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Is Pickup Just A Numbers Game?

January 31, 2018

One of the common complaints about the seduction community is that pickup is just a numbers game; meaning that pickup isn’t about developing a skillset, it’s about playing a game of roulette.

What would it mean if pickup were a numbers game? Basically, if you were to ask 100 girls out, a few would say yes, but not because of your “game,” it was simply because you ran volume.

Some girls are going to be attracted to you, and if you play the numbers, you’re going to run into those girls occasionally.

That’s the basic gist of the idea that pickup is just a numbers game, and although it’s an oversimplification, there’s actually a lot of wisdom to the idea.

Understanding the implications of the idea that pickup is a numbers game can help you get better results with women in your own life.


Running Volume

If pickup were nothing more than a numbers game, it would be quite easy to succeed. If each time you ask a girl on a date you’re rolling the dice, then just roll the dice so much that you’re bound to get some wins.

Let’s be conservative and say that 1 out of every 50 girls you approach is a “yes girl,” meaning she’s very open to sleeping with you so long as you move things forward.

That may seem like a discouraging number (1 out of 50) but I’ve seen numerous guys do over 20 approaches per night. If you did that many approaches, you’d hook up with a girl almost every other night out (it’d be a 40% chance per night) .

That’s not bad. If we’re being honest, that’s much better than most guys do.

Obviously, the numbers are made up, but you get the idea. If pickup was a numbers game, you could play the numbers to your advantage.

With this strategy of running volume, no you’re not going to pull a “perfect 10” regularly, but you could pull hot girls (8s/9s) on a weekly basis.



Why Don’t Guys Play the Numbers Game to Their Advantage?


As you can see, even if pickup were a numbers game, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Truthfully, at its highest level, pickup isn’t a numbers game, but guys who are new to this should learn to play the numbers to their advantage.

Basically, even when you’re new and your pickup skillset is questionable, if you just try to move things forward with the girls you approach, you can still get decent results.

Most guys give up on their interactions way too soon, they don’t go for the number, they don’t try to lead, and they end the interaction as soon as they feel uncomfortable.

When you give up too soon, you aren’t playing the numbers game to your favor. If you don’t try to close, you aren’t really rolling the dice at all.

To play the numbers game, you need to do more than just approach women, you have to go for the close in some form or another.

This might mean you get her number, it might mean you invite her to your place, etc. but the point is that the numbers game only works in your favor when you go for the close.

I’ve seen awkward, below-average looking guys pull very attractive girls simply because they were persistent, and they went for it.

I’ve also seen guys who are extremely charismatic and good-looking fail to close girls who were basically begging to be pulled, simply because they didn’t try.


Advanced Game

“Advanced” game is about stacking the numbers in your favor. Whereas an intermediate guy might only pull “yes” girls, an advanced guy will also turn around interactions with “maybe” girls, and even “no” girls and end up pulling them as well.

It’s still a numbers game in the sense that no matter who you are, 100% of the girls you approach aren’t going to sleep with you. But, you can drastically increase the percentage with good game.

I think guys are skeptical that you can actually spark attraction or create investment through game because they haven’t ever really done game.

That might sound harsh, but until you’ve actually changed a girl from initially being uninterested in you, to later wanting to sleep with you, it’s hard to believe that you can use words and sub-communications to attract women.

And I get it, I was a skeptic about game when I was new, it seemed too good to be true. But here’s the kicker- it doesn’t matter.

Even if you don’t believe that you can attract women with your game, you can still win the numbers game. Take massive action and even if you’re not the reincarnation of Casanova, you’ll be able to get good results. Roll the dice enough times and you’ll get the result you’re looking for.

If it’s just a numbers game, so what? Then win the numbers game.


Conclusion – Is Pickup Just a Numbers Game?


Ultimately, the notion that “it’s just a numbers game” is similar to other ideas, like, “it’s all about looks:” it’s an excuse disguised as good logic.

It’s much easier to dismiss game than to actually do it.

Truth be told, game can be really, really hard. To learn it you have to make yourself vulnerable, face rejection, and take a massive dump on your ego- again and again.

We tell ourselves things like, “It’s just a numbers game, so why even try?” To give ourselves an excuse to avoid facing all the emotional resistance we have towards approaching women.

To that, all I can say is, what better option do you have? If what you’ve been doing hasn’t gotten you the kind of sex life you want, then what are you going to do, just wait for life to throw you a bone?

If not playing the numbers game hasn’t worked for you, then give the alternative a shot.

I’ve seen so many guys waste months of their life on one girl who they don’t have a chance with.

And it’s sad, all they would have to do is start asking other women out and they would easily find another girl of the same – if not higher – quality.

Feel free to assume that “it’s just a numbers game”, just don’t use that as an excuse not to play the game, and ultimately, win the game.

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