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Top 3 Best Places To Meet Women

May 5, 2018

I met my last girlfriend at the post office. I know that sounds weird, but I Googled the best places to meet women, and this fantastic article came up that suggested I meet women at the post office.

So, I took their advice, and every day, at 5pm I walked over to the post office and approached all the women waiting in line. And although security did ask me to leave the premises, I managed to walk away with a girl’s number. One thing lead to another, and we ended up in a serious relationship.

I want to thank Complex.com for their wonderful advice, your guidance has truly been helpful to me.
JK, that article is stupid and the idea of meeting women at a post office is absurd. I met my last girlfriend at a club, like a normal person.

The top articles that come up when you search “best place to meet women” are full of ridiculous suggestions. I had to write this article so that there’d be a resource out there for guys who want to know where to meet women that’s actually useful.


The best places to meet women have a couple qualities in common:


A. They Have a Lot of Attractive Women

Contrary to popular belief, most abandoned gas stations aren’t great places to meet women.

The article I mentioned earlier suggested another of the best places to meet women is at hair salons. Seriously. There’s an average of about 5 women in a hair salon at any given time. It’s unlikely there will even be a woman you’re attracted to in any given salon, and if there is, she’s your only option.

The more options a venue has, the better. If you’re living in some Hollywood fantasy where you approach the first attractive girl you see and end up dating her, I hate to break it to you, that’s not how real life works.

Chances are, the first girl you talk to is going to reject you. She might have a boyfriend, she might be married, or, she may just not like you. If you really want to meet women, you’re going to have to approach a good number of girls to get a date.

Additionally, if you have any standards, chances are you’re not going to really like the first girl you talk to. If you’re looking for a girl you have real chemistry with, you’re going to have to meet a lot of people, and there’s no way around that.

Venues like coffee shops are actually shitty places to meet women because there just aren’t enough options. Sure, if you’re in a coffee shop and you see a girl you’re interested in, there’s no reason not to talk to her. But going out of your way to meet women in a coffee shop is a waste of your time.

B. You Can Go There Repeatedly

Concerts are a great place to meet women, as are local events like street fairs, but you can’t rely on them. If you can afford to go to three concerts per week to meet women, go for it.

But if you’re like most people, and you only go to a concert once every few months, don’t depend on them too heavily for meeting women. Instead, choose venues that you can go to on a weekly basis.

The actual best places to meet women

Now that we’ve established most advice for the best places to meet women is horrible. Let’s look at options for meeting women that don’t suck:

1. Nightclubs


I’ve often heard, “You can’t find quality girls at clubs,” that statement leads me to wonder what a quality girl is. I’ve met doctors, lawyers, successful artists – and everything in-between – at clubs. Yeah, clubs have lame people, but they have every other type of person, too. Everyone goes to clubs at some point in their life, not just alcoholics and drug addicts.

Truthfully, there are a lot of things to dislike about nightclubs. They’re way too loud, people get too drunk, and the space is often cramped. But I still go to nightclubs to meet women every weekend because they have more attractive women in a smaller area than anywhere else.

There’s just no other venue that has as many opportunities as a good club. Sure, it’s easy to get rejected at a club. But there are so many attractive women that if you’re willing to take a few rejections on the chin, and keep approaching people, you’ll almost certainly meet a girl you have natural chemistry with over the course of a night out.


2. University Campus

Obviously, there’s an age limit to meeting women at a university campus. But if you’re age-appropriate for college girls, there’s no better place to approach women in the day.

Campuses have thousands of women walking between classes, eating lunch, and hanging out. Even if you approached hundreds of girls at a university, you probably wouldn’t meet the same one twice.

Also, the women here are – presumably – sober, and they’re usually by themselves which means you don’t have to deal with the complex group dynamics at play in nightclubs.

3. A Mall/Busy Shopping Center

If clubs aren’t an option for you, and you don’t live in a city with a decent sized university, the best place to meet women is at a mall.

Frankly, malls aren’t as good as the above two options, but they’re a lot better than sitting at home jerking off to porn all day. Malls attract a wide variety of women, many of whom go shopping because they’re bored (meaning they’d love a cool guy to add some excitement to their day).

Wrapping Up The Top 3 Best Places To Meet Women

And that’s it, those are the best places to meet women. Anywhere else isn’t nearly as practical as the above options. Meeting women at the occasional event or concert is great, but they’re too infrequent to rely on.

As cool as meeting women somewhere like a bookstore is, there’s only about 6 people in a bookstore at any given time – so it’s probably going to be a waste of time.

Go somewhere with a high volume of people. Realistically, most of the women you meet aren’t going to be a good fit for you, it’ll take a good 10 or 20 approaches to find a girl you really click with.

And that’s okay, but it means the best place to meet women are nightclubs, university campuses, and malls, because nowhere else has nearly as many attractive women.

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