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Day Game Field Report 5.22 and a pull/SDL.

RP McMurphy
May 23, 2019

For the first time in a long time I had a chance to go run some game yesterday.

The first thing I have to say is my AA returned in full force and of the first 4 sets, I got blown out 3 times. Thank goodness for two beautiful girls in the second set who were extremely friendly and enjoyed the attention (unfortunately, BF).

But after the initial fits and starts, I got in the groove and had a damn good day… well, sort of.

Here are my stats:

  • Opens: 11
  • Blowouts: 4
  • Didn’t stop: 1
  • Vibe: 5
  • BF/fiance: 2
  • Eject: 1
  • Insta: 2
  • Number: 2
  • SDL: 1

So in terms of opens to closes, the numbers aren’t great. As I’ve said before, Instagram closes are pretty much garbage–a lot of girls are just narcissists who want more followers but have no intention of ever meeting up. To this day I have yet to bang a girl from Insta.

However, in both cases I had good sets with these girls but they were only in town for the day/next day, so it was unlikely anything was going to happen… actually the latter set were two reasonable attractive 6+’s and I would have attempted the instant date if I didn’t have a date set up later on last night.

Anyway, I hadn’t been gaming for awhile and it felt really good to get back out there and pound the cement, get back into the groove and gain some confidence. In truth, other than the SDL, I only got one solid contact out of the other 10 sets…

But she’s a model, HB 9–probably 23 or 24. Gentlemen, this is why you learn day game. And actually I already pinged her and she replied, so that’s a good sign.

Also, until the SDL, I didn’t need to use the masculine/rebellious tease–it just wasn’t necessary, which goes to show it’s dumb to start hamstering too much over a small set of data. Yesterday, girls were either very receptive or not at all–blowouts or super friendly. One thing I’m starting to learn about blowouts is that if there’s any embarrassment, it’s usually on the girl, who’s too socially awkward to deal with being approached. That, and absolutely no one cares.

OK, so let’s get to the lay.

I was supposed to meet a girl at a bar at 8 last night, and I had just finished day gaming for the last 3 hours so I was super warmed up and in player mode–although one thing for sure is that I’m still not polarizing enough, I’m still too nice, too agreeable, and not breaking rapport as often as I should.

So I take a seat at the bar and what do you know? Girl flakes. Kind of had a hunch she would, but what do you know, there’s a girl right next to me who’s sipping on a cocktail and making eyes.

To be fair, she was only a 6–full figured but not fat, very large breasts and a nice ass but her face wasn’t much to look at. But she’s wearing a super tight dress, her tits are staring me in the face, my date has flaked, so fuck it, go for the lay.

And here’s where I actually have to use the masculine/rebellious teases, because a few minutes into our conversation, she starts spouting off a bunch of feminist bullshit–at one point I even had to ask: “do you hate men?”

Anyway, I play along and try to steer the conversation somewhere more pleasant, but since she’s complaining about men, I say, “do you know what I don’t like about American women–they’re too masculine and contentious.”

Of course, she takes umbrage to this: “what do you mean by feminine?” And I’m thinking, if you’re a woman and you don’t know what it means to be feminine, then you’ve made my point.

But I reply, “soft, compassionate, warm, girly, charming,” etc.

And wouldn’t you know? That’s just how she starts to behave: laughing more, touching me more, flicking her hair, giving me eyes, and generally being a much more pleasant human being. BTW, this is where guys like to freak out about feminists, but shouldn’t–a lot of it is just talk. Deep down she’s just a girl who wants an alpha cock to fuck her hard.

We have another drink, then I ask where she lives, she says where and that she has to take a Lyft, so I’m like, I’ll give you a ride–let’s get another drink near your place.

She takes me to a wine bar, we have some wine and cheese, and then because she’s mentioned this weird kind of alcohol she has at home, I’m like, let’s go–I want to try that.

We pull up to her house and she’s like: “you can come in for one drink, but you’re not getting laid.” At which point, I know I’m getting laid.

After that there isn’t much to tell. We have the drink, I kiss her, we start making out, her dress falls off, and then straight on to pound town.

Again, not the hottest girl I’ve ever banged, but a good bit of game to get the bounce and the lay. And a great way to end my first session of day game in a bit. I guess technically the pick-up was more of a bar/night game pull, but whatever–game is game and it works.

Lessons learned:

  • Practice, practice, practice. I’m still super new at this and the only way I’m going to get better is to keep putting in the time.
  • I’m still too goddamn nice. I need to accuse, tease, and break rapport way more than what I’m doing.
  • Another criticism is that my sets aren’t long enough–I’m averaging 3-4 minutes, but the target is 7. I need to work on getting girls to qualify toward the end and ground my shit.
  • Slow down. I missed opening several super hot girls because I was walking too fast.
  • Go find out. I weaseled out of approaching probably another 5 or so girls simply because I pussied out and gave myself some sort of excuse not to–the last one will stick with me because I needed to do a front stop, I failed, and then of course she gives me a huge IOI (big eyes, smiles at me, flicks her hair) as we pass. Stupid. Remember guys, you regret not approaching more than you’ll ever regret approaching and getting blown out. Basically what I’m telling myself now is that every girl I don’t approach is a blow out.
  • If a girl has a super strong frame or is being contentious, call it out. Accuse her of being masculine in a calibrated way. It works.

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