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Day Game FR 5.27

RP McMurphy
May 28, 2020

Well shit, I’m listening to the audio I recorded and it’s not as good as I thought.

OK. Anyway, interesting. Let’s get to the stats:

  • Opportunities: 7–I want to note the weasels to stop being a puss.
  • Sets: 3–bailed on the young girls early, but had two really solid sets.
  • Blowouts: 2.
  • Weasels: 2.
  • Stack: 2.
  • Vibe: 2.
  • Grounding: 2.
  • Numbers: 1.

I’ll post the audio of my set here with a Russian girl I saw on the waterfront. As some who’ve heard it already have pointed out: I hid my dick until late in set–didn’t go direct right away which was a mistake. Also asked too many questions, didn’t stack well, and was mostly vibing with her. Voice tonality was good though. This is why I highly recommend recording your sets so you can go back and listen.

All that said, it was a fun little chat and there was good energy, she hooked and invested, telling me a lot about herself, and I’ll give myself a little bit of a break in so far as this was my first true day game set in a long ass time. Anyway, here’s the audio and you can judge for yourself.

BTW–the AirPods seemed to be pretty good for recording the set for what it’s worth.

The only other set I did was walking back to my car and I see this beautiful older woman in a cute hat and dress. I opened direct, saying she looked very cute in her outfit. I didn’t get audio unfortunately as I hadn’t set it up before hand. Anyway, I did better stacking, telling a story about how she was ready to fly off on an exotic adventure in South America up the Amazon. She was laughing the whole time. Then we vibed on the weather and how nice it is to be outside and enjoying the end of the quarantine. And at the end, I number closed–she asked me to call her phone after she gave the number so that she’d have mine, which is always a good sign.

Ultimately, kind of a short session and not many opportunities, but people were out and about, girls were scantily dressed, and almost no one was wearing masks.

In other words, day game season is officially on. Of the three sets I had, all the girls seemed super keen to chat and get attention from a guy, so my guess is that while volume may be lower right now, the girls who are out will be pretty receptive to day game–that’s a key point: the chicks who are afraid aren’t out, so by the virtue of being out, she’s probably not worried too much about the whole pandemic thing.

I’m not sure there’s a whole lot more to add, other than I’d say the places to target right now are parks and green spaces or walkways outside, as most shops and restaurants are still closed.

It was awesome to get out and talk to pretty girls. Go do it fellas. Hope to post more field reports as I continue to get out and do more day game.

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