Something that’s occurred to me recently when I was thinking about why so many guys have a really bad approach to lay ratio when it comes to day game, is that a lot of times we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Because let’s be honest: do you want to talk to a random stranger when you’re on your way to work, busy, rushed, or thinking about that big sale or presentation you need to make? 

A: probably not.

And when you’re a hot chick who doesn’t really want or need for male attention in this age of social media and swipe dating, that’s going to be especially true. 

This is why I consciously try to do my cold approach in “warm” situations. What do I mean? Let me throw out some examples:

  • Concert
  • Farmer’s/street market
  • Grocery store
  • Coffee shop
  • Festival
  • Tap house/wine bar/dive bar after work
  • Mall or large retail store

Women in these situations are much more likely to be open to an approach, because they’re at ease, more likely to be happy, not in a rush, etc. Additionally, they’re more likely to be single. For example, at a concert, if a girl is alone, she’s probably single–otherwise where’s her boyfriend?

Yesterday I took my kid to a harvest festival type thing, and even that sort of situation could have been good if it wasn’t mostly families. I know there’s a lot of noise in the community about not dating single moms, and I generally agree, but that didn’t stop me from getting the number of a hot mom at my son’s swim practice a few weeks ago–I don’t intend to have an LTR with her mind you, but a bang? Sure, why not?

Anyway, I’m going to keep this short, but the point is that players should be looking for women in those types of situations and/or looking for those types of situations. I mean, fuck, go to a book reading, an art show, a museum, etc. Those are all great situations where women will be much more receptive–she probably even got dressed up on the off chance she met someone. 

Hope this helps fellas. Keep ballin.