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The World’s 4 Best Pickup Artists

June 18, 2020

The pickup artist or seduction industry has dozens of popular coaches. Yet, they aren’t all good at what they do. Truth is, this industry attracts a lot of charlatans who have no experience or skill themselves.

Thinking you’re good with women and actually being good with women are two different things. But a lot of guys have a big ego about their skills with the opposite sex, and yet it’s a total delusion.

Then, when these guys start sharing their advice, they get positive feedback that reaffirms their relief they’re a guru of pickup. It’s an unfortunate cycle and one of the negatives of having an industry where anyone can claim to be an expert (unlike say, being a doctor).

I would say about half the men’s dating coaches out there, are pretty much total frauds. The other half are genuinely good with women (although not necessarily good at teaching the skill to others).

So, I made a video series revealing who the worst and best pickup artists are (pickup artist isn’t a term I would use to describe myself, but it’s the most widely understood term for a men’s dating coach).

With that said, here are the 4 BEST men’s dating coaches in the world:

#4: Tay Social

#3: James Marshall (of The Natural Lifestyle

#2: Richard Hood (from Street Attraction)

#1: Vadim (of Honest Signalz)

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