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What Makes A Man Irresistible To Women?

May 17, 2018

Question: What makes a man irresistible to women?


It’s not what most people think it is. Sure, being good-looking is helpful, so is owning a Rolex, but neither of those things get to the core of what women are attracted to on a primal level.

Have you ever met a woman with a strong feminine energy? Everything about her just oozed femininity, the way she carried herself, the tone of her voice, the look in her eyes. (If you’ve never met a woman like this, watch a movie starring Marilyn Monroe and you’ll see what I mean.) Being around that kind of woman turned you on, right?

The same way feminine energy is attractive to men, masculine energy is attractive to women. (If you want a great example of this, watch one of Marlon Brando’s earlier movies like a Streetcar Named Desire).

Masculine energy is projected in the way a man walks, the way he moves his body, his eye contact, and in the tone of his voice.

Here’s the part that most people don’t know. Masculine energy is something we all naturally have access to just by the fact that we’re men. But relatively few guys know how to access their inherent masculinity because their insecurities get in the way.

When you worry about whether a girl likes you or not, when you worry about getting rejected if you make a move, when you contemplate what the best thing to say to a girl is – you lose touch with your natural masculine energy.

We live in a generation that has taught us to live our lives in our head, not our body. We think so much that we forget how to feel, and when it comes to attracting women it’s all about feelings, not about thoughts.

Any man can be attractive, even irresistible, to women if he can get out of his head and into his body. If he can stop thinking while he is interacting with a woman, his demeanor will change. The anxiety and doubt that normally block his masculine energy will disappear, and he can project raw sexuality.

Nope, it’s not a man bun that makes a man irresistible to women.

Question: Okay, but how does a man go about getting out of his head when talking to women?

Answer: He has to change the way he thinks when he’s talking to a girl. By default, we think about everything that might go wrong if we approach a woman. You’ve gotta flip that on its head and see the positive.

This is basically a process of cultivating positive delusions. We normally have negative delusions, we think that we’re too short, not good looking enough, not wealthy enough, not cool enough, etc. but that’s not based on reality, it’s just our frustration taking over.

Instead, cultivate positive delusions. When a girl looks at you, and then immediately looks away, don’t think, “Aww, she looked away because I was ugly.” Fuck that. Instead, think, “She looked away because she was so attracted to me that it made her feel shy.”

Truth is, you don’t know which it is, you might feel like the negative interpretation is true, but you can never really know. The negative interpretation hurts you, it feeds into this idea that you’re not good enough, that you’re not irresistible to women. The positive interpretation helps you, it makes you feel more entitled to make bold moves, it makes you believe in yourself more fully – and the belief that you are attractive is a self-fulfilling prophecy! Confidence is in itself a turn-on, just like self-doubt is in itself a turn-off.

At first, you won’t really believe yourself when you look for the positive, but over-time it’ll become a habit of thinking, and you’ll really start to fall under this spell, this idea that you are attractive, that you are irresistible. Once that happens, women will start to respond to you more positively for real, and that will only increase your confidence even further, thus setting off an upward spiral.

Question: Is that all it takes to become more attractive to women?

It’s a key element, but the foundation is that you have to take action, you have to interact with new women on a regular basis, so you can learn from experience. That sounds so obvious that it doesn’t need to be said, but a lot of guys just don’t go out and meet women in the real world – because, deep down, they don’t believe they would succeed if they did.

Our mindset is always the biggest obstacle to our success. We think it’s something external (like our appearance or busy schedule), but that’s only a half-truth that we convince ourselves is the whole truth. That’s why I dedicated a whole section of my new book to teaching you how to get over your mental barriers: so you can eliminate your excuses and take massive action – which is necessary if you want to date the highest quality women.

Being attractive isn’t so much about learning to do something new, it’s about unlearning bad habits. One guy is too quiet, and women don’t even notice him. A second guy is great at making women like him – as friends – but he never makes it sexual. A third guy comes on way too strong and he creeps girls out.

The problem is that none of these guys know what they’re doing wrong. They have a blind spot that’s holding them back. We all have blind spots, but they can be overcome if you know how to become aware of them.

That’s what Irresistible: How to Attract Women with Ease is all about. It shows you how to become aware of your blind spots, and then gives you a step-by-step guide to overcoming them. Whether your problem is that you constantly get friend zoned, or that you get nervous when meeting women, Irresistible teaches you exactly how to quickly overcome it and become exponentially more attractive to the opposite sex.

(The book is on sale for only 99 cents through Saturday)

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