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Festival Girl Field Report 1.0, plus weekend day game.

RP McMurphy
October 13, 2021

My best set of the day (Oktoberfest) started by opening a guy: Nevada, Duke, and I were standing in a biergarten, one of the many up and down the street, trying to figure out how to open two particularly hot women–both wearing dirndls that actively displayed their bountiful secondary sexual characteristics.

But two decent looking guys stood with them, decked out in lederhosen–were they Boyfriends? Hard to tell, so I go up to the taller, better-looking guy and say, “dude I love your get up, you all look so authentic and here I am dressed like an average pedestrian…” He loves the compliment and we get to talking, and soon enough the girls in the group are interested and introduce themselves. It appears they’re not with these guys–there’s no mate guarding or mention of any relationships–so I start running game with the lovely brunette in her red dirndl, trying desperately not to stare at her huge tits and maintain a gaze into those doe eyes instead. 

It works. She’s touching my arm, smiling, loving all the attention and showing me her dress and telling me that she got it in Germany. Meanwhile, my wing Nevada is going in to game the hot blonde, and talking me up to the brunette as he goes. Beautiful. We both then number close and take off to do some more day game on the street on the way to another biergarten.

Overall a great day: 8 or 9 approaches, netting 3 numbers, plus 4 IGs (some girls were in groups, so I snagged multiple IGs in one swoop), and my wings Nevada and Duke had similar stats. Both guys are good–Nevada might be better than me, but that’s hard to measure. He’s been gaming furiously since getting out of a relationship and spends 100% of his free time running game, and consequently, he has somewhere around 25 lays this year alone. As we know from the protagonist of the movie Whiplash, obsession fuels improvement. In terms of quality he says he’s mostly banged 6s and 7s, and from what I’ve seen that assessment is true, although he has a different style than me, preferring bigger, bustier, thicker girls, whereas I like thinner and more petite women, although I’m perfectly happy to approach women outside of my preference so long as they’re reasonably thin and in shape. Nevada approaches girls I’d normally skip (read: 5s), and, while I’m not sure how many of these he actually fucks, I like that he’s willing to err on the lower end—which I’m typically not willing to do. 

Many game guys foolishly go for only the hottest, youngest, tightest, and guess what? Those girls are often going to have boyfriends, be unavailable, or see you as beneath them. If you start off dueling the best, you’ll get shot or slashed. Consistently attempting to date +2 SMV is ALWAYS going to be extremely difficult. I said this exact thing to MD, another wing I’ve mentioned before who’s a male 9. He met up with me and Nevada briefly during our day game jaunt Sunday (we’ll come to this) and was complaining that the chicks he’s banging aren’t as hot as his last girlfriend, and I was like, “bro, true 8s (which his last GF was) are always hard, no matter how tight your game is, no matter how good looking you are. Why? Because they’re rare and they’re mostly not single. Especially in a city like this. In Miami or LA or NYC? Maybe you’ve got a better shot.” The game is played at level 7. Can you get 7s regularly? If you can, you’re a player. Because no one who’s not rich/famous and good looking gets 8s all the time–even Matthew McConaughey fucks 7s in the bathroom when he’s drunk and on coke.

If she’s even close to being fuckable, talk to her and find out. At worst she’s another set and you get better. You don’t have to date her if you decide you don’t want to, or if you meet her on the date and you aren’t interested, leave. It’s better to go find out and run the game, see what can happen, hone your skills. And as Nash has said, sometimes you’ll actually have better sex and connection with a 6 than you will with an 8. I know, I know, hard to believe, but he’s not wrong. Plus, you can rapidly propose hitting sex clubs and signing up for Feeld accounts with the girls you meet but find marginal, thus improving your reputation in the non-monogamy community. You can see her seeing god as you slip a buttplug inside her before you go inside her. The truest player is the efficient player, who uses the whole girl, much like, back in the day, the Indian always used the whole animal he shot with a bow and arrow.  

A few lessons from Oktoberfest:

  1. I can’t stress enough how key it is for guys to go to events where the volume high, the girls are keen to be chatted, and it’s also a fucking good time! Win. Win. Win. Most girls are less interesting than a good book but most books don’t have pussies: life’s about tradeoffs. 
  2. Opening mixed sets is not as hard as you think, and it’s mandatory in night game. When opening mixed sets, open the GUY, not the girls, and then just be cool and friendly and chillin. Mystery and Neil Strauss covered exactly this topic, back in the day. Girls go out with guys who they’re not dating–only way to properly discover their relationship status is to open the guy and see what happens. Sometimes you can say to the girl, “Oh, I was talking to your boyfriend over there…” and she’ll cut you short and say, “He’s not my boyfriend.” Boom. Then you know. As of this writing, by the way, hot dirndl girl is on, replying to my texts, and we’ll have a date in a week or so. (She claims to be extremely busy–but if she wasn’t and didn’t want to date me, why lie?)
  3. The last big set we did at the end of the night, with three Latinas, was SHIT TESTY! I’m not sure anything said by any of us was actually legitimate or true for the first 15 minutes we talked. But my wings and I are all seasoned players, we held frame, and in the end I got all of their IGs and one girl’s number.
  4. On the point of IGs–get them if there’s no better option. Why? Though they’ll almost never lead to a lay, if there’s no direct path forward to date the chick, it’s another hot girl following you, and that’s more social proof going forward. Not a fan of IG or social media? OK grandpa, but as long as I’m in the game I’m going to care about what girls in their 20s care about, and if you’re not on social media at all it’s weird to them. Argue girls are dumb all you want: I want to fuck them, not be right about their IQs or abilities to focus. 

Night game after Oktoberfest

It was bad because we went to a club—precisely the place you shouldn’t go to. No reason to say more–I opened a few girls and was blown out, and the one set of girls who wanted to talk to us wanted coke or molly. All the other girls were in armored, defensive groups. That’s “club” night game: horrible, and the kind I warn against. My wings seem to think it’s good, but I think that’s mainly because MD is a male 9 and can pull on looks in those environments. Most of us can’t.

Sunday Funday Daygame

Got up earlier than I would’ve liked on Sunday morning (we’d been out til 1am), but Oktoberfest was so much fun I couldn’t say no when Nevada told me we should go run some day game. I went down to a cool little bar that sells a cheap breakfast, has all the NFL games, and did a little writing; plan was to meet up at noon and hit the streets.

My first set was in a grocery store: cute little brunette buying supplies for work, flirted with her about how she really needed a cart, went for the number close as she began intimating she needed to leave–BF.

Second set ended up being the best of the day: I saw her half a block down, told Nevada I was going, and crossed the street. My front stop was on point and she hooked when I told her, “you look great! Like a catwalk model or something–all put together” blah, blah, blah. She told me she was going to look at some properties and stuff and I knew it would be a quick set because she really did have somewhere to be. Went for the number close and she smiled, said yes immediately, saying, “I love your energy.” Unfortunately, I’ve not heard from her.

Lately, I’m having a lot of luck opening with a compliment instead of a direct statement–the canned version is something like, “Hey how’s it going–I like your style.” Obviously it’s better if you can be more specific to say something about how she’s dressed or what she’s wearing, like noting her earrings, necklace, or something of that nature. Then I pivot to what she’s doing, start telling some stories and flirting with her in a natural way, grounded in what I’m doing, who I am, then going for the close. Sunday was rough simply because so many chicks had BFs. I did 8 sets overall (12-13 if you count blowouts, but I’ve stopped counting them as sets), and only got one number. 

This peculiar set happened when a cute redhead is ahead of us and heads into the grocery store we’re planning to check out. She’s a good 40 yards away, so not much I can do but go in and see if I can find her, like a midfielder chasing a soccer ball. Luckily I do, and open that I like her pretty pink shoes (crocs), but that she doesn’t seem like a pink kind of girl. She immediately hooks in and starts asking me about myself, but I can tell something is a bit off–she’s a bit fidgety and almost over friendly, like a con artist in a third-world country whose job is robbing marks. I begin to worry she’ll steal my kidneys. She asks if I’m going to the game (wearing a soccer jersey) and I say I am, then we talk about something else that I honestly can’t remember. Roy Walker tweeted at some point that he basically blacks out during his sets because they’re so natural and organic, and, while I’m not going to claim his level of game, I’m starting to have that same experience where I forget a lot of what I say to girls. Somehow psychedelics come up. 

She’s like: I’m super into psychedelics.

Me: me too. I’ve just started experimenting. 

Her: I really like mushrooms—I just did some recently.

Me: Oh crazy—I actually have a giant bag of them in my freezer right now.

Her: the magic kind? 

Me: yep. I eat the other ones with steak.

Her: let’s go do some right now.

Me: …um, no, I’m going to the game and can’t really do mushrooms right now. 

Before this, I’d started to close by asking the number, and she says she doesn’t have a phone, which leads me to believe she’s probably homeless. Yet she’s dressed well enough and is in point of fact, pretty fucking hot–like a high 7 from what I can see: petite, thin, big tits, nice face.

Anyway, the set ends with me giving her my number on a scrap of paper, which is fucking stupid and I don’t recommend doing it, but when a chick doesn’t have a phone, what else do you do? Pretty sure I’ll never see her again and I probably should’ve just taken her to do the mushrooms because, if I get her home, I’m going to end up with my dick inside her. Or, as Red Quest suggested, I should have Hotel Tonight and Day Use installed on my phone: that way, I can run in, get the mushrooms, and take her to a hotel, where she’s less likely to steal shit, or slit my throat with a kitchen knife in the midst of coitus, straight-up Basic Instinct style. That said, I don’t recommend doing psychedelics lightly, and do you really want to try to fuck a homeless girl? 

Not sure I’m there quite yet, but Red Quest teased me for turning down what would have likely been a great story. At some point you’re in the game not just for the lays but the ridiculous war stories.

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