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Date fail, bathroom bang, day game fiasco, etc.

RP McMurphy
July 31, 2019

So a few things to report on:

Date fail with a super masculine chick.

Went on a date with the girl I gamed from New Seasons. On my part, the date went well and I did all the things a player should do—initiated kino early on, challenged and teased, was sexual and polarizing, etc. 

But Jesus Christ was this girl masculine. Played soccer semi-professionally, did cross-fit, moved across country (originally from the South) and is a physical therapist—nothing wrong with any of that, but it was literally like going on a date with a man who was cute and has nice tits. 

I have not texted her back. Interestingly, she has not texted me either. I don’t know if I can attribute this to her being a woman and expecting me to do everything (probably), or if she was generally uninterested after the first date as well (saw me as a player or just didn’t like me). 

Whatever the case, life is too short to waste time chasing girls you’re not interested in. Had an interesting convo on Twitter with some guys about who to approach/who not to approach—she was pretty enough to approach for sure (7+), but after the date, no reason to pursue. 

I don’t know if women understand that being hyper masculine is a turn off, but it does feel like someone should tell them at some point. I’ll say this unabashedly: my game was on point on our date—I’ve gotten first date lays off worse efforts—so if she came away from it thinking she can do better, she’s wrong and will be sorely disappointed with what life is going to offer her.

Bang in a karaoke bar.

The next night, I had sex with a girl in the bathroom of a karaoke bar. I don’t want to brag, but it was pretty fucking solid, dominant game. 

We met at an event/festival type deal earlier—opened her: she was with friends and we kind of joined the group. Very fun crowd of people. Turns out they’re all going to go sing karaoke and she invites me and my friend to come along. Sounded like a hell of a good time so we rolled. 

An hour in, things are getting pretty spicy. Her hand is regularly on my leg and I’m telling her about my experiments with more “kinky” sexual experiences. Finally, I tell her to come with me. She asks, “why?”

“Because.” And I take her hand and lead her away toward the women’s restroom. Halfway there I push her against a wall in the dark and we start making out. She’s super into it and I pull away, shaking my head.

“I don’t think you’re adventurous enough for me.”

“What? I AM!” She insists.

“OK.” Then I lead her into the women’s bathroom, close the door, and lock it. I take off her shirt. “Let’s see how adventurous you really are,” I say. 

In time, off comes the bra, down come the pants, out comes my cock, and then I bend her over the sink, pounding away until I come. She’s totally flushed at the end of it and I take her outside for a cigarette (I don’t smoke, but sometimes I bum) to cool off and then we go join the crowd again. 

Of course, number close (don’t have to ask, she makes me take it), get a Lyft home and tell my buddy the story on the way.

Worst day game session EVER.

The next day, I had a brutal day game session–probably my worst so far. Stats…

  • Opens: 8
  • Direct: 5
  • Indirect: 3
  • Stack: 3
  • Vibe: 3
  • Blowout: 4
  • Tourist: 2
  • BF: 1
  • Numbers: 0

I don’t know why the night was so bad, because in the few sets where I was actually able to talk to the girl I had good stacking, vibing, etc. Obviously, the blowouts suck, but that’s just an anomaly. Seems to me you get blown out about 1/10 times—not like a crazy explosive scene—the girl just doesn’t acknowledge you and keeps walking. Oh well.

A point I want to make here is that girls who blow you out are one of three things:

  1. A miserable person, or at least, miserable at the time you’re trying to approach.
  2. Socially awkward/shy to the point of not being able to interact well with other people. And/Or…
  3. Not that into you or what she perceives you’re offering–could also be that she has a BF or husband, although it seems like a lot of those girls like to let you flirt with them first.

So really, by blowing you out, she’s doing you a favor. She’s a “no” girl and that’s her way of saying no.

Because here’s the dirty little secret no one–especially feminists and beta males–wants you to know: most women want to be approached. And talked to. By high value men. Anyone doing day game has had multiple sets where the girl was super bought in, only to reveal on the close that she has a BF. But she loved the attention. 95% of girls do. The ones who don’t are doing you a favor by blowing you off. 

Perfect example was my last set. Beautiful girl, leaving an event and I struck up a conversation with her as we’re both walking home. Indirect open, but I get sexual pretty quick telling her she’s pretty, etc., and we’re having a fantastic conversation. I get to where I need to turn off, go for the close—sorry, I have a BF. Pass the shit test by saying what if he turns out to be an unreliable sod? But she doesn’t bite.

IMO, the BF thing in day game is mostly not a shit test (#changemymind). More often than not it’s just true and she’s not going to cheat. The idea that it is and they will is a silly thing for guys to hold on to–in day game. To me it seems like more of shit test in night game, when you’re at a club and she’s trying to see if she can get rid of you/how you handle adversity.

But in day game, it’s usually just you and her. So suppose she does have a boyfriend and wants to cheat or at least see what you have to offer–why would she bring it up? No, she’d just give you the number. It’s like one of the numbers I closed on the Bathroom fuck day—she was on a date, said so, still gave me the number. 

If she’s interested, she’ll give it to you. If not, BF or some other excuse. Actually, I’m curious–how many of you guys have actually gotten a number from a girl who said she had a BF or was married in a day game set? Of those, any lays? Leave in the comments or hit me up on Twitter.

For me: zero.

This leads me to my last point for today, which is somewhat unrelated, but something that’s been on my mind: if you’re not cold approaching, ever, you’re not an alpha male. And not fully red pilled.

That’s a pretty declarative statement, so let me explain: if you’re getting laid using Tinder or other shit, awesome, good for you. 5’s and 6’s need to have fun too. But here’s the deal: if you can’t go talk to a pretty girl, engage her, get her buying temp up, and get her number—you kinda fail as a man. 

I’m not saying every guy should be a day gamer or PUA, but as a man, you should have the ability to go up to an attractive woman, strike up a conversation, and ask for the number.

So it’s not that you have to be doing it all the time–but it’s something you should be ABLE to do if the need or opportunity strikes.


Much love my brothas!

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