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Field Report: first infield live coaching w/ a client–day one.

RP McMurphy
July 24, 2021

Friday was a day of joy and redemption.

My prior efforts in day game this past few weeks–hell, the whole month–have resulted in squat. Jack shit. I’d done 48 approaches, taken six numbers, and of those, the only one who will text me back is a married woman. Plus, I worked HARD for those 48. Volume where I live is super low; the truth is I’ve done far more walking than gaming.

So I was a bit worried going in. Not about my ability–or my client’s–we’ve been working together a long time and he’s a great guy. But I wondered if we were going to get enough volume: after all, live infield coaching only works if there are a few girls around to talk to.

This in mind, I went downtown a bit early to check things out and do a few warm up sets. Not a ton of people out and about, but more than earlier in the week–I’d forgotten that the city swells on weekends, which is probably why I should target them going forward and find other shit to do during the week. At least as long as I’m stuck here.

We were set to meet at five at his hotel and go out for the next three hours. After scouting, I was headed that way when I saw a cute little mousy brunette walking toward me. I front stopped her, opened, and began stacking on the fact she’s a nurse. She seemed a bit nervous but was firmly planted, so I continued, vibing on various hikes we’d been on, but when I went for the close, she said: BF–always amazing to see how many girls won’t say that until the end, even when you’ve told them they’re cute and it’s obvious what’s going on.

But damn, do they love that attention.

I continued on my way and met my guy, Mr. Pips we’ll call him, at the hotel and we headed out. Plan was for me to open a few sets to start with and demo, and then we’d go from there and pick and choose.

What happened next was perfect, and also a bit strange: I went completely in-state. I was fully present in the moment, so much so that I don’t even remember precisely how many sets we did with 100% accuracy (luckily I recorded it all on audio and reviewed it this morning), because as soon as one set was over and we’d closed, gotten rejected, or let her/them go, it was onto the next girl. Without thinking about it. Mr. Pips opened a few sets as well.

Now, before I go on and describe the sets I do remember, I want to say that I don’t think you have to be “in-state” to do well in game–in fact I think that’s mainly bullshit. Game, like anything else, is about doing the work, whether you feel like it or not. That said, when something like yesterday happens, why not go with it? Roy Walker has tweeted something to this effect, that when he’s in a set he often doesn’t remember what he says or does, because he’s not thinking: it’s natural, not intentional. That’s how I felt yesterday.

Anyway, if I figure out how to get in that state with regularity, I’ll let you guys know.

The first really solid set with Mr. Pips was a girl named Ali, waiting in line outside a pizza place that sells by the slice. I opened direct, something about her being cute and dressed like an 80s chick, and then we starting talking–she loved the attention and was eager to talk, while her friend sat there and sulked like a brat. I tried to invite friend to talk, but she insisted on being a miserable person, so we kept talking to Ali, who was bubbly and fun–a cute redhead, solid 7, probably 24 or so. I teased her about being dirty and too white to be from Florida. Unfortunately, she was in town for only one more day, and being with her bitchy friend, there were no logistics. I took her IG, and likely nothing will happen, but that’s my go to play when a girl’s from out of town and there’s no way to go for the SDL. I get a new follower for my account (the more cute girls who follow you, the better), and there’s the possibility of a future connection, however small.

Next two were semi-blowouts–girls didn’t ever really hook in or seem interested. One was a hot younger girl, maybe 19 or 20 with a really nice camera. The other was a mom and daughter with lovely sundresses, but when I called this out and told them they had the same nose, it didn’t go over well. Oops! One thing you find is that if you’re teasing and flirting and challenging consistently, sometimes you say something that comes out wrong and/or is taken in a bad light and doesn’t work–never intentional, but you have to be willing to burn the boats if you want to win in this game.

We soon found another fun girl, Brigitte, who was working for one of those peddling bar carts, only she was alone and looked bored–I told her so on the open, “hey you look bored so we thought we’d come entertain you.” She had just recently moved here and started the job. We bantered about all kinds of things: where she was from, what to do in town, told a few stories and got her laughing. At one point I suggested she was a naughty girl, although I can’t remember what prompted that. Ended with a number close.

After Brigitte we talked with a mom and then daughter, but each running their own booths as street vendors. Granted, not pure day game because they’re trying to sell something, but I’m not above hitting on working girls, provided I can do it in a calibrated way that’s respectful of what they’re trying to do. Mom was a but older, but so is Mr. Pips, so we chatted her up for a bit–no close as it didn’t seem fruitful.

Daughter was gorgeous–beautiful doe eyes and long curly blond hair–flirtatious, and eagerly gave me her IG, but the reason I didn’t ask for the number was that I suspected she was in high school and that turned out to be correct when I looked at her profile. She quickly followed me back though, so who knows what’s going on there?

The seventh set w/ Mr. Pips (we talked to a few women between these, but nothing really official) was a girl crossing a bridge, named Kitty. Mr. Pips opened her, and she was ALL ABOUT IT. If I had to guess, 18 or 19, beautiful brown haired indy girl exploring the city. She even told us how glad she was that we stopped her and talked to her because she was having a shitty day. Love that. Ordinarily, I would have gone for the close, but this was an infield training, so I kinda silently hinted to Mr. Pips that he should take her number, and like a fucking baller, he did.

Quick point here: Mr. Pips, as I mentioned, is a bit older, but in excellent shape and has his shit together–looks great and presents to girls as a sexy older man. And it goes to show that older guys are absolutely in the game with girls like the one above (Kitty was her name–isn’t that cute?). This is the secret society: some number of girls in their 20s, even in their late teens, will absolutely date guys in their 40s and 50s. But your mom and high school English teachers didn’t tell you that, did they? Mr. Pips was pumped to get the number close, and I was pumped for him.

We ended up doing quite a bit of walking from there–opened a few girls who really didn’t hook in or seem interested, but ended up doing two more solid sets: both chicks were very hot, solid 8s. One was in all black workout clothes with a cute black dog. She mentioned having a BF during the set, so I didn’t bother trying to close; she struck me as the kinda girl who’s smart and finds a good guy young and holds on to him.

The other girl I honestly can’t remember–I know it happened, because she also mentioned a BF during the set and I remember telling Mr. Pips that, but I can’t even recall what we talked about. I recorded the entire session on audio, but to be honest the recording is shitty, and that part of it is basically inaudible.

Overall, we probably talked to at least 15-20 different women, but for me, officially we’ll call it 9 sets w/ Mr. Pips and the one set before, so 10 for the day.

Not bad at all–especially considering the recent drought I’ve been on.

And today we’ll get back after it again!

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