With the majority of the pick up community engaging in day game, it seems like night game has become an afterthought, if not a lost art.

Before we get too far along, I should state here that I’m not an expert, and I can’t claim to have done a ton of night game for the same reason other guys don’t: going to noisy clubs and staying up til 2am or later isn’t all that appealing to me.

That said, I’ve pulled (meaning I had sex with a girl the same night I met her) via night game now seven or eight times in the last year, and probably around another three or four before I swallowed the pill (I read The Game and practiced pick-up before I met my ex-wife)–the ones I’ve done field reports on are tagged Night Game, so search for that if you want to read more (keep in mind I had several from Fall and Winter 2018-19, but I didn’t start the blog until March 2019, so I don’t have field reports on those). Anyway, I’ve pulled enough via Night Game to have confidence I can do it again, as well as to be able to give guys some pretty good ideas and techniques they can use if they’re so inclined.

To be clear, I’m simply following the blueprint and using the techniques, routines, and tactics of some of the godfathers of game, like Mystery, Strauss, Beckster, Todd V, and others–so understand, RP McMurphy, aka Red Pill Dad, is not claiming originality or credit. I’m simply trying to put the ideas together so that guys can make good use of them.

Quick reading list:

But first: why night game? Because it is by far the easiest, most high percentage way to meet hot girls, escalate, and have the chance to have sex with one the same night. And in my experience, the best chance you have of retaining a girl is to have sex with her, because as Todd V wisely notes, sex builds both value and comfort–especially if she comes. You can also get a fair amount of numbers this way, and if you do it right, those numbers tend not to be quite as flaky as what you get with day game if your game is tight and you’re able to escalate with her a bit physically.

All of this is due to the simple fact that when girls go out to a bar or club, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, they WANT to be approached, and they’re often looking, or at least open to the idea, of going home with a guy that same night. They’re going to be dressed more provocatively than normal and in their most feminine state.

So here’s how you roll:

Use the buddy system–night game is easier with a wing. No wing? Improvise.

If at all possible, bring a friend–preferably one who knows game. Indeed, a group of 2-3 players together running good night game will be very effective, because they will assist each other and feed off of the collective group energy. Black Ring made a good point about this when we were talking about why wings are important–they multiply the alpha vibe, and girls sense this and are attracted to it.

If your friend doesn’t know game, give him some basics: eye contact, be direct, smile, be confident, etc.–oh and help him with his fashion beforehand so he doesn’t show up in a goddamn Hawaiian shirt or some other abomination.

Now, to be honest, since most of my friends are married, I often have to go it alone and that can work fine too–you just have to put in a bit more legwork and run a bit of a guise. Here’s the frame: you’re either waiting for a friend to show up, or your friend had to go early, but you’re still hanging out. I like the latter, as it shows you’re fun, confident, adventurous, etc.

You also need to make friends: get on good terms with the staff and any other people you can. One thing I’ll often do is befriend some guys, get them laughing, etc. You don’t want to become part of the group–you just want the group to like you. The more people who know and recognize you and give you positive vibes, the better.

Working the arena: create multiple open positive feedback loops.

When you get to the bar or club, grab a drink and relax. If you don’t drink get a PUA cocktail: soda water with a lime. If you do drink, you’re effectively not drinking tonight–don’t get drunk, because one of the simplest ways you can get laid with night game is to be the last dick standing. Smile and be friendly and social. Joke with the people in line if there’s a line.

I know that Mystery had the three second rule or something to that effect where once you see a girl you must approach within three seconds, but the important part of that rule is that when the logistics allow for an approach and you make eye contact with the girl, you need to go. But if it’s crowded there’s nothing wrong with just sipping your drink and talking to your buddy for a while (or if alone, working the room).

Key point: look for IOIs. If a girl is looking at you, comes close, flicks her hair, starts chatting nervously or loudly near you OR goes silent as you walk past, those are all IOIs and you should approach.

Once you’re ready to approach, pick an opener: generally I’ll go with an indirect opener–honestly, a lot of the time it’s the classic PUA opinion opener: “hey sorry to bother you, but I need a girl opinion on something…”

That’s the default, but if you can think of something more direct or personal to her style, better. Honestly, now that I’ve done day game, opening in night game seems super fucking easy, so if that’s your frame of reference, don’t worry, you’ll be fine. However, there are a few things in the open that you need in night game that you don’t need in day game:

  1. Give yourself a false time restraint (FTC). “I can only stay a minute, because my friends are coming, but…” or, “I won’t take too much of your time, I need to get another drink anyway,” you can throw in a neg/tease here too: “plus you might be weird, so.”
  2. You should probably neg her. You don’t have to, but it’s better if you do. The bad side of girls going out to get hit on in a bar is that they’re arrogant about it. The other thing is you’re not the only guy who’s going to hit on her. In nightclubs and bars, every guys fancies himself a pick up artist after the right number of drinks, so you have competition. A classic neg: “you blink a lot–anyway…” or “the girl who just sung had those exact same boots, but…” Again, if you can make them original to the girl it’s better, just like with the open. Note: a neg should lower her value slightly, but not piss her off. It’s like a small little thing showing you’re not intimidated she’s hot.
  3. Involve the group. Chicks usually go out in twos, threes, fours, etc., and if you have a wing or two there are quite a few people to consider. A great way to establish your dominant alpha character is to get everyone talking.
  4. Also, make a point to ignore your target to some degree–in some cases you might even want to open another girl, and then redirect your attention to her.

The interaction should be fairly short: 5-15 minutes is fine. Once you get to the point where you should go, you have a few options:

  • Number close–I only do this if the chick is 100% on and I can sense she’s not going to say no. This is also a good move if you’re leaving, because then you can say, “I’ll text you where we go–you should come join us.”
  • Open loop: “Nice meeting you Hannah–cheers!” Clink glasses. “I gotta go ____________, but you should buy me a drink later on.” *wink*
  • Isolate: “let’s get a drink and go sit down.” Quick point: I see nothing wrong with buying a chick a drink as long as you can tell she’s into you and there’s potential for escalation. That shouldn’t be the default, but seriously, don’t be a cheapskate. If you’re that worried about it, make her buy drink number two.
  • Drop her suddenly for something else. I’ll do this if the interaction isn’t going well or she’s being super shit testy and/or is super hot. Hot chicks aren’t used to a guy who just up and leaves quickly, but at the same time, you don’t want to be a dick about it or seem butt-hurt. So I’ll just say something like, “oh shit, sorry–I gotta take a phone call,” or “my friend just showed up. It was nice talking to you, Sarah.”

A lot of guys might be wondering why leave if you’re already interacting with girls? Well obviously, if it’s super on, you shouldn’t leave. But most of the time it’s going to be hard to get that sexual feeling right away, and more importantly, by leaving you create a vacuum, and she wonders: why didn’t he try to get my number? Is he coming back? Why is he talking to other girls? Cue the hamster, and the hamster is almost always your friend.

Now, go open another set. Rinse and repeat. The goal is to get 4-5 or more groups of girls interested in and familiar with you without coming across as needy–you’re just a fun, friendly guy or group of guys having a good time being alphas.

The second time through: isolation and escalation.

Once you’ve set up this dynamic, a lot of times the girls will come to you, but even if they don’t, it’s super easy to re-open. The second time interacting with a girl that night, your goal is to isolate and then escalate. So you can ask her to play pool, shuffleboard, darts, ask her to dance, or whatever activities that bar/club is built for, or, if she’s more sexual and you can feel that tension, take her to a couch, outside (for a smoke or vape or?), or take her hand and lead her to a darker place away from prying eyes.

You are doing heavy kino here–maybe you even grab her hand when you re-open or push her playfully with a tease. The point is that you should be touching her and she should be touching you. One thing here is to remember that sex doesn’t have to happen in a bedroom. Probably my most epic pull ever was where I fucked a chick in the bathroom of a karaoke bar. So if she’s super on, you can try something like that.

Another thing to remember at this stage is to slow your voice down, lower the tone, and give her lots of direct eye contact, thinking about how badly you want to rip her panties off and take her like a savage–what Torero used to call the Tiger Eye. Strong eye contact is always good to maintain, but especially as you’re escalating. She should see that you want her through your eyes, not your words.

Now, there’s a classic Mystery routine you can use to kiss close, and I’ll follow that with a Beckster routine I like even better.

Mystery kiss close routine.

Player: “Do you want to kiss me?”

Her: “Yes.”

Then you kiss her.

If she says, “maybe,” you reply, “let’s find out.”

Then you kiss her.

If she says, “no.” you reply, “I didn’t say you could–you just looked like you had something on your mind.”

I actually like to reply something like: “Then stop looking at me like that.” But the point is you disqualify her. It’s a great little gambit, because either you kiss her, or you neg her, which will often lead to a kiss later on.

Beckster’s three things routine.

Beckster does something a little more nuanced, but it’s very, very good game as it simultaneously qualifies, escalates, and builds value (I think this is one of the ones Torero tried to steal that Nash called him out on):

Beckster says to the girl, “there are three things you love in a girl,” girl smiles, maybe asks, “what?”

“The first is good smelling, luscious hair.” You lean in and smell her hair. I’ve only done this once, but it’s fucking money–when you lean in, breath in, but then linger there as if you’re going to kiss her neck. Don’t actually do it (although if it seems like a go and you’re isolated, there are no hard and fast rules), just make it seem like you were thinking about doing it.

Then don’t tell her she has good smelling hair–let her ask or wonder. Just move on to the next test.

“The second thing I like is a girl who doesn’t wear too much makeup–the test for this is to put a kiss here *point to the outside of your hand* and see if it leaves a mark.”

“The third thing I like is a girl who has a good taste in shoes.”

Girl asks: “Why?”

“Because a good taste in shoes means a good taste in underwear.”

Now there’s no clear lead in to a kiss close here, but to me, if you can’t kiss a girl with this kind of flirtation and qualification, you’ve got some work to do junior.

How to engineer the pull.

If I can go back one step, I should point this out: if she’s alone, you can go for more of a day game type SDL, which is you meet her in the bar, have a drink and chat, verbally escalate, then bounce to a second bar, physically escalate, then back to your place. If she refuses to bounce after the second bar, go to a third, then back to your place.

A word on what I mean by your place: it’s clean, there’s alcohol, coffee, tea, juice, and some snacks. Additionally, the reason you’re going there is to:

  • A) listen to music.
  • B) watch a movie.
  • C) show her something–like a record collection or something to this effect.

Point is, there has to be a plausible reason you’re pulling. Anyway, if you want to see how it’s done, Roy Walker is about as good as pulling the SDL as anyone is and he has a ridiculous number of field reports where he essentially describes the pattern above.

However, it’s often the case in night game that she’s with her friends and might be hesitant to leave them, so you have three options:

  1. You move the group to another venue.
  2. You pull the group back to yours–to do this you need a good wing man and a nice place that’s big enough to allow you to isolate the girl. To be honest, most apartments and flats in big cities ARE NOT going to provide this kind of environment, but if you’re in the suburbs or extremely wealthy, maybe it works.
  3. You separate her from the group through qualification.

Any guesses as to which option is best?

For my money it’s far and away number 3. Because here’s the thing: if one of her friends can cock block you, they probably will.

Quick aside: it used to make me mad to no end, but women cock block for the same reason they respond to alpha behavior–it’s primal and based on evolutionary biology. To begin with, if you’re in a tribe, you don’t want a male from outside your tribe to impregnate a female from the tribe without approval. But more importantly, as is so often the case, the woman who’s cock blocking isn’t attractive–or at least not as attractive as your target.

So, if she can’t collect the alpha seed, what’s her next best option? Prevent the other chick from getting it. We see this broadly in society. Who, after all, are the most anti-sex people and slut shamers aside from trad-con males? Feminists, and women who are fat and/or old.

Anyway, it takes a lot of skill and finagling if you choose option 1 or 2, as you haven’t removed your main obstacle to getting laid, and that is her friends, because even if they don’t explicitly cock block, their presence makes it very hard for most girls to fuck a guy she just met.

Regardless of which option you choose, at some point you have to isolate the girl in order for physical escalation and sex to happen.

Todd V has a good tactic here, where he’ll ask a girl something to the effect of: your friends aren’t the jealous type are they?

Another way you can seed isolation is to qualify her: “are you adventurous? I like girls who are fun and willing to try new things.” Anything to this effect will get her in the mindset of being willing to go home with you, ditch her friends, etc. Especially if she’s feeling the sexual chemistry and connection with you.

If you choose option 1, bouncing the group to a different venue, the goal is ultimately to sneak out and pull her to your place–remember, isolation is inevitable. At some point it has to happen. One thing you can do is simply tell her, “text your friends you’re getting a Lyft/Uber home.” Give her the excuse to get away.

Understand (Yoylo), this isn’t manipulation–if you’ve done your seduction correctly, she wants to go home with you. But you have to put in place the structure that allows her to do so. It’s the same reason the player can’t go super direct and just say to the chick, “let’s go fuck.”

Remember, for girls, “sex just happens.” For guys, it’s our job to make it happen, and the whole game is implied–you know sex is going to happen, she knows it’s headed there, but neither of you mentions that fact (sometimes girls will help–to be honest one of my night game pulls was at an EDM club where the girl just asked, “is your place around here?” but this is rare, and even then I had her pretty turned on and built value in the club by opening lots of sets and flirting with lots of girls). That means she has to feel comfortable, turned on, and most of all, not slutty for coming home with you.

If you’re doing scenario 2, where you have a cool place to pull to, you need your wing(s) to take care of the other girls or group and then you can isolate the girl you’re interested in. Here a good move is to just take her hand at an opportune moment and just sort of disappear, “come with me.”

Final Thoughts.

First, if any readers have done well in night game or have routines, techniques, and/or ideas that will help, please write a comment below, or link to the information.

Something I should probably mention here: night game can be super intimidating. The girls are often super hot, arrogant, and in the mood to shit test and play games, plus you’ll definitely have competition.

That being said, if you’re a player and you have good game, trust your value. Most guys who go out are blue pill pussies at the end of the day who can dress the part, but have no idea how to talk to chicks, how to escalate, etc. In other words, what we do is rare, so trust your value. Don’t be intimidated. And remember, girls want you to approach and make moves–do you think she got all dressed up and wore her sexy heels for shits and giggles? No. She may say she did, but she wants male attention, and you’re just the man to give it to her.

Happy hunting boys.

There’s never been a better time to be a player.