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Field Report: daygame skunk in Shangri-la. Back to basics.

RP McMurphy
August 16, 2020

Yesterday I went to Shangri-La and daygamed for the first time in a while…

And it was pretty bad.

Actually, that may be a bit harsh. Overall I think my game was OK, if not great, by which I mean that if I’d happened to approach other girls, the results could have been better–maybe even quite a bit better.

As it was, here we go:

  • Sets: 8
  • Direct opens: 6
  • Indirect opens: 2
  • Stack: 6
  • Vibe: 4
  • BF: 3
  • Blowouts: 1
  • Numbers: 0.

I don’t know if it’s terribly useful to go over the sets one by one, as there was nothing of note in terms of stuff I haven’t seen before. It was just typical daygame: approaching pretty girls, chatting them up, and trying to close if I got that far.

The openers overall were solid and I went direct most of the time, plus on the two indirect opens, I followed up quickly with an SOI (statement of intent) to let her know I was interested in her sexually, not just having a friendly chat.

As above, four of the sets were really quite good, but when I got to the close, three of the girls said they had BFs, and one girl says, “I’m 16.” I suppose a true dice roller might have replied that, “age is just a number,” but:

  1. I don’t advocate guys doing anything illegal, and where I live, the age of consent is 18.
  2. TBH, for me, even 18-19 is a bit young. Now don’t get me wrong, if she’d been 18, I would’ve definitely gotten the number and proceeded accordingly. My only point here is that while I don’t think it’s “creepy” or weird to date young girls, the fact is that there’s only so much you can talk about with a chick who just graduated high school, and my preference is a bit older–I think even a 20 yo is miles beyond an 18 yo when it comes to understanding how the world works.

That said, if you’re approaching YHT, you’re going to occasionally hit on an underage girl. Like the chick yesterday was a solid 8, and even during the set, if I had to guess, I would’ve said 22-24, so I was a bit surprised when she said 16. But that’s the thing that almost no one in society wants to admit, which is that by 16–sometimes even younger–chicks can look like fully grown women, and have a fairly high level of sophistication and social skills.

One of the reasons I pegged her as older was that she had three visible tattoos–which goes to show what I’ve been trying to tell guys: they’re ubiquitous…I’d say at least 50% of the chicks I saw yesterday had them–and those where just the ones I could see. To me it seems like a really dumb thing to get hung up on.

And now I’m going to have a bit of a rant: you’re a player. Like, if you’re reading this blog or others on game, think about what it is you’re doing–trying to fuck girls at least a decade or more younger than you, typically on the first or second date. And you want her to pass a fucking purity test? No tats, wearing a sundress, not too much makeup, no nose ring, and for fuck’s sake she better not be wearing Vans, right?

What the actual fuck? Let me spell something out for you–and frankly, this is why I muted Riv (along with the fact that he doesn’t actually run game and basically spends all day everyday tweeting bullshit)–that girl, the conservative hot chick wearing a sun dress with zero tattoos? She’s not going to fuck you. The kind of girl guys are describing is the kind you wife up, not try to pull for fast sex.

Now, can it happen? Sure. And maybe girls like that are more common in the the EU and FSU–I don’t know because I haven’t gamed there.

But in the US, the pure, innocent darlings are few and far between, and if you’re serious about day gaming, night gaming, and becoming a player, drop the pretense. You’re only question as to whether you approach or not, is simple: would you fuck her? If so, go talk to her. That’s it. I don’t care if a chick has 17 tattoos, is wearing vans, has her septum pierced, and a shirt that says, “I’m a slut.” In fact, I think that’s great: more likely she’ll fuck.

OK, enough on that.

The point I really want to get to here in terms of daygaming is going back to basics. I see a lot of guys on Twitter who are struggling, sometimes even to approach girls at all, so what follows is my process, as well as a few general best practices when you go out in field.

#1–Warm up: talk to strangers, get in a good mood, positive self talk.

The first thing I do when I go out to run game is listen to uplifting, vibe-positive music. For me this is one of three things: EDM (partial to Seven Lions, MitiS, BassNectar), 80s hair band/metal (Van Halen, GNR, Scorpions, AC/DC, etc.), or rap (Childish Gambino, Kendrik, J Cole, etc.). This gets me in a good mood so that as soon as I get to the spot, whether walking or driving, I’m pumped and ready. I tell myself I’m a badass doing something very few guys have the balls to do, and the girls I talk to are lucky–all true.

The second thing I do, as soon as I get out of the car or arrive at the area I want to daygame, is talk to someone. Anyone. It might just be saying “hi” to people I pass on the street initially, but ASAP I try to engage someone in a conversation, even if it’s just a short friendly little exchange. This can be literally ANYONE. Doesn’t matter. You want to get it into your mindset that this is what you do–you talk to people. You’re a friendly, affable Alpha who has massive social proof.

Now, this may not actually be true, or feel true. As many of you know, it hasn’t been a great year for me personally. I’ve struggled with addiction and a lot of self-doubt, on top of the fact that 2020 has been the worst year ever since I’ve been alive and it’s not close. Like, there was a fucking fire tornado yesterday, on top of all the other shit that’s happened.

But if I’m carrying all that baggage with me, girls are going to sense that, so it’s absolutely essential to get yourself into a good mindset before you start talking to girls.

#2–Remind yourself of the LDM before you start.

I can’t remember if I’ve spelled out the steps of the London Daygame Model in previous blogs, but it’s always useful to do so again–and it’s something I go through in terms of a mental checklist before I open that first set. Full disclosure: this is my description of the model, but as I think most of you know, I didn’t make this up. Credit here goes to Tom Torero, Krauser, and some of the other early daygame guys.

  1. Open: typically you want to go direct, which is to tell her you think she’s attractive in some way (“you’re looking quite lovely today”) followed by a tease–you look like a secret agent, a french winemaker’s daughter, a hippie, etc. The basic rule is: say what you see.
  2. Stacking: the old term was assumption stacking. But really what you’re trying to do here is make an assumption or observation about the girl that prompts here to give you information: where she’s from, what she’s doing, what kind of person she is, her job, etc. Even if your assumption is wrong, as long as she gives you some information about herself, you have your topic for Vibing. For example, with the winemaker’s daughter (7ish, probably late 20s, wearing a sundress with a big floppy hat, two visible tattoos), I guessed she was attending a bridal shower and wearing floppy hats was required for entry. She laughed and said that she was actually going to a wine tasting with friends (there are few tasting rooms in the area).
  3. Vibing: this is where you tell a story about the girl and/or yourself based on what she gives you. This seems to be the hardest part of game according to most everyone (although I think some, including myself, have confused stacking with vibing), because it requires being extremely confident and making stuff up on the fly. But it’s also the most important part of the model–this is where you DHV (demonstrate high value), setting yourself apart from other guys. For example, with the chick I teased about being a French winemaker’s daughter, I ended up vibing on the initial tease (since she said she was wine tasting) and told a story about her stomping grapes in barefeet and getting drunk in the cellar with Jean-Jaques, the cellar assistant, and her father had to send her to the U.S. to get away from bad influences.
  4. Investing: this is simply talking about shared interests as well as whatever else is going on. In that same set with the winemaker’s daughter, we talked about the quarantine a bit, how it’s nice to be outside, not liking masks, and some of the vendors at the Saturday Market, that kind of thing. This part of the set should be light and fun and flirtatious, and you should definitely work in some qualifying and spiking (sexual innuendo) during this phase.
  5. Closing: simply enough, asking for the number. Now a key here that seems to help in terms of decreasing flakes is grounding the set by giving the girl an idea of what you might do together on a date. To stick with the winemaker’s daughter set, when I went for the close I told her there was a great winebar near my place and we should get a glass of wine sometime (not drinking in my personal life, but I’ve decided it’s fine on a date–I’m not so addicted that one or two drinks will cause me to guzzle a fifth of vodka everyday for weeks on end). She declined, saying she had a BF, but thanked me for the compliment.

#3–Once you start, don’t stop. Get into the next set ASAP.

Growing up, I loved baseball (still do–tell me it’s boring and I’ll fight you)–even played a bit in college. Anyway, I always remember that first at-bat, I’d have butterflies in my stomach and be kind of jittery, but by the 3rd or 4th time at the plate, any anxiety was gone and I was a savage cold-blooded killer with zero fear (if you’ve ever wondered why guys seem to clutch up at the end of games, that’s why).

In my experience, daygame–or even nightgame–is a lot like that. The first set is usually pretty nerve wracking, but after a few you get into a groove and relax. This is a big reason I try to stay off my phone during the session, as it pulls me out of the environment and prevents me from opening quickly and staying focused.

So just keep going. Don’t think. You’ll only hurt the ballclub.

#4–Bad set or blown out? DGAF. Focus on process, not results.

Because you’re going to get blown out. You’re going to have bad sets. Some number of girls might even be kinda mean or bitchy. And like yesterday for me, you might sometimes go out and get zero numbers.

But that doesn’t mean you’re running bad game, and it really doesn’t matter. Like yeah, yesterday I didn’t get a single number, which is bad in terms of results. On the other hand, however, my game was fine and I gained more experience in field.

Point is, even though I didn’t record any positive results, by virtue of going out and daygaming yesterday, I leveled up, making it more likely I’ll get positive results in the future. For those nerds out there (like me), if you’ve ever played an RPG, there are some parts of the game where you just have to fight monsters and get gold and experience before you can proceed with the mission.

Same thing is true in day game. Every set means more experience, and the more experience you have, the better your results will be over time.

Think that’s all I have for now, gents. Last thing I’ll say is you just have to get out there and start talking to girls, because no amount of keyboard PUA theory can replace the real thing, and like any practice, the more you do it, the easier it is.

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