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Tao of the Hustler

January 24, 2018

Your success is not guaranteed.

On some level, donât you disagree with the above statement? Donât you kind of think that whatever your goals are in life, youâre going to accomplish them – maybe not soon – but eventually?

Iâve always known I would get a perfect physique.

Iâve always known I would earn six figures (if not more).

Iâve always known I would become a best-selling author.

But guess what, none of those things have happened. No matter how hard I believed my success is guaranteed, I havenât achieved my goals just because I expected to.


We believe that our success is guaranteed for the same reason that we believe everything happens for a reason: it makes us comfortable.

I always believed that all my mistakes were a good thing because they got me to where I am today.

But the truth is, I would be somewhere much better if I hadnât made some of those mistakes.

Look, Iâm not saying that you should regret the past, Iâm saying you should be realistic about it. Itâs hard to take responsibility for the fact that if we had made different decisions up to now, we would have accomplished our most ambitious goals.

Itâs comforting to think that everything weâve done happened for a reason, that our mistakes werenât mistakes- because they paved the path to get where we are today.

But you could be somewhere better today. Thatâs just the truth.

If I had gone to the gym consistently and taken my diet seriously, Iâd have that physique I always wanted.

If I had worked with more discipline, Iâd have that six-figure salary I always wanted.

If I had spent the last 4 years writing, instead of dabbling in college as a psychology student, I might have become a best-selling author by now.

Truth is, if I continue making the same mistakes Iâve made up to now, I wonât ever reach my goals, because my success isnât guaranteed.

To change, I have to own up to my mistakes, see them for what they are, and change course.


Negativity Isnât Always a Bad Thing


I know this all seems very negative. In our culture, we have made a point to avoid negative emotion at all costs. Sometimes, though, negativity is healthy.

If we accept the negative as real, we can learn from it and use it to change. Just like touching a hot stove teaches us not to put our hands in a fire, being honest about our own mistakes and shortcomings teaches us to learn from our past.


Tao of the Hustler


The hustler works so much harder than anyone else because they know that failure is the default. They know if they donât give everything they have to reaching their goals, they wonât ever achieve them- and this simply isnât an acceptable option.

The hustler isnât satisfied with their past, and they donât let it define their future.

The hustler doesnât accept themselves unconditionally, they get frustrated when they donât push themselves hard enough, and they use that frustration as fuel to push themselves harder.

The hustler knows their mindset is extreme, but they also know that to get extreme results necessitates an extreme mindset.

The hustler sees how addicted most people are to comfort, how addicted most people are to the status quo, and they know that by sacrificing these addictions they can break through and accomplish anything.



Donât assume you will succeed, assume you wonât succeed and do whatever it takes to defy that assumption.

Donât take your past decisions for granted, look for your past mistakes, so that you donât repeat them for the rest of your life.

Donât get sucked into our cultural addiction to positive thinking, embrace your negative thoughts and emotions so you can learn from them.

The Tao of the Hustler isnât about acceptance, itâs about defiance. Itâs not an easy path, but it is the only path that leads to true success.

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