Going to keep this short, because there’s not a ton to say, but I did happen to record one of my sets, so I thought I’d give guys a chance to hear some in-field.

As you guys will see when you listen, the set starts off really well, girls are laughing responsive, etc.–in fact, most of it went fine, but I noticed some small problems with my delivery.

(As you may notice–the audio has been removed. Comments are still pertinent, but always have to watch for the doxxing.)

  1. I’m still too nice–yes I infer that the girls are sexual with the hoops line, and then I follow that with a good tease about the angel and the devil, but after that, the set is flat and a very ordinary conversation. Some of that’s fine in terms of grounding, but I didn’t spike enough attraction. I’m still not polarizing the interactions like I need to.
  2. My tonality goes up too much at the end of some of my statements and questions, which is not alpha or dominant.

Anyway, I did ask for a number at the end of the set, which I didn’t include for obvious reasons–I didn’t get it, which brings me to yesterday’s stats:

  • Opens: 11
  • Blowouts: 3
  • Vibe: 6.5
  • Numbers: 1

So, just looking at the numbers, they suck. But a key point in life is that you shouldn’t focus on the results–you should focus on the process.

And yesterday was my best game to this point. I was really pushing myself on going for the most beautiful women as well, which might be why my numbers weren’t as good, but the interactions were really positive. Girls were very receptive to my opens and most hooked, began asking me questions, etc.

That includes a 10*. I put the asterisk there because I’m not sure a 10 really exists, and to what extent she does, it’s almost certainly subjective–but what I’d say about this chick is she’s about as hot as it gets: blonde, Ukrainian, absolutely gorgeous face, smoking hot body, probably 24-25. And my game with her was really solid: I wasn’t nervous, I stacked and vibed and made her laugh, etc. It was a great interaction overall, although a bit short, but of course she had a boyfriend, as did three of the other hottest women I approached yesterday.

It’s the most classic shit test, but the hard thing is that it’s often true that she does have a BF, and even if you pass, there’s still a very good chance you’re not getting that number.

But as I said yesterday, it’s a numbers game. It’s actually very similar to poker, which I know Tom Torero talks about a lot–in the short run there’s a huge amount of variability. Who knows, if I run into a different set of girls yesterday, I could have had 5 numbers–or if I run into a yes girl, potentially a same day lay.

So anyway, it’s about time to grab a shower and head out for more game. Nothing beats real experience fellas.