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Why Cold Approach Is The Best Way To Attract Beautiful Women (Top 3 Methods For Getting Dates Pt 2 of 2)

December 18, 2018

Why Cold Approach Is The Best Way To Date Beautiful Women

Most men cannot approach a beautiful girl without the benefits of alcohol – it’s just too anxiety provoking.

Of course, if most people are unable to do something, the few people who do it have an unfair advantage.

If you can confidently approach a girl, you’ve already proven that you’re among the top 10% of guys.

When you’re out meeting women in person, you can approach literally anyone and get her undivided attention. (Compare this to online dating where the majority of women won’t even see your profile or read your message).

There’s also a virtually unlimited number of women you can approach. In your social circle there might be 5 beautiful women, in a city with a million people, there might be 50,000.

Disadvantages Of Cold Approach

Psychologically, cold approach is extremely difficult for most men. You will get rejected on a regular basis. Those rejection can easily fuel negative thought patterns (“I’m just not attractive enough”/”These women are bitches”/ etc.)

The harsh truth is that most men who try cold approach ultimately fail. Success stories aren’t the norm, frustration and disappointment are.

This is no different from say, fitness, where most people who start a new diet or buy a gym membership give up within a couple months.

If you eat fewer calories, you will lose weight. If you lift heavy weights, you will build muscle. However, few people who start these endeavors ultimately reach their goals – building healthy habits is psychologically challenging.

Similarly, you can attract beautiful women through cold approach, but it’s psychologically challenging to do so.

That’s why it’s important to focus not just on the techniques that attract women, but on the process of learning game itself.

In bodybuilding, knowing a good workout regiment isn’t enough to build muscle. You also must know how to motivate yourself to go to the gym consistently, how to make sure you’re eating the right foods, and how to consistently lift heavier weights each week.

Likewise, knowing how to attract a woman isn’t enough, you must also know how to stay motivated when you’re not getting results (very few guys get instant successes from game). You also must learn how to learn from your mistakes, how to set goals that will point you in the right direction, and how to overcome your fear of rejection.

Most guys who try to learn cold approach fail – not because something is inherently wrong with them or with pickup itself – but because their strategy doesn’t account for the biggest obstacle we face: our psychological resistance to change.

Of the three strategies for meeting women, cold approach has the most potential. One guy I went out with brought home 9 attractive women home in 9 days. Now, that may not be your goal, it’s not mine either, but there’s almost no limit to what’s possible.

To be fair, you can’t bring home a ‘perfect 10’ every night. But that’s because such women are genuinely rare. You can, however, go on a date with a new ‘8’ or ‘9’ every single day if you wanted to.

Maybe you’re not interested in casual sex. Cold approach is also a great strategy for meeting an amazing girlfriend: having thousands of women to choose from will help you find a girl who is a great match for you.

To make cold approach work you need a better strategy than most guys. That’s why I write these article and make Youtube videos. Yes, you will learn techniques you can use to attract women, but you will also learn how to stay motivated, how to notice your mistakes so that you don’t get stuck on a plateau, and how to structure your goals so that you will get better results every single week.

You can approach girls on the beach. Technically, this picture is relevant.

The most exciting thing to learn is ‘the new workout that’ll give you 6-pack abs in 6-minutes a day’ or, ‘the new super-food that makes weight loss effortless.’ But it’s not the exciting stuff that makes the difference between success and failure, it’s an understanding of how to create a process that will lead to long-term growth.

Yes, I teach the exciting stuff, but that’s not the underlying difference between those who fail and succeed.

The difference is between success and failure lies in discipline, an understanding of your own psychology, and having a roadmap that leads to success. These are skills no one teaches us, which is why they are so important to learn.

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