I saw a pretty horrifying blog post the other day, titled “the Dickonomics of Tinder (keep in mind it was published in 2015–I’m not so sure things are quite as sunny for women these days now that the new market has been in place a few years).”

The refrain: “dick is abundant and low value.”

Guys, this is the truth for good looking women (and some not so good looking women)–my guess is that most red pilled dudes already know this, but it’s worth repeating: she has more options than you can possibly comprehend, and if she’s a sexual person and she’s not responding to you, move on because she’s fucking someone else.

But as shitty as that reality is, the silver lining is that if your dick is scarce and high value, women will fall all over themselves to get it.

To be high quality dick, first you have to build a foundation of strength by following the tenets of TRP:

  1. Lift
  2. Learn game and cold approach
  3. Find/have a mission
  4. Value the process/learn from your mistakes
  5. Read

To be fair, there are a decent number of guys out there who keep themselves in good shape/lift, but as for the rest, very few guys these days are doing any of the above. Keep in mind, especially as time marches on, this next generation of guys are pretty fucking worthless (not that guys in their 30’s and 40’s are much better–most of my friends are BP/white knights): they’ve been raised on their phones, they’re obsessed with Instagram, they’re addicted to video games, they don’t understand how to have ordinary conversations, and they’re blue-pilled AF–on 95% of the dates I go on, women tell me how frustrated they are by guys who can’t lead, can’t escalate, aren’t masculine, etc.

Your job is to be the opposite.

Be masculine. Lead. Tease her. Game her. Spike her emotions sexually. Escalate. Then fuck her and fuck her good. Make sure she comes, or at the very least that she’s enjoying the motion of the ocean–doggy-style, cowgirl, with a vibrator, standing, on the couch, on a table, in the kitchen.

Will some girls still fall off the map? Yes.

Will some girls still flake on dates or not respond to texts? Yes.

But if you build your value and do this consistently, adjusting as you go to become more polarizing, dominant, and powerful, women will be attracted to you and they will want to fuck you.

Again, it doesn’t mean she’ll respond to every text or that she’ll never flake on a date or that she’ll worship the ground you walk on–but if you game her well and fuck her good, she’ll come back around…

Because you’re offering her dick that is scarce and high value. Alpha dick. 

The key is that once you have done this, stand your ground. If a chick isn’t responding to texts, NEXT. If she flakes on a date and offers no explanation, NEXT. If she’s just generally being unpleasant or needy, NEXT. If it takes more than three dates to bang her, NEXT.

I realize that in the past few months, I’ve hamstered way too much about girls not texting me back. Yeah, basic girls are tough to game. Yeah, girls over 27+ are problematic. Yes, in some ways American women are broken and need to be gamed differently.

But overall, the answer is always clear: go out and run more game. Approach more women. Collect more numbers. Get better at cold approach.

Some women won’t go for it–in fact, most won’t. But then, some will, and the better you get at game the more women will respond to cold approach, hook, respond to texts, come out on dates, and fuck.

And whatever happens, trust your value. If you’re presenting as an alpha male–confident, dominant, polarizing, sexual–you’re RARE AF. And many women will eventually realize this.

I’ve learned this recently with Socks, the Princess (model), and the Tease. All very young, hot girls–8+’s–and surely have tons of guys after them.

Socks fell off the map recently, but when I ghosted her, surprise, surprise, she resurfaces, sending me pics of her in sexy outfits.

The Princess denied my date request a week ago–again, I simply replied “no worries” and nothing else, then ghosted. She texted me two days later and says she’s free at such and such time and we had a second date. Now she’s playing games again.

But I don’t give a shit. If she comes back around, great. If not, I can go meet 10 more girls today.

And I haven’t written about the Tease–a girl I gamed last summer who came back into town–but after she denied a date request, I gave her the royal flush: “K–good luck girl.”

Again, don’t know if she comes back or not, and I don’t care. I’m still a baby when it comes to cold approach and day game, but I’ve seen it work and I’m getting comfortable enough that I trust my ability to meet more hot chicks, whenever and wherever I want to.

In other words, learning game has given me outcome independence in a way nothing else really could. I have value, and I can deliver that value in a way that women respond to…

And the one’s who don’t… ¯\_(ã)_/¯