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What Makes A Man Attractive To Women? (The Two Traits Girls Can’t Resist)

August 4, 2018

What Makes A Man Attractive To Women?

Sexual attraction is an emotional desire to have fuck someone. It’s the feeling that leads to the ripping off of clothes, the putting on of condoms, and the creating of a sweaty beast with two backs.

As men, we all know how to create sexual attraction on our own… just enable safe search and visit your favorite adult website. Attracting real life women, however, is a different story.

Female desire can seem like an indecipherable puzzle to us men – on occasion, we’re lucky enough to get a woman attracted to us, but it’s random, inconsistent, and fairly rare.

Fortunately, although sexual attraction appears confusing on the surface, there is a science to it. Women are biologically programmed to feel sexual attraction when certain buttons are pushed.

To get it out of the way, yes being good looking makes it easier to attract women – but looks aren’t everything. In fact, most of the “sexual attraction” buttons you can press are psychological, not physical.

This can be hard to believe at first, but imagine you were stranded on a desert island with a woman. Let’s say this woman is physically unattractive to you – on your personal scale, she’s a 5 out of 10. Normally, you wouldn’t sleep with this girl, she’s just not attractive enough.

However, now that you’re stranded on a desert island with her, she’s getting more attractive by the day. It might take a few days, it might take a few months (or only a few minutes), but eventually, you’d fuck her. It’s in your biological programming to desire her given the right circumstances.

Clearly, kidnapping women and bringing them to desert islands isn’t a viable strategy, but this anecdote illustrates that if the right conditions are met, any woman will want to fuck any man (unless they are gay or asexual). You just have to learn what the conditions for sexual attraction are, and how you can meet them.

What Makes A Man Attractive To Women?

Part 2: The Psychology of Sexual Attraction

Attraction is created between a woman and you when she perceives you to have sexual value. Biologically, sex is about making babies (the primitive parts of your brain don’t understand the existence of condoms and birth control). Qualities that have sexual value are qualities that would make successful children.

If you’re tall, smart, and extremely self-confident, your children will take on those characteristics. Children with those traits are likely to succeed in the world and have children of their own.

Biologically, that’s the most important goal humans have – to create children that will be attractive enough to create more children – the name of the game is to make sure your genes make it into future generations.

So, when a potential mate has positive qualities that can be passed on to your children, you will feel attraction for them (whether you want to, or not).

Looking at attraction scientifically might not be poetic, but it helps us understand how we can intentionally, and consistently create sexual attraction with the women we’re most interested in. So, let’s look at a few of the traits that have sexual value to women:


Being A Man

Literally just having a penis. If a woman is interacting with you, there’s a certain amount of attraction present just because you are a man.

This is important to understand because it means that as long as you don’t make a woman feel uncomfortable or defensive, she’ll eventually feel attracted to you just because you’re a man.

Men’s dating advice often makes attraction seem like something that only happens when you do something special (like teasing her or disqualifying her). But that’s misleading – you don’t have to use some special technique to trigger attraction in women, you just have to get out of your own way and allow attraction to happen.

A woman will be attracted to you by default UNLESS you do something that prevents her from feeling attraction (like being too needy or being insincere).

It’s true that some men are far more attractive to women than other men – but just being a man means you automatically have some degree of attractiveness to women.


Being Tall/Muscular/General Physical Attractiveness

If you’re tall and muscular that implies you will have tall and muscular children.

If looks are an asset of yours, use it. If not, it’s worth putting some effort into improving your appearance (read this article).


This is the single most powerful psychological attraction trigger. If you can walk up to a beautiful woman and interact with her in a boldly sexual way, your confident behavior implies that you’ve been with beautiful women in the past.

How would you approach a beautiful woman and openly express interest in her?

You wouldn’t – you’d be nervous, you’d be defensive. Confidence makes a woman feel that you must be a man who other women are attracted to – which make her assume that you must be a guy who has sexual value.

Control Of Your Emotions

If a woman challenges you by saying something like, “You’re pretty short, dude,” does that affect your emotional state? If it does, the girl is going to lose interest in you.

If a man can’t control his emotions, he has low sexual value because he wouldn’t make a good partner or father.

A man who can’t control his emotions is likely to:

  • Get himself killed
  • Be physically (or emotionally) abusive.
  • Abandon his child.

These are all horrible traits in a potential father. Remember, on an unconscious level, sex is about having children – she doesn’t want to risk having a child with a man who would make a terrible father (this is why women shit-test men, it’s to find out if a man is in control of his emotions).

Wrapping Up What Makes A Man Attractive to A Woman?

The above are the most important traits to develop to attract women. There are other traits with high sexual value (humor, intelligence, etc.) However, confidence and an ability to control your emotions are the two traits that are by far the most potent for attracting women.

Confidence and emotional control are by themselves enough to create sexual tension with most women. This is both good news and bad news. Although confidence is something anyone can develop, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to do so. Our level of confidence is determined by a lifetime of experience, changing it isn’t something you can do over night.

Fortunately, I have found a way to hack confidence and emotional control. I have learned how to dramatically change my own (or anyone else’s) level of confidence in the course of a single night. In the next article, you’re going to learn how to create sexual tension with women by harnessing the power of ‘flow states’.

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