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Watch His First Attempt At Approaching Women

February 5, 2020

You’ve seen infield of coaches – you know what good game looks like.
But have you ever seen infield of a complete noob approaching women?
Probably not.
That’s why I’m going to show you footage of one of my coaching client’s first-ever attempt at cold approach.
This video is important because it’s easy to hold yourself to unrealistic standards.
You think you have to be as smooth as the professionals to get results.
That’s simply not true. It’s okay to be a little awkward and nervous.
In fact, some girls actually prefer it (because it shows that you’re not a player).
In this video, you’ll get an idea of what real game looks like when you’re inexperienced.
He makes mistakes, there are definitely things he could do better.
Despite that, he’s already getting dates with girls. And it’s important to understand that you can do this too, even if your game is rough around the edges.
Check out the video:

PS: I’m creating a new Patreon account in which I will post premium content that is too hardcore for a general audience.
What do I mean by “hardcore”?
Well, some videos are not fit for YouTube (because the platform has banned a lot of pickup channels recently). So, whenever I make a controversial video, I’m going to put it on Patreon.
Furthermore, YouTube is best for infotainment – content that is useful, but that is also highly entertaining.
On Patreon, I’m going to upload content that is completely results-oriented, it’s for people who truly want to change their lives, not for people who want to be entertained.
More info coming soon.

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