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How To Turn A Girl On Sexually (Without Saying A Word)

October 22, 2018

Have you noticed that in bed, women often climax immediately after you do? This happens because when a girl arouses you, her own arousal increases, too. Sexual desire is a positive feedback loop.

I’ve even had women orgasm while giving me a blowjob. How is this possible? Because for women, arousal is largely psychological. If a girl sees a man become overwhelmed by sexual desire for her, she feels the same emotions he does.

You can use this principle to your advantage in the bedroom, sure, but you can take it a step further. You can make a girl feel intense sexual arousal in public – simply by making her feel that she’s turning you on.

In this article, you’re going to learn 3 ways to put yourself into a sexual state that will allow you to automatically turn on the women you meet.

The techniques you’re about to learn are what took me from occasionally pulling a girl on a night out, to consistently hooking up with beautiful women.

How To Turn A Girl On Sexually (Without Saying A Word) Method 1:

Appreciate The Female Form

Social conditioning teaches us to be so ashamed of our sexuality that we hide it (until we’re in a bedroom with a girl). Because of this conditioning, we fight our natural urge to appreciate a beautiful woman’s beauty when we see her walk by.

To an extent, this is necessary. We couldn’t function in polite society if we blankly stared at women’s breasts while they talked to us. However, modern men are so uncomfortable with their sexuality that their interactions with women are neutered.

Sexuality is everywhere. If you can appreciate female beauty when you go out to meet women, your interactions will have a powerful sexual charge to them. Without this charge, the interactions will most likely remain platonic. With it, your interactions will naturally escalate towards sex.

Society has programmed us to deny our own sexuality: it’s time to delete that program and regain our natural masculinity. To do this, observe women with sexual intent. When you see an attractive woman, appreciate her figure, the way her body moves, and even the feminine look in her eyes.

Let yourself “perv out.” If, for example, you’re a connoisseur of the derriere, make sure to appreciate that particular part of women’s bodies. Of course, use common sense: don’t stare at women in a way that gets noticed as creepy. But do make a point to look at women through a sexual lens.

Even while you’re talking to a girl, you should be able to feel a sexual charge emanate from her eye contact and facial expressions. You should be able to feel her feminine energy wash over you, simultaneously soothing you and exciting you.

It’s very easy to tell if you’re doing a good job at appreciating the beauty of women. Simply notice whether you feel aroused. If you don’t, you’re still holding yourself back from being truly sexual. To put it crassly, just being in an environment with attractive women should be enough to give you a boner.

This exercise is extremely measurable (pun intended). To get the maximum effect, I recommend putting a conscious effort into appreciating the beauty of women until it becomes an automatic habit.

If, after practicing this, you still find it difficult to feel aroused by the women you look at, the next exercise will help.

How To Turn A Girl On Sexually (Without Saying A Word) Method 2:

Sexual Visualization

In the first exercise, you simply observed women with sexual intent. Now, you’re taking things a step further by imagining yourself doing salacious things to the women you encounter.

When you see a beautiful woman walk by you in a bar, imagine yourself ripping off her clothes and ravishing her. Imagine what it would look like, imagine what it would feel like. Again, the goal here is simply to get yourself into a sexual state.

If you approach a woman and she feels raw sexual energy radiating off you, there’s a very good chance she’ll get drawn into that energy – this is what puts her into a sexual trance.

To be fair, a good number of the women you approach won’t be open to engaging with you sexually. These girls will reject you regardless of how you approach them. Some rejection is inevitable.

However, when you get yourself into a sexual state, many of the women you meet will be so aroused by your energy that they lose control of themselves.

How To Turn A Girl On Sexually (Without Saying A Word) Method 3:

Masturbate Less

If you’ve been practicing the first two exercises, but you’re still having trouble getting yourself into a sexual state, you might be masturbating too often.

Sexual desire is a craving, much like food or water. The longer you go without water, the more you will desire it. The same is true with sex: if you masturbate every day, you’re craving for sex will be weak.

Personally, I don’t recommend ‘nofap’. Completely eliminating masturbation is too extreme for me (I end up getting unhealthily desperate for sex after about a week). However, I do recommend cutting out porn and only masturbating once every few days.

Set a schedule, try masturbating only once a week or twice a week. Adjust your schedule based on your experience:

  • If you’re getting so horny that you can’t focus on regular life, masturbate more.
  • If you’re not feeling any arousal when you see an attractive woman, masturbate less.

Simply controlling your masturbation habits will help you create natural sexual tension with the women you meet.

Wrapping Up How To Turn A Girl On Sexually (Without Saying A Word)

Mating is like a dance; one partner must lead for the other to follow. Women will rarely lead the dance towards sex – you must give women the opportunity to follow you there.

Use the three strategies you learned in this article to inject raw sexual energy into your interactions with women. Once you learn to fully own your own sexuality, you might be shocked at the way women start reacting to you.

When I’m in a sexual state, I’ll often end up making out with a girl only seconds after having met her. Other times, women will suggest we find a private place to “hang out” (I.E. have sex in) within the first ten minutes of conversation.

Women make themselves sexually available to me because I show them my own sexuality, first. Anyone can get the same reactions from women I get, simply by making a conscious effort to cultivate their own sexual energy.

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