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Book Review of Thomas Crowne’s Crash Queens and Motorbabies.

RP McMurphy
April 20, 2022

Thomas Crowne is one of the most active and experienced day gamers in the community, blogging regularly, writing field reports, and offering advice to aspiring players. He’s also doing consulting calls and live coaching–if you like his style, and especially if you’re in the EU, he’s a great resource for guys who want to get better fast. Remember, you pay for coaching one way or another: up front with money, or the vast amounts of additional time (and often money) it will take you to start meeting, dating, and sleeping with hotties if you don’t hire one.

However, if you can’t afford coaching at the moment, want to supplement, or are simply looking for a good read, buying his new book is a great place to start learning or reviewing the basics of what will make or break you as a daygamer.

Crash Queens and Motorbabies is an updated compilation of TC’s best posts in the past few years, covering everything from the daygame hormones to reasonable expectations to how to build and maintain momentum and a lot of varying perspectives on what day game looks like, as well as useful mindsets and tactics to carry with us when we hit the streets. He also includes dating and texting advice, and my favorite section: his top 10 lessons from 2021.

To me, what makes this a far better investment than simply reading blogs (though obviously there’s nothing wrong with that) is that it’s structured sequentially, and allows a player to flip easily between sections as he addresses issues and sticking points. By the way, this is probably the main reason most guys will do far better hiring a coach than simply free-balling: people learning new skills need structure and a progressive, sequential order for their learning, not unlike needing to understand how to do basic algebra before advancing to geometry. Crash Queens and Motorbabies will help guys comprehend the full scope of what to expect in daygame, as well as providing a useful reference for the myriad issues that will arise on their journey.

In any case, I enjoyed the book–at under $7 it’s a great value–add it to your Krauser, Strauss, Torero, Mystery and others.

The last thing I’ll say is that a big reason Crowne got good is that he’s been writing about his experience from the beginning. Writing field reports, even if you never publish them on a blog, is invaluable, because it forces the player to process and reflect on what he is doing, allowing him to adjust and calibrate going forward. Learning doesn’t happen absent of taking action–in other words, there’s a reason your teachers forced you to take notes, show your work, write essays, and take finals: because without any means of processing or internalizing your experience, knowledge, and skill building, very little of it’s going to stick.

So if you’re doing this, start writing, and better yet, write your player blog. It’s how TC and I got started, and nearly every other strong player you’ve learned from.

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