Had an interesting session of day game this past Saturday.

In all, here are my stats:

  • Approaches: 15
  • Hide your dick: 5
  • Bailed without asking for number: 3
  • Good vibe: 7
  • Blowouts: 1
  • Insta: 5
  • Snap: 2
  • Numbers: 0

I’m definitely getting better at approaching and the AA is going way down. Yes, those first few are a little tough, but once you get going it’s just not that big of a deal.

If I’m being critical, my biggest problem right now is hiding my dick–I’m not being direct enough with my approaches, doing way too much observational opens and not enough direct. I actually think an observational open is fine as long as it’s quickly followed by a statement of intent, along with the “I want to fuck you” eye contact and slow, deep, sexy voice tonality.

I also got a little unlucky, in that of the 7 contacts I got, 3 were girls who were from out of town and leaving that day or the next, and 3 of my Insta contacts were girls I approached at a restaurant and instead of focusing on one girl, I just did all 3, hiding my dick, and that was a mistake.

One thing I’m learning–and it’s been stated by guys before me–is that hotter and younger girls and actually more receptive to cold approach. 2 of my 5 Instas were girls in college, and it’s really unfortunate one of them was leaving that day because she was for sure interested in fucking. The good news is that she says she comes to my city quite a bit, so we’ll see if that lead pays off at some point.

I’m going to publish a piece on the basic steps of cold approach in my own words here soon on the mothership (I’ll put it here as well), but I just want to pre-acknowledge that I’m simply carrying out the play book that guys like Strauss, Mystery, Tom Torero, Todd V, James Marshall, RSD Max and Tyler and others have laid out there.

The steps are basically the same as outlined by the London Model:

  1. Approach/Open
  2. Stack
  3. Vibe
  4. Close

One of the things that I need to explore is how to make the interaction such that the girl doesn’t flake. Some number of girls will flake no matter what you do, but it seems like a critical game skill to be able to reduce that number. All the game guys I referenced above say that the first thing is to make the initial interaction solid, which I assume I’ll get better at as I get more experience.

The other thing is grounding, as in: what are you and the girl going to do? Grab a glass of wine? Go for a walk? Play tennis? Establishing the premise for hanging out seems critical, as well as giving the girl some explanation of who you are and why you’re cool without coming off as try-hard.

I also need to go for the number more than the Insta, although that’s fine too. I’m not big on social media, but I also realize that a lot of girls prefer to exchange Instas vs. a number, and that being the case, I need to make sure my posts are on point. I need more pics of me hanging out with hot girls and doing cool things–this is hard, because I don’t take a ton of pics of myself out and I guess I just need to be better about that.

OK, a final story that’s an indication I’m starting to internalize this shit:

So on Monday’s and Tuesday’s I have my son, and I take him to Chipotle for dinner this week, and right in front of us there’s a couple super hot chicks walking in–one of them is wearing a “USC mom” sweatshirt, and without even thinking I open with a tease: “you’re not a USC mom,” with a big smirk on my face.

The girls giggle and laugh, and I engage them a little more in line, but I can see now that they’re quite young–probably in high school–so I chill that out. Then my son gets his quesadilla (I was fasting–keto, baby, keto) and he starts eating and there are some hot chicks sitting next to us.

Again, without thinking, I open them and start running game. I stack on the fact one of the girls is wearing a Colorado shirt and then ask what they do–turns out their in college: one’s studying to be a teacher, the other a nurse, so we vibe on those things.

At the end I get the hotter of the two to add me on Insta.

It was a totally unintentional set–I mean, for Christ’s sake I was with my son–but the game was there and it was strong enough to get a close with a college girl.

Lessons learned:

  1. Once you get used to cold approach and get enough reps, you start to internalize it, which is even better because it comes across as more natural than when girls can see the gears turning in your brain.
  2. You can approach with your kid–most chicks don’t care. In fact, I’ve heard some women (in their early 20’s) talk about DILFs. So don’t worry about that piece guys.