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Closing, and not being a pussy.

RP McMurphy
April 8, 2022

A few weeks back I went out for St. Patty’s with Fest Girl and some of her friends. I invited a good buddy recently out of a relationship as well to try to help set him up with one of Fest Girl’s friends or just a random hot chick at the bar…and I can safely say I did my part. Fest Girl spent a lot of time talking to her friends and other people, and since I told her I was trying to hook up my boy, she didn’t mind me opening girls and flirting a bit. 

I opened a lot of girls and created a lot of attraction with both Fest Girl’s friends and others out for a good green-beer time, but unfortunately, my boy didn’t close. And if you don’t close with women, you won’t get laid. You won’t get numbers, you won’t get girls out on dates, and you sure as hell won’t get pussy. As a man, it’s our job to close, move things forward, make things happen; she’s not going to invite you to fuck her–you need to kiss her, get her hot, take her clothes off, and take her bravely. If you can’t do that, then you need to get a job where you make enough money to hire prostitutes.

“Don’t be a pussy,” is a common refrain in the manosphere–much easier to tweet than do, however.

When it comes to cold approach, the two biggest problems are:

  1. Not actually going out to do it, OR
  2. Approach anxiety

They’re related but not identical: a lot of guys don’t get out of their house or put themselves in position to talk to hot chicks (1), but then there’s a big problem for those who do–it’s damned difficult to talk to random people, especially hot chicks, if you’re not accustomed to doing it (2).

One is rooted in the inability to be present, while two is the inability to act, but both are the acts of a pussy. 

Now, here’s the thing: I used to be a pussy. Sometimes I’m still a pussy. The human instinct to be afraid of new situations and people—especially when rejection’s involved—is strong. It’s also easier to be a pussy: most guys are, and that’s why most guys don’t fuck the kinds of girls they’d like to fuck or get laid much at all…Girls have the pussy and they want men with worthy dicks to fuck them–not more pussy. What good, after all, is pussy on pussy? Dildos, it turns out, were invented for a reason, and lesbians are mostly miserable people–look at their divorce rates, or spend time with them absent of drugs and alcohol. Good, confident dick is what makes the world go around, and despite the fact no one wants to say it, everyone sorta knows it’s true.

To be a man, you should:.

  1. Act. A man takes action and does shit. He doesn’t sit around forever deciding what to do–he takes account of the information he has and makes a decision, then follows that decision through with confidence and action.
  2. Do hard things. A man doesn’t shy away from stuff that’s hard or scary–instead he moves toward them and embraces the discomfort. He does hard things because men are forged over time like steel, and the hotter the fire burns the stronger his metal.
  3. CLOSE! So many guys go right up to the edge of closing, but puss out, even when they’ve done all the hard work. I was talking with a client the other day and he had a girl texting him if she can come over, but somehow that didn’t happen…I’m incredibly proud of him for doing everything up to that point. He opened, ran some damn good game, developed attraction over a very short period of time, but then, unfortunately, not realizing how fast things can happen with girls, failed to seize the opportunity he’d created.

Always be closing. Talking to a girl you think is cute and the conversation stalls? Say: “hey, I don’t want to take up too much of your time” OR “I’m in a bit of a rush”… “but you’re cute: I’d love to get a drink sometime. Put your number in my phone and I’ll text you.” Or say something else if you don’t think that works or is particularly clever. But whatever you do: FUCKING CLOSE. Ask for the number. Get her on a date. Invite her back to your place. And do any/all of those things as soon as she seems ready, or even before. 

One big surprise in the world of deliberate seduction is just how fast you can go from meeting a girl to being inside her. I always knew pulling the same night was possible with night game, but I thought it was mostly because alcohol was involved and at the end of any night people go to bed, and if you end up in the same bed as a girl you have a really good chance to fuck her. But I never truly believed the stories about same day lays, or at least I thought them exaggerated–a result of true luck and chance more than anything else.

Then I blew one, and then, having learned better, I started executing them. When you get good at game–when you learn to do this shit the right way–a girl can become ready super fast. Then, you need to fucking close. And it needs to happen now, because her window will close FAST if you show yourself to be a pussy, which brings us full circle. The girl is thinking: “this guy’s super hot–I want to fuck him.” But any distance between her thinking that and the player’s lack of escalation creates doubt in her mind, both in terms of whether she wants to fuck, and whether he’s truly the sort of guys she wants to fuck.

Tricks I’ve learned:

  • Ask yourself: what would Chad do? Would he puss out or spend a bunch of time in his mom’s basement, tweeting, masturbating, or making excuses for avoiding the gym or not fucking girls? No. He would not. Be like Chad.
  • Five minute rule: when making a hard decision, give yourself five minutes, put a timer on if you have to, then…decide. Doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right–you’ll have decided one way or the other, and that’s good. Taking action is better than not acting. Always.
  • Take cold showers. Lift heavy weights. Wake up early. Fast. Go talk to pretty girls. Do wind sprints. Climb a mountain. Go camping alone. Hunt. Catch fish. Write field reports. Read books. DO. HARD. THINGS.
  • Get 1% better everyday. No one becomes amazing overnight, but bit by bit you can. This idea is embodied in The Slight Edge.

If you want help, as always, hit me up. Spring is here, and the COVID panic is gone anywhere people are sane. Masks are off. Skirts are short. Chicks want to get fucked by hot guys. They yearn for peak experiences, but lack the ability to engineer them. So get out and talk to some girls: there’s never been a better time to be a player.

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