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How To Master Cold Approach Pickup (By Creating Field Reports)

April 17, 2019

How To Master Cold Approach Pickup (By Creating Field Reports)

Field reports are the epitome of nerdiness. To make one, you analyze what happened when you went out to meet women. You write about what you did well, what mistakes you made, and how you want to improve in the future.

As weird as it is to write a document detailing your interactions with women, field reports are powerful. When I started writing field reports as a habit, my results started to improve exponentially. Instead of making the same mistakes each week, I became aware of what I was doing wrong and knew exactly what I could do to correct course.

Field reports allow you to analyze what happened when you went out to cold approach women from a perspective thatâs normally unavailable to you. When you go out and approach women, youâre in an emotionally charged state. Those emotions will cloud your sense of judgment.

While youâre standing around with your friends instead of approaching women, itâs easy to come up with reasons not to approach. You might see a girl and tell yourself, âSheâs too attractive,â âSheâs not attractive enough,â âSheâs too busy,â âSheâs with a guy who must be her boyfriend,â âShe looks too slutty,â etc.

These rationalizations give you a logical excuse to avoid approaching and to stay with your circle of friends. Rationalizations are very difficult to step out of – and no one is immune to them.

By writing a field report, youâre able to think about the mistakes you made and logically analyze what you should have done differently. In the heat of the moment, not approaching a girl or not asking for her number make sense, but when youâre back at home reflecting, itâs much easier to realize those decisions were based on rationalizations, and that next time, you should act differently.

As you write field reports, you will become increasingly aware of your self-defeating thoughts, your ego, and your bad habits. Through this awareness, you become empowered to replaces those patterns with more effective ones.

How To Write Field Reports

Hereâs a field report template Iâve found to be effective:


Three things I did well:




Three things to improve on:




Sticking Point:

Summary: (Optional)

This structure is effective because it forces you to focus on two key areas: what you did well and what you need to improve on.

Focusing on what you did well is useful because a lot of men have difficulty seeing the positive in their nights out. They see everything through a negative lens, and because of this, they lose motivation over time.

Itâs valuable to acknowledge what youâre doing right. This will help shape your attitude to appreciate the positives and to notice the progress youâve made over time. Without the sense that youâre improving, itâs easy to feel like the effort youâre exerting is worthless. Taking a moment to acknowledge that you are getting better will help you cultivate a mindset that motivates you (as opposed to have a mindset that makes you feel helpless).

Focusing on what you need to improve on is also important: it allows you to call yourself out on your mistakes and, as I mentioned earlier, helps you build awareness of your rationalizations so that you can overcome them.

Just writing what you did wrong isnât particularly useful, your field reports will be much more effective if you focus on why you made the mistakes you made while also thinking of how you can do better the next time you go out.

In the sticking point section, identify the main thing thatâs holding you back from getting the results you want. This could be approach anxiety, failing to lead, not being sexual, etc. (there is a complete list of sticking points and how to overcome each one in my upcoming book Attraction On Demand).

Wrapping Up How To Master Cold Approach Pickup (By Creating Field Reports)

Once youâve identified whatâs holding you back, analyze how well you did at making progress in that area and what you should do differently the next time you go out. This is useful because it allows you to focus on the one thing that will improve your results the most.

You can also write a summary of what happened throughout the day/night to gain some additional insights, but if this feels like too much work, donât feel obligated to do it, itâs not as important as the other sections.

As strange as it is to write field reports, theyâre a powerful tool for catalyzing change.

By default, we make most of our decisions based on our emotions and habit. By analyzing our nights out, we can become aware of how those emotions and habits are preventing us from making progress. And once we understand the patterns that are holding us back, we can break free of them and make a real, lasting change.

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