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Kino Escalation: How To Attract Women With Physical Touch

September 6, 2018

Kino escalation is the process of touching a girl in an increasingly intimate way until you sleep with her.

Physical touch is important because it is the primary difference between a platonic interaction and a sexual interaction.

If you ever get stuck in the “friend zone,” or you approach women but you have trouble making your interactions sexual, the solution to your problem is simple: learn how to implement kino escalation.

In this article, you’re going to learn a fool-proof strategy for bringing physical touch into your interactions with women. And you’re going to learn how to do this in a way that will allow you to hook up with attractive women consistently (without the risk of being creepy).

Use Kino Escalation To Get The Girl

Kino escalation isn’t something you do to a girl. It’s more like a dance that you and a girl do together. Because women will rarely lead this dance, you must take the lead.

When you touch a girl, she will respond in one of three ways: positively, neutrally, or negatively. If she responds positively, you can take that as a green light to touch her more intimately.

If she responds neutrally or negatively, you should take a step back and allow her to get more comfortable with you before re-initiating.

For reference, here’s what a positive, neutral, and negative response looks like:

  • Positive response: When you touch her, she touches you back or leans in towards you.
  • Neutral response: When you touch her, she doesn’t push you away, but she doesn’t reciprocate either.
  • Negative response: When you touch her, she rejects the touch.

The most important thing to know about physical touch is this: every time you interact with a girl you like, but you don’t initiate some kind of physicality, you are being rejected.

Yes, when you touch a girl you’re taking a risk: she might reject you. But if you never get physical with a girl, you’re not just risking rejection – you’re guaranteeing it.

The biggest mistake men make when it comes to “kino escalation” is not attempting it in the first place.

Partly, we make this mistake because we don’t want to make women feel uncomfortable. Sure, if you lunge at a girl you just met and try to make out with her, you’ll probably make her uncomfortable. But you can initiate physicality without the risk of creeping her out. Instead of jumping right into sexual touch, you can start with something less invasive, and gradually build up to the kind of touch that will turn her on.

Before I give you a step-by-step strategy for using kino escalation to smoothly get sexual with women, it’s important that you know the difference between day game and night game in regards to physicality.

Kino Escalation: Night Game Vs. Day Game

Nightclubs are loud, hectic environments, so it’s not unusual to touch someone you’ve just met there.

For example, you might put your arm over a girl’s shoulder and lean in close to talk to her (so she can hear you over the music).

Or, if a girl is responding positively to you, you might hold her by the waist or even lean in to kiss her within the first few minutes of the conversation.

The same isn’t true when meeting women in a casual daytime environment (a university campus, shopping mall). You’re probably not going to whisper into a girl’s ear or grind on her if you’re in a university library.

If you’re going for a same-day lay, then you should use kino escalation when meeting girls during the day.

However, most guys who do day game aren’t attempting to pull girls straight to their bedroom. Most guys go out to a busy street, collect girls’ numbers, set up dates, and then sleep with girls on those dates.

If you’re new to day game, going for dates is going to be a more effective strategy than going for the same-day lay. And if you’re just going for numbers to set up dates, you don’t need to use any kino escalation when you first meet a girl during the day.

However, you will need to use physical touch on the date with her (obviously), and you’ll be able to use the steps below to sexually escalate with women on dates.

Kino Escalation Step 1: Break The Touch Barrier

The first step of making an interaction with a woman physical should be non-invasive. There are two simple ways to do this:

1. When the girl you’re talking to says something you like, touch her on the shoulder as a way of showing approval.

You shouldn’t leave your hand on her shoulder for more than a few seconds. Touching a girl’s shoulder isn’t particularly intimate, but it’s an effective way to break the touch barrier.

Important to note, you can’t expect a girl to reciprocate this particular type of touch. This is the one instance where you should treat a neutral response the same as a positive response: so long as she doesn’t reject your touch, you can take that as a green light to escalate further.

2. You can hold a girl’s hand when taking her from one place to another

As a general rule, you should lead a girl to different locations. For example, if you meet a girl on the street, you might invite her to get a cup of coffee with you. Or, if you meet a girl at a club, you might invite her to talk in the outside area. 

When you invite a girl to do this, you can hold her by the hand to lead her. I used to think hand holding is fairly intimate and some women would reject me when offering my hand. To my surprise, this move almost always gets a positive response.

Holding a girl’s hand is a simple – yet effective – way to introduce physicality in your interaction with a girl.

Kino Escalation Step 2: Building Sexual Tension

In the first step, you’re breaking the touch barrier with a girl in a non-invasive way. Once you’ve done that, the second step of “kino escalation” is to touch a girl in a way that actually turns her on.


1: Hold Her By Her Waist

Putting your arms around a girl’s waist will create powerful sexual tension with a girl.

This technique is particularly useful if you’re nervous to lean in for the kiss. If a girl responds positively when you hold her by her waist, you can be fairly confident that she’ll be receptive to kissing you.

In a nightclub or bar you can use the loudness of the club as an excuse to hold a girl by the waist. If you’ve been talking to a girl for a few minutes, and she was okay with you touching her shoulder or holding her hand, you can gently put your hands on or around her waist to establish some intimacy with her.

Don’t overthink this move, there is no exact right moment to physically escalate. Generally, if a girl likes you and is comfortable with you, she’ll be glad to let you hold her by the waist. As soon as your intuition tells you the girl likes you, go for it.

Your first attempts at holding a girl by her waist might be a bit stilted. Worst case scenario, you’ll make her a bit uncomfortable and she’ll reject your touch. That’s fine, it’s part of the learning process. Once you’ve gotten used to this type of physical escalation, you’ll get consistently positive results with it.

2: Dance with her

Naturally, dancing isn’t something you’ll do in all environments – but it’s a great way to arouse a girl in a nightclub. If you’ve been talking to a girl in a nightclub and she seems to like you, invite her to dance with you.

Simply say something like, “Hey, let’s go to the dancefloor for a minute.” Then, grab her by the hand (don’t wait for her to say yes, assume the yes unless she says no).

Dancing with a girl in a club isn’t complicated. The most important rule is that you don’t half ass it. Don’t dance with three feet of space between you and the girl to leave room for the holy spirit. Dance with her.

Your body should be against hers. You should feel her every movement.

Usually, when I dance with a girl we start by dancing front to front (you can place one of your legs between her legs to, um, increase stimulation). Then, at some point, I’ll turn her around so we can grind.

You don’t have to be a technically skilled dancer to turn a girl on – just follow the beat and let your instincts take over.

If you dance with a girl and it’s awkward, it’s probably not because your a bad dancer, it’s because you’re uncomfortable and that’s making the girl uncomfortable. The solution to this is to keep dancing with girls in clubs until you become confident in your abilities.


3: Make Out With Her

How do you know when to lean in for a kiss? Two things:

  1. She responded positively to your touch previously.
  2. She holds eye contact with you for more than 3 seconds (alternatively, she looks at your lips).


9 times out of ten, if the above criteria are met, a girl will respond positively when you lean in to kiss her. In most cases, women won’t hold strong eye contact with you if they don’t want you to make a move – because they know strong eye contact is very invitational.

To be fair, some girls won’t hold strong eye contact when they want you to kiss them. But the vast majority will.

If a girl doesn’t hold strong eye contact with you, but she is receptive to your physicality and seems to be interested in you, she might just be uncomfortable with getting physical in public – lead her somewhere with more privacy, and see if she responds differently.

As for how to actually lean in for the kiss. Just lean in. There’s no magic formula, no special technique – just lean towards her. If she likes you, she’ll probably kiss you back. If she doesn’t, she’ll dodge your kiss. That might be awkward, but honestly, it’s better to get rejected for a kiss than it is to wonder what might have happened if you made a move.


Kino Escalation Step 3: Sex

The final step of “kino escalation” is, of course, sex.

When you’ve got a girl in a bed with you, your first goal is to get her so aroused that she’s practically begging to have you deep inside of her.

There’s a million ways to turn a girl on when she’s in your bed. Here’s a 4-step method I’ve found to be highly effective:

  • Make out with her. This one’s self-explanatory for the most part. Make sure to use your body to “dry hump” her – doing so will get her imagination running wild.
  • Kiss her neck. I’ve yet to meet a woman who isn’t aroused by being kissed on the neck. Use this generously.
  • Brush your hands around her inner thighs. Gradually move inwards until you’re essentially fingering (but outside her pants).
  • At some point, unbutton her pants, and finger her through her panties. Then, finger her below her panties. Do this generously enough that she becomes overwhelmed with desire.

Once you’ve done all the above steps, she should be ready and excited to have you fuck her, hard.


Wrapping Up Kino Escalation: How To Attract Women With Physical Touch

The purpose of game, in general, is to make a girl receptive to your sexual escalation. The more charming, sexually confident, bold, and calibrated you become, the more likely the girls you meet will be responsive to your touch.

Unfortunately, many guys learn how to make their personalities attractive to women, but they never get physical with the girls they approach.

Why is this?

Because they don’t try.

And, I get it. Touching a girl can be intimidating, she could reject you.

Remember, though, there’s no alternative. If you like a girl, and you don’t physically escalate in some way, you missed an opportunity. The only way to know for sure whether a girl likes you is to make a move.

Using the “escalation ladder” you learned in this article can make this daunting task easier. Instead of just leaning in to kiss a girl, you can build up to it gradually by first touching her shoulder (or holding hand), then holding her by the hips (or dancing with her), and finally, leaning in for the kiss.

If I think back through my life, there have been hundreds of times where my instincts told me a girl liked me, but I hesitated to touch her, and as a result, nothing ever happened with her. I have to wonder what kind of relationships I might have had if I didn’t hesitate so many times to make a move.

Most men miss countless opportunities with women because they never make a real move. Use what you’ve learned in this article to stop missing opportunities, and to start having sexual adventures with beautiful women.

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