So I went out last Sunday for more day game and it was wild.

First I can’t find any attractive girls to approach even though there are tons of people, and then when I finally do I get blown out twice in a row.

Thank God for the hippie-ish chick wearing a Metallica shirt who wanted to get a henna tattoo–opened by asking about the tattoo, vibed on music and such, then she committed to getting it done and I number closed.

Not to long after I’m walking and I see a hot girl coming opposite me, so I front stop her, open that she looks beautiful, and then ask if I can walk with her. We vibe on yoga and parks and sunshine and it’s all very lovely and I suggest we get a glass of wine sometime–number close two.

Later I head to a bar to watch some basketball, end up talking to a very cute girl at the bar for awhile and at halftime, head to my buddies, but number close before I leave.

On the way to the car, hot girls are coming my way, I try to open and blowout, they walk away without giving me a second look.

So stats…

  • Opens: 6
  • Blowouts: 3
  • Vibe: 3
  • Numbers: 3

It was literally feast or famine.

Also went out yesterday and it was weird–there were hardly any girls out. Indeed, very few people in general even though the weather was lovely.

Had a nice set with a girl who’s a student at the beauty school–she was sick and tired from testing, but nevertheless was interested in me and ultimately I got the number, which I’ll take as a sign of good game.

I also almost got a lesbian to give me her number. I kid you guys not–this chick says she’s not into dudes when I try to close, but she was totally digging my energy and seemed attracted. I don’t know, because I’m not gay, but I think for chicks, sometimes it’s a decision more than an actual real thing–an identity more than a reality if that makes any sense. Anyway, again, I take it as a sign of good game if I’m getting a lesbian to hook and vibe and invest. And yes, I opened directly, telling her I came to talk to her because I thought she was cute.

Later on I went to the bar near my place and there was a cute girl playing pool with her friends and I was able to get her number–not day game necessarily, but a number is a number.

Wednesday stats:

  • Opens: 8
  • Vibe: 7
  • Numbers: 2
  • Lesbian: 1
  • BF: 2

I guess I can include today as well, but there’s not much to tell. One open, one vibe, no number as the girl had a boyfriend–but my focus wasn’t on running game today. I just wanted to watch basketball with my buddies.