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Field Report: an odd night, plus why I (you?) should and will move.

RP McMurphy
July 16, 2021

This past Monday was truly strange.

I was out for an afternoon/evening of day game, did two sets in a Trader Joes (one number from a hot Latina who flaked; nothing from the Asian girl because Asian girls hate me), then walking up the street and into the shopping district found a disheartening lack of volume.

I always take my computer with me in case this happens (messenger bag), so I ducked into a bar where there are sometimes cute girls, planning to do some writing. As I walk in, two women ogle me like fat kids waiting for the birthday boy to blow out the candles on the cake–one extremely old, in her 80s, but the other is actually a pretty hot Greek Chick: I would have initially guessed mid 30s, but later found out 40s. Regardless, nice big tits and in excellent shape.

Pretty quick they invite me over to sit with them, and it’s clear within minutes the older woman is rich, British, and absolutely charming despite her age (we’ll call her Trudy). The Greek (we’ll call her Daphne) is also quite interesting and has that lovely accent, and they buy me a drink and we start to talk. After we finish our drinks, the older woman invites me to come over and see her home, along with the Greek, so she pays the bill and the three of us trundle off into the late afternoon.

At the house, I proceeded to have several scotches, along with the ladies who are drinking vodka sodas, and the whole time the Trudy is smoking weed. We talk about all kinds of things from religion to history to culture, as well as the truths of sexuality regarding men and women. Daphne and I keep making eyes at each other, and as the scotch sinks in, the idea of fucking her becomes ever more present in my mind. She goes in to make another drink, I follow her saying I have to go to the bathroom, and push her against the sink and start kissing her in the kitchen. She loves it at first, but then: “no, we can’t! Trudy will be upset. Not here.”

I roll off, use the bathroom, and then we’re there for a bit longer. Trudy takes my information and says she’ll pay me 100K to live with her for a year, and I say I’ll consider it–an interesting offer, but not one I’m sure was offered in good faith, or if it was, what that good faith would require; I have no intentions of doing anything sexual with a goddamn grandma.

In any case, I say I need to get home, and Daphne and I leave. We go to her house and as soon as we’re in the door we start making out, but no matter what I do, she won’t go any further. Again, this is super common bad older woman game: they stop sex from happening because she doesn’t want sex outside of a relationship, but then won’t follow through with the relationship because she doesn’t trust her ability to keep a fuckboi like me.

Basically, she ensured the worst of both worlds: she doesn’t give herself the chance to get a relationship (she didn’t reply to my text the next day–and it wasn’t because she didn’t find me attractive: all night she was fondling my biceps and shoulders and putting her hands on my chest, etc.), and no one gets sex. Stupid. But oh well.

So I called an Uber and went home. Despite the lack of a notch, it was actually a super fun night, the kind of nights you have once you learn game. Remember: learning this stuff doesn’t just make you better with women–it makes you better with everyone, including just being a better man.

And also, thank god for my hot young regular I took for a seven mile hike the next day, fucked when we got back to mine, then went for a late lunch. Always good to keep at one in the kitty.

Why I will move as soon as I can make it happen–should you?

I live in a big city on the West coast, and COVID has absolutely crushed it.

There are no students in town, and all the universities have gone full woke anyway. At least half of all the restaurants and coffee shops are closed due to lack of business or because the they couldn’t afford to keep paying rent while our governor instituted some of the harshest, longest lockdown measures in any state in the country, and/or because they saw no future in a city where the feckless mayor lets lunatics burn shit down and the DA refuses to charge them with any crimes.

Regardless, the cost of housing and rent are still too goddamn high, as is the cost of living. I honestly cannot understand why anyone who’s a semi-normal person would want to come here anymore, and I especially would not expect hot young chicks who want to party and have fun to come here.

So, what used to be an excellent city for game, with good ratios of women to men and lots of hot young chicks around going to school or working as baristas and waitresses, has become a shit city for game, and yesterday showed it. I was out for a good portion of the day–did some work and had a few client calls, but still had plenty of time for day game and walked four miles or so around the city–but managed to do only five sets. Look at the time stamp on these tweets:

Five sets in three hours (I had a phone call from 3-4)? That’s horrible. And that doesn’t include the hour I walked around and couldn’t find ANY girls to talk to before a client phone call at noon. So really, five sets in four hours. Worse, three of the sets were basically complete shit and had no chance of working anyway. Numbers 2 and 3 were both two sets, the first pair too old, the second pair too young (likely). And I’m not even sure if I should count set #4, because I was seated doing my client call when she walked by–I opened and tried to engage her, but she kept going (also seemed crazy IMO). Sets 1 and 5 were both good, but both girls had BFs.

Now, for guys new to day game, these kinds of days can happen, where every girl has a BF and for whatever reason there just aren’t a lot of women out.

But they should be the exception, not the rule. And lately where I live, the day I had yesterday is far too common.

Like, for day game to be truly viable, you need to be able to do at least 7 sets every 2 hours. If it’s regularly less than that, by all means go ahead, but really what you should do–if you’re serious about this–is move to a better city. Or if not, then you need to switch to bar/night game and OLD.

There’s a truth I’ve come to realize about the modern world, and it’s this: OLD has become the norm. Women are so used to meeting guys through dating apps that, even though many really like the approach whether day or night game, a lot of them will flake when you text them (to be fair, a huge number of girls flake through OLD as well, because that’s what chicks do–they flake). That was always true to some degree–about half the numbers you take won’t reply, and another half of those who reply won’t come out–but I wonder if it’s worse now? Hard to say. And it’s also entirely possible I’ve just hit a cold streak and the next batch of girls I talk to will show better results. Remember, whatever your experiences with women, in the short run it’s almost certainly anecdotal and not indicative of long terms trends–life goes in streaks, and that’s especially true with women.

Also, please understand, I’m not saying don’t learn day game and rely purely on OLD. No. You should absolutely learn day game. And night game. As one of my clients said yesterday, learning cold approach is part of becoming a true man. Even if guys mostly rely on dating apps, having the ability to get a beautiful woman’s number on the fly is what separates the real players from the pretenders.

And yet, here’s the truth if you simply want to rack up lays and care very little about quality:

Online game is now a fixture in society, which is why I’m having professional photos taken next week, and why one of the things I talk about with clients is how to maximize their results on the apps. It’s not ideal. I don’t think anyone really likes it. But until things change, it is what it is.

And, despite the disappointing day yesterday and my reticent observation about OLD, I’m still optimistic. Because, whatever modality we use to meet women–OLD, day game, night game, social circle, etc.–the women are there: they didn’t go anywhere or become any less interested in sex and relationships with hot guys. And what other choice is there: MGTOW or incel? No, you either learn this shit or, as I said in the last tweet above about fuckbois, you go celibate. The good news is that your competition has either never cared less or been anymore unprepared to be successful with women.

But the player has to adjust. For example, if I stay here (I won’t–not for long anyway), I need to switch over to bar/night game and OLD. Day game, for the time being, simply isn’t viable–and the culture is about as bad as it gets. Part of the reason I’m optimistic Wokeness won’t last long is that it makes people miserable and it’s grounded on lies: how long can people really get away with suggesting sex/gender aren’t real, when it’s obvious they are, and that being gay and trans is normal, when 95%+ of all men and women identify as straight (cisgender), and 99%+ identify as the sex that matches their genitals? My guess is: not very long. Unfortunately, it’s the zeitgeist we’re left with for now–not great for normal people.

And that’s a big part of why I’ll move. Even if the volume was higher, the culture has become stupid, encouraging women to be masculine, men to be feminine, etc., which other than housing prices and cost of living, I’d suspect is a big reason people are leaving the West coast for places like Texas–the likeliest place I’ll land.

This leads me to a final point: this shit is hard, but we’ve also never had more opportunity. Being in the top 10% of guys getting laid is amazing, and being in the bottom 90% is miserable. The SMP is changing all the time, chicks are flakier and flightier than ever (but on the plus side also sluttier and more adventurous), and yet so many guys see getting help as somehow weak or embarrassing.


It’s the opposite: if you’re struggling and NOT getting help, especially because you’re too cheap to pay for coaching, THAT is what’s weak and embarrassing. Trying to do this on your own, for most guys, is like a kid who knows basic math trying to teach himself calculus by mostly reading guys on twitter, many of whom don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Besides, how much will it cost you to go on dates to nowhere, spin your wheels walking around the streets or going to night clubs with no direction or strategy for how to talk to girls, paying for features on dating apps that may or may not work, buying clothes that make you look like a chump rather than a rockstar?

Thousands. And it’ll take you years longer than it can or should.

So if you’re ready to get this shit locked down and figured out, hit me up and we’ll get started. I’m also now offering a virtual wingman service for guys who go out and do day game (or potentially night game), but want some live support and coaching–you can do that as an official client who does the intake call and gets the PDFs and email/text support, or just as a guy who does it as a one time thing.

I’m also doing my first live infield coaching next week, so I’ll update you guys on how that goes–super excited to see what we can do together.

As always, good luck and thanks for reading!

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