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+1 Hot Young Pinay: young girls are amazing.

RP McMurphy
April 23, 2021

First asian chick, which is pretty crazy since apparently asian chicks love white guys…who knew?

I day gamed this Pinay girl last Sunday (high 6/low 7–great ass and legs, OK face, but not much upstairs), and it was OK game, but not phenomenal by any means. But good enough and she gave the number. So flash forward and we’re texting on Monday, pretty straightforward but very compliant and on, and what do you know: she’s keen for a drink Thursday–last night.


I do my usual pretext game with her an hour before, she replies/complies quickly, so I know it’s on.

And then like, it just fucking was…ON.

We ordered beers and split nachos, she was all up in my frame of wanting to know stuff about me and being interested and liking what I do (ladies, seriously, be more like this–it’s better for everyone), and I was no slouch, teasing her about her size (super small) and her English (this seems like a dick move, but immigrants want to KNOW–it’s actually a cool way to connect), and making fun of her in other ways.

Unlike the previous night, I didn’t run the cube or need to worry about anything regarding her frame–very few shit tests or nonsense, which was nice given my previous date. It was honestly just a fun date and we talked about all kinds of stuff: traveling, future ambitions, hobbies, how nice the summer will be, etc.

Here’s the key: date happened on her turf. I was a 20 minute drive away from my place in the suburbs.

So I was like, “let’s grab a bottle of wine and go back to yours and watch a movie.”

Girls know what this means: let’s go have sex.

But then she does me one better, “I have tequila at my house–let’s get some limes.”

So we go to the local Trader Joes, get some limes, and she puts on some crazy fucking Pinay music and we do a shot and then just start making out. Then she pulls away and teases me about not going too far–literally what about 2/3rds of girls say to me: “we’re not having sex tonight (she adds, Cowboy, which I thought was hilarious)”…before we have sex.

It goes like that for awhile–the movie was completely forgotten, and we’re kissing, doing shots, she’s showing me pictures of her and telling me about where she grew up, and then we end up on the couch, she’s on top of me, so I take off her shirt, and from there it was just game fucking on.

Clothes came off and I pulled her on top of me and like a good girl she reaches back and puts my dick inside her. Apparently no one uses condoms anymore, and since I’m a dumbass I don’t protest, although I did ask: you’re on birth control right?

She just nods and starts riding–my god was that pussy fucking tight!

We did eventually end up in her bedroom on the bed, and I came in her doggystyle–it was kinda fast too. Normally I last a good 20-25 minutes, but I’d bet this was more like 15. I had to slow down a lot too, because like I said, she had one of those magic vaginas. I’m actually not sure if she had an orgasm, but she seemed pretty damn excited the whole time so I’ll take it

I had to get back to my place so I could get to work in the morning, so after some cuddling, and a fair amount of water, I peaced out.

So yeah. That was that. +1 baby let’s go day game is back!

If you want help, as always, hit me up for some coaching, and I’ll have the details out for the the summer course on the Fundamentals of Game and Seduction–email me to reserve your spot!

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