In an interesting development, we’ve seen several anti-game articles come out recently attacking pick-up and day game, written and published by self proclaimed feminists.

Let’s start with some plain truths that very few people outside this community–the authors, society, and feminists writ-large–want to acknowledge:

  1. Human beings have a powerful biological drive telling them to have sex. Indeed, multiple studies and scholarship have shown we are one of the most social and sexual mammals on the planet.
  2. 95% of the time or more, when sex happens it is because a male has shown interest in a female and initiated sexual escalation.
  3. Gender and sexuality ARE NOT socially constructed–they are innate. Again, multiple studies and scientific research has shown that even in the womb, males and females develop in different ways down to the chemical level. The notion that gender and sexuality are socially constructed has no basis in peer-reviewed scientific literature, and the only experiment used to make this argument resulted in one of the subjects committing suicide, because the researchers tried to force him to become a female.

I just started reading a book called The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction, and though I’m only through the first chapter, the authors make point 3 painstakingly clear, and I bring it up because it’s the heart of the problem.

After all, modern feminism has been built on this lie–the idea that sex/gender and the roles we associate with sex/gender are socially constructed. This has never been true, and it is not true now.

Does social conditioning and upbringing matter? Of course. Which is why we see massive differences in how people live with regard to socio-cultural norms depending on the country, environment, language, etc.

But for the most part, sex is the same: a man finds a woman attractive, and then by hook or crook, he tries to fuck her. Sometimes he is successful, sometimes he is not, but that’s how the game is played and has been for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years.

In most societies post-agriculture, the expectation has been that with sex comes marriage, because children. It’s a little more complicated of course, but that will do for now.

This is how it is and has been for thousands of years. So why all the trouble now?

The first part of the answer is that because the feminist lie above has gone a long way in destroying traditional sex/gender roles based on biological realities–not socially constructed–a lot of people are very confused on what their role is and how that relates to their sex/gender.

The second part is that with sexual equality, women no longer need men to provide for them, which means that aside from sexual desire and companionship, women don’t need men. Thus, we see a return to full female hypergamy, which had been kept in check so far by social, religious, and economic means.

(BTW, I’m going to take Nash and RedQuest to task a little here when they say, “Muh-Hypergamy.” To be clear I like those guys a lot (adults/friends can disagree and still respect each other guys–seriously, it’s OK)–consider them mentors in some weird, anonymous way–but hypergamy is a fucking thing. The evidence is clear and so is much of our lived experience. Look at the statistics on dating sites: women only want to fuck what they perceive as the best possible mates. There’s a lot of red-pill shit out there to question or doubt, but hypergamy isn’t one of them.)

The third part is that it is in less attractive women’s interest to slut shame other more attractive women and shame male sexuality writ large. Slut shaming is the product of female sexual strategy. Men may sometimes engage, as we see with trad-cons and some of the crabs in bucket RP guys, but it is cultivated primarily by women to be used against other women. BTW, men who slut shame are almost by definition, betas, whose sexual strategy aligns with repressed female sexuality.

In sum, we have a situation where:

  • Sex/gender is confused–men are generally less masculine/more feminine; women are less feminine/more masculine.
  • Women only want to have sex with the most successful/attractive/masculine men.
  • Sex, which used to be shamed by social and religious establishments, is now shamed by beta males and less attractive females.

And yet, there’s no denying: we all still have that deep biological urge to fuck.


Personally, I have no issue with women having legal equality–I don’t think that for most people it’s even an issue anymore. Women are perfectly capable of contributing to our society and I would argue we’re better off as a species allowing them to do so (if a woman invents the cure to prostate cancer, that’s good). I’m sure some manosphere and red pill guys won’t like that, but I don’t really give a fuck. We may at some point trend back toward a more traditional society where more people get married and have kids as women start to realize that’s better for them in the long run (I’m not saying this will happen, I’m saying it could happen), but we’re not going back to the 1950’s or the truly patriarchal societies that dominated up to that point. It’s just not going to happen.

However, this being the case, we have to accept a world in which female hypergamy IS the way things are, because without the restraints we had prior, women are only going to fuck the top guys.

What I do take issue with–and what feminism and much of contemporary society seems oblivious to–are:

  1. The fact, again, that sex/gender is innate, not socially constructed.
  2. Slut shaming and the deep mistrust we have of male sexuality.

The first point is painfully obvious to those of us in the community, and it seems to me it’s starting to become obvious to those outside as well.

Many, if not most of the women I’ve dated and/or slept with in the past year have complained that men today are pussies, feminine, etc., and they’re not wrong. Goldmund and others far more popular than me have noted similar attitudes, even in places that are very “liberal.”

Ironic, but not surprising, the women who make this observation do not seem to recognize that women have become far more masculine as is constantly pointed out in the manosphere.

But here’s the thing: the more feminine a woman is, the more happy she will be with her life, just as the more masculine a man is the more happy he will be with his–especially with regard to dating, mating, and relationships (obviously to a point: if a guy’s so masculine he’s constantly fighting or a girl’s so feminine she’s paralyzed into submission, that’s going to be a problem).

So over time, this trend will begin to correct itself. Women will start to figure out that being a corporate manager who wears suits instead of dresses, has short hair, and makes a lot of money IS NOT attractive to men, nor does she win much admiration from other women or society as a whole for adopting a masculine frame. Note, that as a rule, when women achieve greatness in an arena that is viewed as masculine–such as winning a World Cup, or making tons of money as an entrepreneur–society has to shame us into saying how awesome they are, and the media has to browbeat the public to get people to give a shit, or at least say they do.

Why? Because WE DON’T ACTUALLY CARE. Success for a man makes him more attractive to women and more of a role model for men, whereas success (in masculine arenas) for a woman DOES NOT make her more attractive to men, nor does it make her more of a role model for women in a natural sense (unless that success is attached to her beauty/being a sex object in the form of a music artist, actress, etc). Artificially sure, dad tells his daughter to be the next Carli Lloyd, because that fits with his values, and his daughter may adopt them because she’s being submissive to her father and wants to please him, but there’s a difference between honest and artificial reverence.

Likewise, men will start to figure out that being a big fucking pussy who’s constantly deferential to women does not get them laid (if you don’t believe this, I told a bunch of women I work with that I thought the Kavanaugh accusations were bullshit, that many women were lying about sexual assault, and that women aren’t given agency like they should be in sexual acts–at the time, they were all mad at me and disagreed, but today, every single one of them came by and flirted with me–fucking hilarious; remember, breaking rapport = tension = attraction), nor does it help them become better, more successful men. TRP, MGTOW, and the manosphere’s existence all speak to this fact.

As for point 2, slut shaming and the mistrust of male sexuality, my guess is that it will always be there to some degree, because it’s an effective sexual strategy for beta males and unattractive females. However, as society becomes more unhinged from traditional marriage and monogamy, the effect it has will lessen over time.

I think we’ll see two things happen:

  1. As more allegations of sexual assault/rape come out and are subsequently proven false, the public will grow increasingly skeptical of such claims and begin to see them as bad for male/female relationships and for society in general. After all, if any man who rises to a high position in society is suddenly subject to charges of harassment (as is happening now), that’s bad for business and the economy, and no one’s cool with that.
  2. Hook-up culture, casual sex, and non-monogamy will become more mainstream, and a lot of chicks will find that this suits them–and the social stigma to living this sort of life will gradually dissipate.

Feminism sucks, but it’s too irrational to continue growing.

OK, so looking back I’ve made a lot of predictions here, and in other posts recently. And I may well be wrong. However, I’m not going to be wrong on one prediction: feminism is going to wane regarding the influence it has on society.

For one, women now have legal equality, and contrary to popular belief, they are not oppressed–indeed, I’d argue they are the most privileged class in society (especially young, beautiful women). Society is beginning to realize this.

Two: eventually people are going to see that there’s no congruent message behind the SJW/Gender Studies movement, and at some point, they’re going to get really fucking tired of this constant talk of micro-aggressions and all that other bullshit because it doesn’t fit with their lived experience–and indeed, hinders it.

Like, last week we saw those articles come out against day game and pick up, but we also saw an article glorifying a woman who decided to seduce and fuck a guy who raped her. On one hand, feminism argues gender is constructed, but on the other, carries with it the inherent view that men = bad. They say that women are oppressed, but if you look at nearly every economic or social measure, there’s either no difference between men and women OR women are doing better than men.

To be blunt: feminism doesn’t make people’s lives better. It actually makes life worse for most. Moreover, it’s not based on sound biological science, logic, reason, or lived experience. Even feminists these days admit that they like dominant, masculine men. The whole fucking thing is so irrational, unhinged, and incongruent, at some point it can’t be taken seriously.

Game is based on human evolution, which is why it will always work.

As I’ve been pointing out all week on Twitter, anti-game rhetoric is a shit test. Women don’t like the idea of “game” because they always envision a beta male doing it.

But if she’s genuinely attracted to you and views you as alpha, she doesn’t give a fuck. I mean think about it: viewed objectively, day game is pretty fucking weird. It is almost never done regularly enough to be accepted as normal (especially outside of London, NYC, and Sydney–and even in those places my guess is day game is still pretty fucking rare) and it’s super random to meet a stranger who is such a smooth talker and so socially calibrated they can get you to give them your phone number in less than five minutes. BTW, that’s why, in my estimation, so many numbers flake–cause a lot of girls after are like: WTF?

However, we all know that it works. Some girls do respond. Some girls go on dates. And a portion of those dates lead to sex. Why?

Because women like strong, dominant, confident men, and women WANT to be sex objects. People poo-pooed the Mystery Method and Strauss’ The Game when they were at the peak of his influence, but as a guy who does a fair amount of night game, I can tell you that his shit still works. REALLY FUCKING WELL, in fact.

So feminists can publish their anti-game screeds and women can get upset about it for awhile, but after some time it won’t matter, because they can’t rewire human DNA.

In the end, love wins–just like the cheesy Rom-Coms want us to believe.

Now isn’t that sweet?