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The Five Stages of Learning Game: Part 5, Mastery

April 21, 2018

When you reach mastery, game becomes autotelic (enjoyable for its own sake). Itâs no longer an external goal that drives you (getting laid, pulling a âperfect 10â), itâs an internal goal that drives you (self-improvement, expanding your comfort zone.)

You know the voice in your head thatâs constantly analyzing whatâs happening? When youâre out talking to girls this voice might say things like:

âThat girl is too hot for you, donât approach her.â

âDonât go for the kiss, sheâll reject and humiliate you.â

âShe doesnât like you because youâre too short.â

For most guys, the voice in their head constantly tries to protect them from pain and rejection. But when you reach mastery, the voice in your head stops seeing risk and only sees opportunity. Instead of thinking about the reasons youâll get rejected, youâll start thinking about all the reasons why you should ask that girl out or lean in for the kiss.

Weâve all experienced mastery from time to time, but for most of us, itâs inconsistent. One night, we feel unstoppable, but the next night we feel negative and self-defeating.

When youâve truly reached mastery, youâll spend most of your time interacting with women in a positive state where your thoughts help you succeed (instead of hindering you).

Mastery comes when you dedicate yourself to the process of learning itself. Every time you go out to meet women, you must have goals that youâre working on (I.E.:  to be funnier, more assertive, or even to be a better wingman.)

Reaching mastery requires discipline and patience. There are going to be times where going out to meet women doesnât feel good, and itâll be so easy to give up and focus on something else instead (like getting in better shape, getting a better career, etc.).

If you want to reach mastery, you must fight against the current and persist even when your thoughts and emotions both want you to give up.

Mastery isnât for everyone. But if the idea of mastery appeals to you, prepare for a marathon. Itâs going to take years to master the game.

The closest thing I know to a âcheat codeâ for getting to mastery is the power of momentum. Instead of working on a skill once or twice a week, youâll reach mastery much faster if you practice most days (or even every single day).

The momentum of going out every day will make you learn considerably faster than you would otherwise. I donât recommend this for people who are new to the game, but it is something you should build up to if you want to take this as far as it can go.

Iâve done several 30-day challenges in which I went out every single day. During those challenges, I made more progress in a month than I would normally make in half a year. The power of momentum is incredible, and if youâre hoping to mastery, you shouldnât neglect it.


Conclusion: The Five stages of learning game


Why put so much effort into getting laid? Well, the game isnât just about getting laid, itâs about becoming confident in yourself, overcoming your insecurities, and being able to choose the kind of women you want in your life (instead of settling).

Learning to succeed with women is a long-term process, but the rewards easily outweigh the frustrations.

Use this series of articles to identify which of the five stages most accurately describes you. Then, follow the guidelines for getting to the next stage. Once youâve successfully done this, you can return to this article and repeat the process until you reach mastery.

Most people believe that success is impossible – this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can be the exception, I know this because at 19 I was a virgin diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. And today, the women I date assume Iâve always been a âplayerâ.

Change is always uncomfortable, and at times, stressful. The only thing thatâs worse than the pain of change is the pain of stagnation and regret. I will always choose the months of frustration that comes from taking risks over years of frustration that comes from wondering what could have been.

What will you choose?


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