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Brothers gotta hug.

RP McMurphy
March 17, 2020

Guys. We’ve gotta stop this infighting.

Game. Red Pill. Trad cons. Mystics. Work Out bros. Bit Coin traders. Conservative bros. MRA guys.

Seems to me we’re all on the same team. But everyone is trying to AMOG everyone else.


Let’s all just get along. You don’t agree with a guy’s take, fine: write a post or produce content that shows he’s wrong. Or better, move on.

But don’t fight for the sake of fighting. That’s dumb and unproductive.

Not saying I’m innocent entirely–but I think we need to stop being so petty. Let’s be an Idea Lab, not an Echo Chamber, or worse, a Bitch Chamber. @no_url is laughing at us, and she’s not wrong.

Truce? Can the TRP bros be less dickish toward women and game guys? Can the tradcons be a little less judgy? Can the boomers and the millennials in our group make peace?

Cause brothers gotta hug. Let’s AMOG society, not each other.

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