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+1: I didn't understand how Tinder works til last night.

RP McMurphy
January 29, 2020

I was using it all wrong.

Trying to set up dates. Trying to have normal, gamey type texts and conversations.


This occurred to me yesterday, and I want to foreground it with this: if I didn’t understand the red pill or game–and specifically if I hadn’t pulled via day game and night game–I would’ve missed it.

The match and text exchange.

So anyway, this chick matches with me on Tinder. I send an innocuous message: hey what’s up X I like your style.

She immediately replies.

After a half hour, I respond to her response.

Immediate reply.

I reply to her reply right away. She replies again immediately.

I wait an hour or so and then reply.

She texts back within a few minutes, so I reply let’s get off the app, send me your number. Again, immediate response.

We exchange a few more texts and then I go for the date request thinking of the two date model: hey, let’s get some coffee, I’m free this day and that day.

No reply, even though I can see she’s read it.

Weird…why is she suddenly not texting me when she was keen AF to text me back continually before? It’s then I have a sort of epiphany: she’s super ON. She’s clearly interested. What if she just wants to come over and fuck?

Within a minute or two I’m like fuck it–most leads on Tinder flake anyway, what’s one more? So I text: unless you want to come over to watch a movie tonight, I live in X.

Guess who replies almost immediately that she’s coming over, what’s my address?

Yep. Tinder 2.0.

OK Boomer: duh, it’s a hookup app.

And in the intervening time I realize my understanding of how this app works is all wrong. It’s a hookup app–but I didn’t understand that a hookup app doesn’t mean, you match, go on a date, and eventually fuck with NSA. No, it means you hookup with someone on the same day/night–going directly to Netflix and chill.

No date, no seduction, no romance. Just, get a chick to come over. Have some drinks or smoke some weed, put on a movie, and fuck.

Which is exactly what happened last night.

Oh, and before I get to the sex, understand, this chick has, “no hookups thanks,” written in her bio. Obviously not true–a shit test you should just ignore.

Example of how to escalate when a girl is at your place.

Since some guys have trouble escalating, let’s go through the moves.

She shows up, dressed in yoga pants and an athletic top showing midriff under a black hoodie. She’s half black, prettyish, nice breasts, but a little thicker through the ass and legs for a girl who’s only 20. A low 7, maybe a high 6 depending on the guy. Anyway, I hug her hello, tell her to take off her shoes and come in.

Next, I ask her if she wanted some wine or a drink, but tell her I was going to smoke a joint. She said she’d smoke with me so we did that on my balcony–I started initiating kino at this point, pushing her away playfully when I teased verbally, grabbing her hand to look at her nails, grazing my fingers over the tattoo she had on her forearm.

We finish the joint and go inside. She’s seen A Star is Born, my go-to, so I put on Bull Durham, one of my favorite baseball movies–if you don’t know it, in the first 10 minutes Nuke, the pitcher, is fucking a chick in the locker room. Very sexy opening.

We sit down on the couch and I put my hand on her leg. After a minute she reaches up and puts her hand lightly on the back of my neck; clear IOI, so I turn and kiss her.

We make out for awhile and I take off her shirt–nice lovely C-cups–and start by touching them as we kiss and then I start kissing her nipples. She’s kinda moaning and writhing at this point, so I whisper in her ear: are you a naughty little girl?


I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom, take off her pants (no panties) and start fingering her as we kiss. At this point I grab her throat and squeeze lightly. She coos, so I know I can do that going forward.

Then, “get on your knees. Take off my pants and suck my cock.”

She does and she’s fucking loving it. After a few minutes I face fuck her, then throw her back on the bed. She wants it raw, but I put on a condom (seems like the best choice given the circumstances). We start out in missionary, slow at first, but then I fuck her harder and harder and put my hand on her throat, choking her slightly, and she’s moaning the whole time.

Then I turn her over and start fucking her from behind, spanking her ass, pushing her head down into the mattress. I’m about to come so I stop, tell her to get on top of me. She does and starts grinding hard and I can tell she’s going to come–if she wasn’t going to I would have gotten the vibrator out. One thing I believe strongly is that sex should be good for her too.

Anyway, she comes hard after a few minutes, and then I get on top of her and fuck her until I come.

Broke the player rule as I let her stay–although it was actually more of a thing where we both fell asleep after a few minutes of cuddling and talking. By the time I got up, however, she was gone. Haven’t gotten a text from her yet, but it’s still a bit early.

Use Tinder as a supplement, almost purely for hook-ups.

So I guess my advice for guys using Tinder is: don’t try to set up dates. Don’t be serious. Exchange a few texts. If she’s texting consistently back and feels on, invite her over, and if she balks at that, ask her for a drink or coffee near your place. Then fucking pull.

If she doesn’t respond, or responds and then goes dark, leave the connection up–don’t unmatch. Then ping your leads after 8-9pm occasionally, or wait for them to ping you.

Not sure what a ping is? Read Mr. V’s guide to texting girls.

My guess on this is half that younger chicks are actually pretty uncomfortable going on a date, because they’ve never been on one before, and half that this is just how it works these days: people hookup in lieu of having relationships. Maybe a hookup turns into a relationship, but that’s how it starts.

Again, DO NOT STOP COLD APPROACHING or learning cold approach. I would not have recognized this opportunity without having that skill, and I wouldn’t have gotten the first Tinder girl if I hadn’t day gamed her. My advice remains the same: use online to supplement, hook-up.

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