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How To Seduce Women With Your Voice

November 30, 2018

Men often change their vocal tonality when speaking to an attractive woman. Instead of speaking with their normal masculine voice, they speak in a higher pitch and use an overly friendly, agreeable tonality.

Doing this robs the interaction of its charge: instead of a man-to-woman conversation with sexual tension, it becomes an emotionally flat, friend-to-friend interaction that would be more likely to end in a boardroom than a bedroom.

Fortunately, anyone can improve their vocal tonality.

But changing your tonality is difficult. We don’t hear our own voice the way other people hear it. And realistically, you can’t change your vocal tonality until you know what you’re doing wrong.

There’s a simple solution to this predicament: record audio of yourself speaking into a microphone. Even better, you can record yourself interacting with women. That might sound like an awkward thing to do, but you can actually record audio with almost no risk of getting caught.

Simply wear earbuds with a mic and rest them over your shirt. Use the voice recorder app on your phone to pick up the audio of your conversations (or you can download one, I use Easyvoicerecorder).

Once you’ve got some audio of your interactions, listen to it and analyze what you’re doing well and what you could improve on.

Notice how your tonality is coming across: is it overly friendly? Confrontational? Monotone?

Look for anything that could be improved about your tonality. Maybe you could use more pauses, maybe you could speak with more emotion, and maybe you could vary the rhythm more.

Listening to your recorded voice will give you a lot of emotional leverage to make a real change. You might, for example, notice that you’re coming across as quiet and shy.

That’s actually a good thing. When you know you’re voice is timid, you are going to be viscerally motivated to add more assertiveness and masculinity to your voice.

You might be worried that your voice will sound cringe-worthy, but that is exactly why this exercise is so powerful. When you hear your mistakes objectively, you will have no choice but to improve.

Once you have an idea of what you want to change about your tonality, go out again, record your approaches, and listen to the new audio. You will most likely hear a noticeable improvement. .

How To Seduce Women With Your Voice Part 2:

The Qualities of A Powerful Voice

Breaking rapport:

Men often speak in a voice that rises in pitch towards the end of sentences when interacting with attractive women; this is called seeking rapport. This mode of speaking is very reactive, you’re making your voice extra friendly to try to make yourself likable. 

When you speak in a seeking rapport tonality, you’re subcommunicating that you see yourself as having lower status than the person you’re interacting with.

If your vocal pitch remains the same throughout your sentences, you’re speaking in neutral rapport. Neutral rapport isn’t inherently bad, but it risks sounding monotone which is unengaging.

If your vocal pitch goes down towards the end of your sentences, you’re speaking in breaking rapport. This is attractive to women because it indicates that you’re not reacting to the girl: you’re asserting yourself without hesitation.


A lot of men speak without injecting any emotion into their voice. This makes them sound robotic. An emotionless voice is like noise, whereas a passionate voice is like music. Attracting women is all about sharing emotions, and your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have to do that with.


Pauses build tension. If you speak without pauses it will quickly feel like you’re trying to bulldoze over the other person instead of having a real conversation involving two people which will make the other person feel uncomfortable. (Did you notice why that sentence was hard to read?)

Pauses can also get the girl to invest more in her interaction with you. If you hold a pause for a few seconds, she will feel an urge to fill in the silence by asking you a question. In general, the more the girl invests in the conversation, the less she’ll feel like you’re a guy trying to get in her pants, and the more she’ll feel like she’s the one pursuing you.

Varied tonality and rhythm:

When someone speaks with a monotone voice, we tune out because it feels like reading binary.

Speaking with a variety of tones will make you much more engaging. A new tonality perks up our attention because it’s unexpected, it adds variety and richness to your conversation.

Varying the rate of your speaking between slow and fast will also make your voice more interesting to listen to. Rhythm is especially useful for emphasizing important points (by speaking slower).

Also, if you speak too fast in general,  you’ll make women feel that you’re nervous. If this is the case, slowing your voice down will make you substantially more attractive.

A Deep Voice:

If your voice is deep, everything you say will have a masculine energy to it. You don’t need a deep voice to attract women, but it’s an advantage (like being tall or good looking).

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are two of the male actors that women find the most sexually attractive.

Isn’t that strange? Neither of them have the most traditionally attractive facial features, nor are they particularly muscular.

But they do both have something in common – powerful, deep voices. A deep voice by itself can turn a woman so it’s definitely worth putting in an effort to deepen your voice.

To practice deepening your voice, you can follow the advice in this article.

Wrapping Up How To Seduce Women With Your Voice

As you improve the quality of your voice with the methods you just learned, the responses you get from women will become increasingly positive.

What you say matters, but I’d argue that how you say it is even more important. If you speak with masculine but positive voice, women will find you significantly more attractive.


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