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What Are Women Attracted To? (The Truth About Social Status)

December 16, 2018

What Are Women Attracted To? (The Truth About Social Status)

“Attraction is not a choice.” – David DeAngelo

Your  favorite author is giving a speech in a packed seminar room. He says, “Let me demonstrate what I’m talking about,” then he points at you, “Why don’t you come up to the stage?”

You say, “Wait, me?”

“Yes, come right up.”

Hundreds of eyes are on you. As you meet the author on the stage, he shakes your hand and says, “I want you to explain in front of everyone here the three most important lessons you learned today.”

You feel paralyzed. You can’t think of anything to say. Your heart is racing, your palms are sweating, and your hands are shaking in nervousness.

When we’re asked to speak in front of an audience, we don’t choose to feel anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion that happens to us.

Sexual attraction works exactly the same way. A woman doesn’t choose to feel sexual attraction for a man – attraction is an emotion that happens to her.

Emotions are not random: they are triggered by specific circumstances. If you were in a cage full of snakes, you would feel fear. If you were naked in public, you would feel embarrassed.

It’s true that everyone has their own unique triggers for experiencing anxiety, stress, or even attraction – but there also universal triggers that affect all of us.

There are situations that will cause anyone to feel anxiety. Similarly, there are specific qualities in a man that automatically make women feel attraction.

Women have no control over whether they experience sexual desire for a man. Yet, the existence of that spark is the fundamental reason a woman will choose to date a man (or not).

There is one quality that triggers sexual attraction in women more than anything else: status.

What Are Women Attracted to?

Part 2: Social Status

Sex is about status.

Why do we want ‘perfect 10’s’ when, physically, sleeping with an ‘8’ would feel just as good?

Because if we were to fuck a ten, our social status would increase.

We want the girl our friends would be jealous of. We want the girl our parents would be proud to see us with. We want the girl that only a winner could get with (because if we get with her, we must also be a winner).

For women, the number 1 indicator of high status is physical beauty. Becoming a supermodel is the highest status job a girl can get.

The same isn’t true for men, though. Male social status is less about beauty, and more about power.

The Status Illusion

Women’s sexual preference for high-status men has been well established in the scientific literature.

Psychologists believe the female brain evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to prefer men of high status.

In prehistoric times, the children high status men had greater social influence and better access to food and shelter than their low status counterparts. So, the children powerful men were more more likely to survive in the harsh environment our ancestors lived in. The children of low- status men, on the other hand, were unlikely to make it very far in life.

Men of high status also had superior genetics: if a woman had a child with an alpha male, that child would likely become an alpha male as well.

Conversely, a low status man’s children would be unlikely to survive to adulthood, and even if the child did survive, they wouldn’t be attractive to the opposite sex (and therefore may not carry their genes into the next generation).

Beautiful, Model, Person, Portrait, Woman

We live in a completely different environment in the modern world, but our brains haven’t changed much in the last several hundred thousand years. The female brain is still designed to be sexually attracted to the same qualities that mattered in prehistoric times.

In the modern world status is largely based on career success, but the human brain didn’t evolve in a world with cars, Rolex watches, and expensive suits.

In tribal times, females had to be able to discern which men were of high status in a world without Armani suits. In fact, prehistoric women couldn’t even rely on a man’s words to determine whether he had high status (we’ve only had spoken language for about 50,000 years.)

Despite this, women needed to develop a keen ability to sense a man’s status – getting pregnant by the wrong man could ruin her entire life.

That’s why the female brain evolved to pick up on a man’s status by observing his behavior. If you approach a girl and you can’t hold eye contact, your body language is defensive, and you speak with a submissive vocal tonality, she’s going to feel that you have low status.

However, if you meet that same girl but you hold laser eye contact, your body language is dominant, and you speak with an assertive tonalityshe’s going to feel like you have high status.

Status isn’t something a girl picks up on intellectually, it’s something she picks up on emotionally. And that’s a good thing, because it means you can attract women with status regardless of your career.

If you want to learn specific strategies you can use to attract women with status, check out these articles/videos:




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