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The Field Report Manifesto- How To Make A Powerful Field Report

October 6, 2017

The first section explains why field reports are so powerful and provides a general outline for what you should try to accomplish with yours.

The second section provides you a useful field report template.

The third section goes over an example field report so you can get a clear idea of what an effective critical self-evaluation looks like.

One of the biggest differentiators between those who achieve success with women and those who don’t is the effective use of field reports. Men who write effective field reports consistently make significantly faster progress than those who don’t.

Interestingly, few men involved with the seduction community write field reports at all. There are two major reasons for this: 1. It’s not clear why field reports are so powerful and 2. It’s not clear how to write a good field report.


Part 1: Why Field Reports Are So Powerful


Field reports provide you with the opportunity to analyze your days or nights out from a perspective that’s normally unavailable to you. When you go out and get rejected in the moment, your emotions can be overwhelming, and those emotions will cloud your sense of judgment, causing you to rationalize your mistakes.

While you’re out standing with your group of friends who aren’t approaching (sometimes called the chode circle), you’ll come up with reasons not to approach. You might see a girl and tell yourself, “She’s too attractive,” “She’s not attractive enough,” “She’s too busy,” “She’s with a guy who must be her boyfriend,” “She looks too slutty,” etc.

These rationalizations give you a logical excuse to avoid approaching women and to stay inert in your chode circle. Rationalizations are very difficult to step out of, and none of us are immune to them. Rationalizations might cause you trouble with approaching, getting a girl’s number, being physical, inviting girls to your place, or anything else.

We make countless decisions when we go out, and many of these decisions aren’t the decisions that, in retrospect, we know we should make. Hindsight is 20/20. This fact has a lot to do with the power of field reports.

Most of your decision-making power resides in your unconscious mind, which you normally don’t have access to. Your unconscious mind is biased towards conserving energy and avoiding risks because, in the environment we evolved in, those needs were far more important than our ability to leave our comfort zones for personal growth.

Our brain evolved in a dangerous environment in which any risk could easily lead to our death, and thus, your unconscious mind is strong biased to prevent you from taking any risks, and your unconscious mind creates negative emotions that get rationalized to accomplish that mission.

But when you write a good field report, you are able to change this dynamic for two reasons: 1. You have access to your logical brain. While writing you’re no longer being flooded with strong emotions (so you can show yourself that your rationalizations were untrue) and 2. You can build awareness and make the unconscious, conscious. Once you’re at home on your computer, the part of your brain that wants to make positive change will be predominant again, your rationalizations and negative emotions won’t have so much influence over you anymore.

Now, you’ll be able to go over the decisions you made throughout the night much more objectively. When you write about why you didn’t approach that girl you’ll be able to analyze what happened and realize you were making an excuse, falling prey to a rationalization, and that you should have just approached her.

While writing your field report, you have a bird eye’s view of your decisions making and you can realize how silly and unnecessary the mistakes you made were.


Re-Write Your Story

Additionally, we’re all the protagonists of our own story. When you’re writing a field report, you gain the power to edit that story, to interpret the meaning of what’s happened so far. You can realize that the rejection that hurt in the moment and lead you to leave the club early was actually a moment of learning and that you gained a lot from that rejection. You can realize that you were taking yourself far too seriously and you can see your ego for what it is.

By bringing awareness to all of your rationalizations and negative thinking through your field reports, thoughts and emotions that normally hinder you (without your conscious awareness of them) become much more conscious.

Now that you’ve labeled them for what they are, the next time you start feeling nervous and rationalizations run through your head that say things like, “She’s too busy,” you’ll know what’s really going on. You’ll still get hit with emotional turbulence, and you’ll start to make excuses, but now you’ll be able to identify them for what they are, and as a result, you’ll be freed to make a better decision.

As you continuously write field reports, you will become aware of more and more self-defeating thoughts, more and more of your ego, more and more of the mistakes you’re making; and you will be able to make increasingly better decisions.

If you don’t write field reports, it’s extremely easy, and even natural, to keep repeating the same patterns. To continuously make the same mistakes again and again despite your conscious intention to make progress.


Part 2: The Template


The template I’ve found to be most effective for field reports is fairly straightforward, it looks something like this:


Summary of the night:

Three things I did well: 1. 2. 3.

Three things to improve on: 1. 2. 3.

This structure is effective because it forces you to focus on two important things, what you did well and what you need to improve on.

Focusing on what you did well is useful because a lot of guys have difficulty seeing the positive in their nights out. They see everything through a negative lens, and because of this, they lose motivation over time. It’s valuable to acknowledge what you’re doing right, even if it seems insubstantial. This will help shape your attitude to appreciate the positives and to notice progress you’ve made which will help motivate you to stick to the process over time.

Focusing on what you need to improve on is important because it allows you to call yourself out on your mistakes and, as I mentioned earlier, build awareness of your rationalizations so that you can overcome them. The summary is useful because while writing it you can relive your night out and analyze what happened from an emotionally distant perspective.

The more you focus on why you’re making specific mistakes, the more value you’ll get out of your field reports. Just writing what you did wrong isn’t particularly useful, your field reports will be much more effective if you focus on why you made the mistakes you made.


Part 3: Case Study

Example Field Report: Date: Summary:

Two wings and I went to Light, a hip-hop club in Vegas. As I walked in, I didn’t waste any time, I immediately approached the first girls I saw. I did this because I’ve learned the longer I wait to take action, the easier it is to start making excuses. The interaction didn’t go well, I wasn’t in a good mood and I noticed she felt uncomfortable talking to me. She was giving me one word responses, so I left.

If I’m being totally honest, I felt somewhat bitter about this interaction after it happened. I felt like I deserved good reactions from girls and when I didn’t get a good reaction, I got upset. This is a sign that I was trying to take something in the interaction, I wasn’t offering value. In the future, I should remember that if I get upset by a bad reaction it’s not the girls fault, but my own for trying too hard to get validation from the interaction.

After this rejection, I felt hesitant to approach more women. I walked through the club and made excuses to avoid taking action. After a few minutes, I caught myself, and approached a girl on the dance floor. She was an attractive Asian girl, and although I wasn’t in the best mood, she responded well to my approach. I instinctively brought myself closer to her and started dancing with her, within a few minutes we were grinding. A few minutes later we were making out.

This was going well, but I noticed one of her friends was dancing alone and looked a bit left out. I saw one of my friends and told him to go dance with the girl who was alone. He did so, and for the next 15 minutes or so we had fun on the dance floor.

At this point, I said we should go to the main area of the club to talk, the four of us walked over. This was a good move on my part, there are so many times I’ve missed opportunities in the past because I just didn’t lead the interaction forward.

We talked for a bit at the main area of the club, we joked around and had a good time. I suggested we get drinks at my hotel. When I said this, the girls whispered something to each other and said they had to go to the bathroom.

My friend and I waited for them to come back, but unsurprisingly, they never did. Looking back, I realize I jumped the gun and was too direct too soon in a way the girls couldn’t relate to. It wasn’t a huge mistake to go for the pull, but I should have calibrated after the fact and said something like, “You know what, nevermind, let’s go to (another area in the club).”

These girls saw us as random fun emotions in the club and felt no connection with us which they needed in order to go home with us. I could have taken a step back, built a connection, and then moved things forward again later. As the night continued I approached quite a few women, most of these approaches didn’t go anywhere. For the most part, I introduced myself, made some chit-chat, then moved on to the next girl.

I gave up on my interactions easily because the girls were mostly indifferent to my approaches, they weren’t rejecting me, but they also weren’t giving me any indication that they were into me either. Again, the fact that I gave up so easily implies that I was taking value, I was talking to girls to get a good reaction more than I was talking to girls to express my personality.

At about 1:30 AM I was starting to feel tired and I had a strong desire to leave the club. I told myself I had done enough approaches and I needed rest so I could be at 100% the next day. Even though I felt this way, I was aware that these were all just excuses, so I persisted despite how I felt.

I ran into my friends and they said they were heading back to the hotel. I wanted to go back with them, but surprisingly I told them I was going to stay. I stayed because I knew that I wanted to push myself harder and recently, I’ve been catching myself on my frequent excuses to leave the clubs before they close.

I made a couple rounds through the club without approaching. Excuses were running through my head to avoid taking action again, “She’s with guys,” “She’s not my type,” etc.

Eventually, I saw a girl who caught my eye, a tall, athletic, olive skinned girl talking with a guy who it looked like she just met (because he was standing a few feet away from her and didn’t look totally comfortable).

I stood, frozen, for a few seconds deciding whether to approach or not. I eventually told myself, “Fuck it,” and walked in.

I introduced myself and correctly guessed that she was Brazilian. She asked me how I knew and I joked that I was psychic. She asked me to tell more about her so I made up some ridiculous facts about how she wanted to be an actor but decided to pursue a more realistic career so she started raising cats for a living instead.

Surprisingly, my mood quickly shifted talking to this girl. We had natural chemistry and immediately got along. I never introduced myself to the guy she was talking to, I just kept talking to her, after a few minutes, he stumbled away. This is a good reminder that a lot of the time, other guys are just randoms who just met the girl you want to talk to.

We vibed for a while and danced for a few minutes. I asked who she was with and it turned out she was with one female friend who was talking to a guy. I thought this was perfect and said we should all go back to my hotel to get a drink. She agreed and told her friend who was also down. As we left the club, the other guy tried to pull his girl to his hotel but she refused. He pleaded, but she denied him again and so he left on his own. This was a good example of what not to do: argue and try to logically convince a girl to change her mind.

While we walked through the casino, I texted my friends to leave the hotel. This was an important step because with my friends in the hotel things could have easily turned awkward.

My girl’s friend drove us to my hotel. Once we arrived, my girl changed her mind, as I left the car she said, “Good night. I have to stay with my friend.”

In the past, I would have given up at this point, but I had learned from my mistakes. I told her, “No, come with me, just for a minute, we’ll have one quick shot. I’ll take you back to your hotel right after.”

She hesitated, but I said, “Come on, it’ll be fun. Your friend can take a picture of my ID to make sure you’re safe.” With that, she agreed to come.

This had a few important lessons, it really is important for a girl to feel safe to go home with you, she doesn’t know you and for all she knows you could be a murderer. Offering a picture of your ID shows that you’re trustworthy and empathetic to her concerns.

Beyond that, there’s value in persistence. I could have easily seen this as a rejection, but I knew this girl was attracted to me so I persisted, and as a result, she came home with me. We got into the hotel, did a couple shots, and from that point things progressed naturally.


Three things I did well:

  1. There were several instances in which I wanted to give up, but I persisted. I wanted to leave the club early, but I decided to stay. When my friends left, I wanted to leave with them, but I decided not to. When I saw the Brazilian girl, I didn’t want to approach her, but I did. When the girl said she needed to leave with her friends I convinced her to come to my hotel room. I made these good decisions because I’ve been making the mistake of giving up too easily again and again. Tonight, I finally said, “Fuck it,” and pushed through my mental barriers.
  2. I approached at least 20 girls even though I wasn’t ‘in state’. It would have been easy to spend most of the night hesitating because I wasn’t in a good mood, but I managed to approach quite a few girls because I knew that I would get more out of my night out for each approach I did, and that I would learn even more because I wasn’t in a good mood.
  3. I was confident with physicality throughout the night. I wasn’t hesitant to escalate physically (with the Asian girl on the dance floor and with the Brazilian girl). This has been a sticking point for a long time, and last night I didn’t have to use any conscious effort to be physical, it happened automatically. This is probably because I’ve been focusing on improving this lately and because momentum is working in my favor.

Three things to improve on:

  1. I want to get better at offering value. I was expecting too much from the women I interacted with last night. As a result, when I didn’t get good reactions, it got to me. This happened because I still have a big ego, one of my biggest drives to doing game is a competitive drive. I want to prove myself as capable and ‘successful’ by getting success with women. Because of this, when girls don’t react well to me, it hits my ego and I get frustrated. It’s not that I want to get rid of my ego, but I do want to learn to think about how I can make a girl’s night better by talking her more than I focus on how she can make my night better by giving me validation.
  2. I ejected from many interactions prematurely. There were a number of girls I talked to and had decent conversations with, but I told them I had to go a few minutes into the interaction because I wasn’t doing ‘well enough’. I was telling myself that a girl had to show me very obvious signs of interest to keep interacting with her. This shows that my criteria for success were too high. It’s fine to have an interaction that is relatively neutral, I don’t need to ‘put on a show’ and make a girl laugh hysterically to have a good interaction with her.
  3. I spent a lot of time walking around the club between interactions. I wasn’t in a great mood for most of the night and I made a lot of rationalizations to avoid approaching girls. At some points, I went for a good 10 minutes without talking to anyone. This means I was letting my emotions dictate my actions and that I wasn’t aware that I could act in spite of my resistance. Of course, I could have acted, there were several other instances last night in which I felt resistance, but acted anyway, and I could have done so more consistently.


Your field reports will look a lot different, but the underlying principles of an effective field report will be the same. You’ll notice that throughout the field report I was analyzing why I made the decisions I did, good or bad. Through this I was able to become more aware of my rationalizations so that I would be less likely to make the same mistakes the next night I went out.

Your particular sticking points could be any variety of things, and you’ll learn about the most important sticking points throughout this book.

Keep in mind that no matter how good you get, you can always get better. If you can’t think of any mistakes you made throughout the night, you’re not being totally honest with yourself, and this is a sign that you urgently need to work on your self-awareness with field reports.

As you write field reports you will become increasingly effective at calling yourself out on your own B.S. and you’ll overcome one sticking point after the other. Few guys consistently write effective field reports, but those who do make rapid progress.

If you want to see more example field reports specifically designed to help you improve as quickly as possible when you go out, check out: The Trial- Transform Your Dating Life In Eight Weeks

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