So I took the pill sometime in the winter/spring of 2018. As many of you guys know, there’s a period where you’re like: is this just some bullshit?

But then you start to see women behave this way and you can’t go back. It’s impossible to unsee what you see, unless you’re too dumb to take it in or too biased to believe it.

I’m not particularly dumb, and actually, taking TRP made me less biased, so I accept it as truth and use what I know to my advantage.

The first thing I want to go through are my weak points, as these require the most attention:

  1. My frame is too volatile. When I’m holding frame, it’s strong–strong enough to approach 9’s & 10’s and not be intimidated. But it breaks down too often and when it does I lose my edge with women and my purpose.
  2. I’m a needy fucking bitch at times. I don’t do what I used to and constantly text chicks and friends, but it happens too much and why? Loneliness. I’ve been with a lot of women this year, but most of the time if I’m not with my son I’m alone. I’ll forgive myself a little bit, because it’s human to want to be around others, but it’s a liability, as it’s the primary reason I lose my frame.
  3. I don’t read enough. I’ve been better recently, but I’m playing games on my phone too much. It’s funny, most people don’t think it’s really all that bad to be on your phone all the time, but I’ll tell you, it’s fucking toxic. It lulls your brain into thinking you’re doing something productive when you’re actually being completely worthless.
  4. I need to quit drinking. At least any sort of volume. I think a drink or two is acceptable in the initial stages of seduction (“lets get a glass of wine”), but I also know a lot of guys in the game don’t drink at all–true for red pill guys as well. So know that if you use alcohol or drugs for game, that can be a problem. It’s not immoral. I’m not some Puritan. It’s just a vice that needs to be managed, because it can get in the way of being the best man you can be.
  5. I need to build more rapport with chicks. I haven’t been good about recording my stats lately, but I think my flake/no response rate is about average for a decent player–me freaking out about is a good example of losing frame. But I also think my flakes are coming from a lack of comfort.

More on this…

As I’ve said, I’m a pretty good looking guy, 6’3″ athletic, etc. And I think now that I’ve gotten a little smooth with my game, I reek of being a player. It’s something I need to dial down a bit.

Texting is a good example: I do EXACTLY what a player would do. Ping, wait 36-48 hours, and if I get a reply, go for the date close.

That works, but when it does, it because the girl knows what you want and wants to give it to you–that explains the fact I’ve had a lot of first date lays.

But I now think it might be better to ping, send a GIF, ping, one more, and then go for the close. I think girls need a little more comfort–texting is such a normal part of our lives that it may be more grounding needs to happen with the back and forth before the date.

As with all things in game it’s a delicate balance between comfort and value.

In terms of girls, I’m doing OK: yoga girl came back (told you), but warns me nothing is going to happen (lmao). I’m wondering if she’s even worth it, but the sex was great, so if I can get some of that, I’ll take it.

Otherwise, I’ve had two dates with Socks and banged her both times. My hope is she becomes a plate. And I had a date with the 20 year old model, it went well…

Actually, might as well tell the story.

First, it was a good pickup. My first effective front stop.

She’s in Whole Foods getting flowers and I’m behind, so I take a few quick steps and stop her by turning to say, “now why is a pretty girl buying her own flowers?”

Pretty good line actually. Use your environment and the girl to your advantage boys.

Anyway, she laughs, we exchange a few lines–maybe two minutes with some shit tests (“do you say this to all the girls you meet, haha”–me: “yep,” and the I just continued talking) and then she starts to eject and I say, “now hold on a minute, I know you have to go, but would you like to grab some tea some afternoon.” And I close with the number.

For the date we met at the tea place. I hugged her when I came in and after we got our drinks immediately established kino, touching her shoulder when I accused her, pushing her knee away, etc.

More shit tests:

  1. Vegan… which makes me, a ketogenic guy, a terrible person. But being vegan is in and of itself a shit test–it’s not natural to eat that way and it’s incredibly difficult. Not to mention obnoxious. I just did A & A, using it to disqualify myself. I also changed the subject as quickly as possible. “Change her mood, not her mind.”
  2. Age? “How old are you?” Me: “87, but I’ve had a lot of really good surgeons.” Thanks Tom Torero.
  3. “Vegan dick is the best dick.” OK, so I don’t know if other guys get this or if it’s just a local thing, but a lot of girls where I live will shit test you by being overly sexual–because either they are or they want to be. I think this is why yoga girl keeps coming back: because I fucked her good and in ways she hadn’t been fucked before. Thank you RedQuest for the vibrator tip. Anyway, when girls do this, you just maintain frame, don’t get rattled. If you can, tell a story to demonstrate value. I tell one about how I found out a girl I was dating was a cam girl–because it’s true. I think this is also a good point at which to ask her if she’s into any kind of kink or BDSM or threesomes. A lot of girls are. This girl was.

Anyway, when we finished our tea I suggested we go for a walk–some of the above happened on the walk. Oh and I forgot to mention that I did the cube routine at the tea house. That’s a killer routine to use, and even though the girl sort of knows it’s a pick-up thing, it’s a hell of a lot more fun than answering the usual boring questions she gets.

I’ll write down the routine from my perspective, but I have to credit Mystery I believe, though Strauss’ Game where I first read it.

So admittedly, a couple of dates now–not with Socks–but with two other girls, I didn’t kiss close. To be fair, the date above fit the sort that you can’t escalate well on–she had plans at 6:30. With the other girl it was more logistics. She kept sitting across from me–I tried to remedy this, but perhaps not aggressively enough… anyway, I could give a hundred excuses, but I always think it’s better to escalate if you can.

However, if it turns out these girls can become plates and stick around more easily, then OK. I’ll have to give Black Dragon some credit. I guess his original point was that if you can’t have sex with her that night, don’t go for the kiss close.

Let’s see what else…

Oh, I’ve done a lot of thinking recently on the value and coolness vs. game argument and I think some of it’s semantics. Like, yeah, you need value–you need to lift, be smart, have a mission, be put together and increase your SMV as high as possible.

But the value doesn’t matter if you can’t deliver it through game. At the same time, I’ll admit, however, that if you’re too low value, game probably doesn’t matter.

I also think it’s important to think about how you’re meeting chicks. If you’re doing cold approach like me–or Nash who inspired that post–game really fucking matters–in some way it IS your value/coolness.

On the other hand, if you’re doing more social circle/long game leads, then yeah, value is probably a bigger factor because the girl is really going to get to know who you are.

Another way to think of this is lover vs. provider. I guess in that sense, I’d rather be the lover, and this means game and fast escalation are key.

The final thing I want to say, and if I’ve said this before, is that TRP is not misogynistic. We love women. We spend inordinate amounts of time, money, and efforts to be with feminine beautiful women. And we are direct with our intentions–we want sex. This is man to woman. At that point it’s up to her. Yes we use strategy and tactics and some of it can seem like manipulation, but we’re giving the girl the experience she wants to have by tapping into her evolutionary biology. We’re not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.

Now, have I said things that are shitty about women from time to time? Sure–but 99.9% of all women have at sometime said something to effect of, “all men are pigs/disgusting.”

Does that mean they hate men? No.

It’s just the battle of the sexes playing out. Our sexual strategy is not symbiotic. Women have the dual mating strategy of lover vs. provider, or of getting the alpha and then making him a beta through monogamy and marriage; men have the strategy of having sex with as many hot, young women as possible.

So yeah, feelings get hurt. People get betrayed. Relationships can be win/win, but they can also be win/lose. Those are the stakes of the game.

I’ll end this by saying that it’s not worth getting mad about. So many guys in the manosphere and TRP are upset, and I’m not saying I haven’t been there, but being overly angry isn’t a good look or a good way to live.

Control what you can control. Let go of what you can’t.

Much love brothers.