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Field Report: Day Game 4.18

RP McMurphy
April 19, 2019

The sun was shining yesterday afternoon and it was glorious.

I’m still getting logistics settled in terms of the best places in the city to run day game, but I think I’m honing in on at least a few areas.

Anyway, here are the numbers:

  • Approaches: 7
  • Good vibe: 4
  • Eject: 1
  • Blowouts: 1
  • Hiding dick–not direct enough: 2
  • Missed approaches: 3
  • Numbers: 2
  • Insta: 1

Overall not bad for my second true day game session.

The 3 sets I missed are my own fault, and I have no excuse for that–especially given that 2 of them gave me IOIs.

The eject was on a 4 set–all sisters–and one of them was a mom. I was mainly talking to the hottest sister and she was definitely hooked because she started asking about me, what I do, etc., but I just didn’t ask for her number in the end, which was stupid. Guys, just ask–even if the set is shitty, even if you think she’ll say no.

I was also too indirect in 2 sets–hiding my dick as Tom Torero would say–and that’s problematic because at some point when you ask for the number, she’s going to realize what it is that you want, and it’s actually more awkward and incongruent to do that later than right away.

The blowout wasn’t really a blowout–she just didn’t quite stop. I almost had her hooked, but she seemed in a rush. A pleasant interaction, but didn’t end like I wanted obviously.

But I did get two solid numbers.

The first was a cute asian girl who is only in town for the weekend. She was sitting with her friend and I opened with a question asking if the food was as good as she’s been told. I forget exactly what I said next, but something to the effect that she was too cute and smiling, like she knew a secret.

Then I asked where they were from–Vancouver, BC–so I talked about the time that I’d been there, saying it was beautiful, full of pretty girls, but that it had been awhile and I need to go back.

She hooked here and started asking questions about me, and we vibed on books (told her I was a writer) and food and things that are fun to do in my town since she was visiting.

At that point it was simple, just asked for the number and she gave me the digits–I grounded it with, “we should grab a glass of wine or beer while you’re in town.” I’ll ping her today to see if it’s solid.

The second number was a girl sitting down having a beer–it was actually the end of my session and I was meeting my cousin for some beer and food. I teased her about her hair cut, saying she looked like a “sexy punk rock rebel girl.”

The stack was when she told me where she was from–I’ve lived there before, so I told a few funny stories about it.

We then moved into vibing on writing, books (this is why it’s so important to read), and some other stuff–I occasionally spiked the conversation with some teases and accusations, delivered with a smile and strong eye contact.

Again, number close was simple–I asked and she gave. Pinged her right away and she replied. I’ll ping again today and then test for logistics.

Best set was a fail, but I’m proud of myself for doing it: 3 girls are walking in the park and they are all young (early 20’s) and hot–2 HB 7’s and a full on 9, all wearing skimpy clothes. These are the kind of girls you learn game to get.

Anyway, they were dressed in such a way I opened, “what’s with the get up ladies–are you girls in a rockband?”

I continued, giving them roles of guitarist, drummer, and lead singer. They went on walking and I could tell one of the girls didn’t like me or was suspicious, so I called that out right away–agree and amplify: “she doesn’t like me very much and she’s right to be suspicious–I’m a very naughty boy.”

Looking back now, one mistake was that I didn’t front stop them, I just kept walking. Eventually they stopped and I tried to turn the conversation into where they were from, but they weren’t really feeling it. Finally I did ask for the number, then said, well we could just follow each other on Insta, and then finally I realized it wasn’t going to happen and I told them to have a nice day and rolled.

It wasn’t great game obviously, but by failing I’m able to see what I did wrong and correct it in the future. It’s also fantastic motivation because I think if I’d done better I could have potentially gotten the number, and I also know it’s possible to get those kind of girls, which is a tremendous motivation.

One thing I’ll say that helped me actually with both number closes is that I showed I was alpha and dominant before interactions took place. With the first girl, a group of tourists was passing right when I started chatting her up and they said hi to me because I had engaged them earlier.

At the bar, I made a point of talking to the group next to me before I engaged the second girl.

This goes to my point about U-game: always be on, always be opening. I don’t talk to everyone, because that’s not the point, but whenever there’s a possibility to establish alphaness, pre-selection, and dominance I do, especially if I know there’s an opportunity to open a girl.

Oh, another thing–I have a warm up routine for cold approaching:

  1. The first thing I do is talk to a random stranger–literally anyone.
  2. Next I give a woman a compliment–any woman.
  3. Now I give an attractive woman a compliment. If I’m feeling good I’ll then go into the day game.
  4. Now it’s time to day game properly, and go through the whole process.

Anyway, I’ll update how things go with the number closes. The insta close is an uber religious woman who says she’s married, so not exactly sure how to proceed there. I guess we’ll see.

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