a girl
  • Listening carefully to what a girl says.
  • Standing close to a girl.
  • Responding quickly to a girl’s texts.
  • If she says something, asking further questions to know more about her opinion on the subject.

Things that are cold are the opposite:

  • Teasing her
  • Disqualifying her (saying something to the effect of, “You’re like the sister I never had” which implies you’re not sexually attracted to her”
  • Withdrawing attention 
  • Taking a few hours to respond to her texts
  • Disagreeing with her

If you do just one of these two sets of things, your personality won’t be addictive. 

If you’re only hot, then women will feel like you’re needy. If you’re only cold, you’re just a dick and unpleasant to be around.

But if you mix hot and cold, it creates a positive tension in your interactions, making everything you do exciting because the girl doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. 

You’re unpredictable; she doesn’t know whether you’re going to compliment her or tease her, whether you’re going to agree with her or disagree with her.

You’re basically keeping her on her toes, which will keep her compelled by everything you say and everything you do. Over time, if you do this with a girl, she will become addicted to your personality. 

Hot and cold, of all the techniques that I can think of, is probably the single most powerful. It absolutely does work.

You might be thinking, isn’t this disingenuous? Aren’t I being fake? No. Because men who are naturally good with women do this. They are masterful at creating a hot and cold dynamic, I’ve seen it many times with guys who never studied pickup, but happen to be good with women. Hot and cold is the dynamic that they create in their interactions with women.

This is what flirting naturally is if you boil it down to a formula. Most men learn that it’s not appropriate to act this way, that it’s only okay to be hot and that teasing a girl or disagreeing with her is unattractive. 

Learning to implement hot and cold is a crutch you can use to become comfortable with the other side of your personality again. It was naturally there when you were five years old; we just learn to stifle this side of our personality over time.

To really understand why hot and cold is so powerful, think about what it implies. What does it say about you?

It says that you have options, that you can afford to speak your mind. You don’t have to censor yourself to gain the approval of others. You’re a leader, not a follower. 

Someone who is always nice and supplicating comes across as low-status like an employee speaking to a manager. And that is not the dynamic that women find attractive. 

But if you show that you are a challenge, that your approval isn’t a given, and you will say what comes to mind even when it’s disagreeable, that is very attractive.

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