Important info for regular readers: I want guys to know that for me, writing well-thought out posts that are thoroughly edited, with citations where appropriate, is my number one priority (not that I’m perfect, but I try to put out clean copy to the best of my ability).

As such, I can’t commit to a regular publishing schedule–I try to publish at least once a week, but I’m not going to put out an inferior or incomplete post if it’s not up to snuff. However, there might be days like this, where I get time, have multiple posts in the hopper, and publish a couple in a day, or consecutively on several days in a row. So just know that is my process, and it’s purposeful. Thank you for your continued support!

Well gents, I have to admit, I’ve been a bit disappointed in myself lately.

I started writing this post a while ago, so I have to admit that in the interim I did get a +1 a couple nights ago after a solid day game session–field report to follow–but that’s been an anomaly.

For the most part in these last few months I’ve been shit: when I’ve had opportunities to go out and game, I often haven’t. Worse, when I have actually mustered the balls to go out, I get AA and my approaches have been shit (again, with that one day exception), which is why I haven’t bothered to live tweet or do any field reports.

As I’m discovering, there are a couple dangerous things that can happen once you get deep into game.

The first is that when you get enough orbiter/FWB chicks plus a regular or two, you actually don’t need to go run any game to get laid. Success in this way is both a blessing and a curse. Yeah, it’s cool to fuck girls and not have to work that hard at it, but then you stop working hard, girls sense this, and then all the sudden you find yourself with a blank slate–which is where I currently find myself (crazy feminist bullshit from IG girl; I had to ditch her–more below).

The second is that you when you lose your mission, or live in a way that doesn’t fit where you’re at in life, you become incongruent–chicks sense this and it repels them.

When I first got into this, I was finishing a book and then publishing it, promoting it, etc. I had a cool story to tell; I felt accomplished and successful. I had worked really fucking long and hard to write it and deep down, I believed I deserved to get pussy… and I did.

But then my mission devolved into pure game–my only focus was the next girl, the next set, the next play, the next lay. I even fucking moved to an apartment more centrally located specifically for that reason (this is actually smart if it’s congruent with your life–for me, it is not unfortunately). And without any real mission that made me a strong, powerful man with a purpose, I’ve gradually fallen into a hedonistic whirlwind: dating constantly, drinking too much, fucking girls who came back, etc.

Anyway, it’s time to refocus and recalibrate–get my finances in order, get healthy, and live in a way that’s sustainable. As the father of a little boy, this is an absolute necessity, and what I’m shifting toward: game that is sustainable, plus an additional challenge, because for his sake I need to move back to the suburbs, which will be a tougher environment to game in (although I’m optimistic there will be some very interesting revelations and new tactics that come from this shift–I have some ideas on how it could potentially be even better).

The good news is that thanks to the stuff I’ve learned since taking the red pill, I have the tools I need to do it–I know what it means to be a man, to work hard, to sacrifice, to set forth on a mission, and win.

That said I want to make a quick point that I’ve talked a bit about before: there are a lot of guys in the community who drone on endlessly about not being a pussy, maintaining rock solid frame, managing women and every social situation perfectly, etc.–and I’m here to tell you, a lot of those guys are complete frauds who are full of shit and just making stuff up.

Because we are human beings. We make mistakes. No man goes through life and doesn’t ever fuck up, lose frame, or forget his mission. Moreover, you can think your life is perfect and unassailable in one moment and in the next, everything can be taken from you through no fault of your own. Look what happened to Tom Torero–where the fuck is that guy? What happened to him? I have no idea, but whatever it is doesn’t seem good, and no one can dispute that his footprint in the world has been reduced.

I guess my message is to stay vigilant: realize that this life is never easy and that there is no cruise control–and at the same time, when you fuck up, forgive yourself, learn from the fuck up, hit the reset button, and then–onward and upward.

Don’t play chicken with a crazy feminist.

IG girl, as I said above, turned out to be a crazy toxic feminist.

She started writing poems about me, in which she managed to be both really fucking creepy as well as scary–stuff like “the male gaze” and “patriarchy” and a bunch of other bullshit, essentially implying that I was somehow violent and/or a threat to her safety.

And yet, later that day, she’s texting me to see if she can come over, aka fuck.

It was a shit test I easily could have passed by ignoring. I chose not to. Here’s why: toxic, broken women are fucking scary and you should stay away. There are enough women out there who don’t represent a possibility of a false rape charge that there’s absolutely zero reason to fuck with one who does.

She was good in bed. She read books. She was extremely submissive (ironic). She was cool… until. Dumping her means I’m back at square one. No leads (except for my daygame session and the +1), no plates, no FWBs. But I’d rather be there than compromise for a girl who’s a fucking crazy bitch. IG girl was a false rape charge waiting to happen…

When you see these qualities in a girl, RUN.

And here’s the thing: you can easily afford to. Despite what it seems like in the mainstream media and on social media, most chicks aren’t crazy feminists who hate men. They just aren’t.

Good luck out there fellas! Remember: the word with two “s” to focus on is mission, not pussy.