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Don’t take it personal: why rejection doesn’t matter (girls are bad at making decisions).

RP McMurphy
April 30, 2021

It feels like I’ve written a lot recently about why older women are generally not worth it, but also why it doesn’t have to be that way.

The one advantage girls have in getting older is that they can learn to be a better partner–like she’s smarter, older, wiser, etc. By 30 she should know how guys work and what she needs to do for us (stay thin, occasional BJ, sex a couple times a week, less nagging), but unfortunately most girts don’t–they just become more whiny and bitchy and difficult.

Which speaks to the larger point here:

Women aren’t good at making decisions.

Now of course, an awful lot of guys aren’t either, but there’s a difference, and the difference is that when a guy makes a bad decision, it’s almost always for two reasons:

  1. He doesn’t have complete and/or accurate information.
  2. He’s lazy and/or being a pussy.

For a girl, she might make a bad decision for any number of reasons, but the main thing is this: everything she does is driven by her emotional state. So if she’s feeling bad, she’ll flake, end a relationship, not come out, not reply to texts, etc. And if you as a rational person call her out on this dumb behavior, it’s even worse. You’re telling her: not only am I impatient and lacking abundance, I also don’t understand you.

Aside from relying on emotions to make decisions, there are a couple other important reasons women aren’t good at this:

A) Most women just aren’t that decisive.

And it’s not their fault–it’s the fact that in their evolutionary history, they weren’t relied on to make a whole lot of decisions. Most of it was consensus building with other women about where to forage or what clothes/tools to make for the tribe–not big decisions like where to hunt or what tribe to fight or where to spend the winter. That’s a whole rabbit hole we can go down some other day, but it also observably true in our day to day lives if you’re paying much attention.

B) Women don’t take responsibility for their decisions in the same way men do.

Because from day one, most chicks are coddled, not unlike what we do with children. We say things like:

  • “It’s not your fault.”
  • “You’re too good for him.”
  • “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.”
  • “He took advantage of you.”
  • “Everything will be OK.”

On top of that, we tell women they’re oppressed when nothing could be further from the truth. I can’t think of a more privileged person in our society than a pretty white chick in her 20s, especially if she grew up middle or upper class. But when you tell people they’re being discriminated against because of their identity, they’ll believe it’s true even if it’s not, because life is hard and sometimes people are mean.

The culmination of all this, however, results in a situation where girls are insulated from taking ownership or agency when they make bad choices. If she makes a good choice, ROCK ON! GIRL POWER! DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY!

But if she makes a bad choice: “it’s not your fault. He’s an asshole. Blah, blah, blah.”

And as anyone knows, if you don’t have to own the results of your decisions, especially the bad ones, you’re going to keep making bad decisions. Flaking is a perfect example of this–it’s an emotional impulse, so of course it’s the right thing to do, and there’s seemingly no consequence…except the fact that she could very well be flaking on a guy who’s crushing it, ready to get married, or just a wonderful dude. High quality men are rare–a lot rarer than women realize–and yet, many women seem to implicitly think that they’re never going to face any consequences for bad girl game.

Truth is, no one’s immune. To whatever extent these factors are present:

  1. Strong emotions
  2. Being indecisive
  3. Not learning from past mistakes

You’re going to find someone who’s prone to making bad decisions, which is why I’d argue that most people–not just women–do so on such a regular basis.

Also, to be clear, I’m not saying a girl rejecting a player is necessarily the wrong decision either–maybe she really does have a boyfriend or isn’t into mind blowing sex or doesn’t want to be seduced or just plain doesn’t like the look of you.

But it’s often the case that it IS the right decision, and yet the girl passes on that opportunity.

This is all a very long winded way to say, if you’re in the Game, regardless of how deep, girls are going to reject you for no good reason. Not just some girls: lots of them.

And yet, that rejection feels shitty. Like it’s your fault.

To be clear: it might be. My last date (guys who’ve heard the audio, M–basketball girl) was pretty weird and it feels like not only was she a strange girl, but that the cards were stacked against me (wouldn’t allow a hug because of the Rona), and at the same time, I look back and know I could have been more polarizing, more powerful, or potentially given her more comfort.

I could have done better.

And yet? There’s a very real possibility there was nothing I could have done to affect a different outcome. Like, if she had made up her mind not to like me, or not to go on a second date because of her emotional state, or that I just wasn’t her type, it’s out of my control.

Same thing with the Pinay I fucked recently–who’s ghosting now. In truth, I know that fucking a girl too fast will often lead to this result (oops–something that Magnum and Gringo have both talked about before: girls who fuck on the first date often get ASD after the fact, feel embarrassed, and never want to see the guy again), but I fucked her well and was a cool guy and the date seemed super fun, so who knows?

By the way, this is a common experience for players, but it’s also the one you want. You want girls to want you for quick sex. You want her to see you as the lover, not the provider.

And sometimes, all they want is the one time. It’s OK. Think of it this way: there are some nights when a women goes out, or under certain circumstances, where she’ll fuck a player if he’s good enough–but only that night. And yet, when you go for fast sex, you often burn the boat and the girl is gone.

Call it cope or call it reality, here’s the thing: You will get rejected.

You WILL get rejected.

That’s the fact guys.

If you’re in the game at all, you’ll be rejected time and again.

I’ve been rejected 1000s of times. And I’ll continue to get rejected. Tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

Sometimes there will be a reason, but just as often, there will not be. Because girls are fickle and bad at decision making, not unlike a spooky trout who passes on a perfectly good mayfly drifting down the current because he doesn’t feel like eating it.

The good news however, is there’s always another fish around the next bend, and if that fails, you can hit another lake or river.

And on the point of taking it personally: don’t.

It literally doesn’t matter. She’s just a girl.

Calibrate always. What could you have done different? Better? Could you have spiked more, been more sexual? Or on the flip side, did she need more comfort and balance? Try to figure that out and adjust your game accordingly, but remember this as well: some girls just aren’t going to be able to be fucked by you.

Here’s the crazy thing: she might even want to fuck you but nevertheless end up sabotaging it on her end.

Like, I’ve had two recent experiences where girls seemed genuinely interested, but they ended up disqualifying themselves. Sister friend and Book girl were keen leads, but even though they both liked me, in the end they weren’t forward enough to secure my attention, so I ghosted.

Sorry: I don’t have the time or inclination to play games with a testy late thirties Princess when I have an 18 year old who will come over and fuck me at a moment’s notice, a 27 year old on call (Booty Girl), and other dates with hotter and younger. Like, if I think my time would be better spent doing day game or writing or coaching instead of going out with a girl, SHE GONE.

Because again, girls make irrational decisions. Like, there’s going to be a MASSIVE number of millennial chicks who end up as spinsters–no children, no dudes–not because they’re unattractive or whatever, but because they’re too picky and/or difficult to deal with and or waited too long to have a family. And I feel kinda sorry for them.

You want to know the saddest state of human affairs? It’s not poverty. Poverty is really bad, but at least if you’re in poverty you know what can fix your situation: money. The solution is obvious.

No, the saddest state of human affairs is loneliness. Lack of companionship.

When no one likes you–because you aren’t valuable.

And if YOU are the CAUSE of that, there is nothing worse.

That’s literally the state of being right now for millions of American woman. They are literally so miserable and picky and misandrous that they’re destined to be alone. And no one is going to care. No one.

But player: that’s not your problem to solve.

Because there are plenty of girls out there and too few hot guys to game them. Have you seen your competition lately? He’s got a dad bod and thinks being real nice to girls and swiping away on Tinder is the way to get laid. He’s pathetic. And more hot chicks turn 18 every year. Them’s the facts. You know how chicks love that phrase: “shoot your shot?” The point is: you have unlimited shots. Like, until you get too old or out of shape to game chicks, you have UNLIMITED SHOTS!

That seems pretty dang good, doesn’t it?

But to access that, you have to stop caring about rejection. Take it as a given: a fact no more surprising than that the sky is blue or fire is hot.

I tell a lot of my clients, “just go get rejected.” Assume you will fail. Who cares. Think of it like batting practice. Do you care about missing one then? No. Because you’re eager for the next pitch you’re going to smoke into left center. And that’s what you need to think about. Not the failure, but the success.

The victory that will come if you continue to do this. Like, if you go talk to her, she might end up in your bed. That’s a real possibility. In fact, that’s the point.

And if you need help with this I will help you get there. I will teach you how to slay and then loose you on the world.


Havoc? Mayhem?


And is a warlord afraid of combat? Loss? Does he have time for fear?


He lives for it.


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