Wednesday I had a date with a red-haired punk rock chick I picked up using day game last week.

I honestly can’t take much credit for this one–other than the fact I picked her up.

To begin with, her texts were extremely straightforward and she was very eager to set up the date. The only thing to do in that case is not fuck it up–I texted just enough to set up the date and sound playful.

So she shows up right at 7 and we walk to a local tap house. I can tell she’s nervous and I do my best to calm her down–as Uncle Tom says, the girl is your mirror–speaking slowly, making some jokes, turning the conversation to lighter topics.

We get to the place and have a couple beers. The conversation is good. She reveals–surprise, surprise–that she grew up in an uber fundamentalist Christian household and was home schooled. She’s had very few boyfriends.

Anyway, she reveals during the beers that she likes smoking pot, so I say, “let’s roll back to mine and share a joint.”

The only odd thing here was that to this point I hadn’t kissed her or done a whole lot of kino. The whole time I was trying to, but there just weren’t that many opportunities and I didn’t want to force it.

When we got back I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to happen in terms of escalation (obviously I was going to try), thinking it might be a second date lay, but after we smoke, she makes the move and just straight up says, “want to make out?”

From there it was different than any other experience I’ve had with a chick. We start making out, then she stops me and asks, “what’s your sexual history–are you clean?”

As far as I know I am (tested in December, and both chicks I’ve raw dogged since have been as well–all clean), which is what I told her, but I also said, “this time let’s just use a condom.” This is something I’m trying to stick to, because once you start with this lifestyle, the numbers you rack up are crazy and at some point some chick is going to have something.

Anyway, at this point we just go into the bedroom and fuck. She’s a small chick and when I get her clothes off I’m stoked. With some girls the clothes come off and it’s disappointing, others you get what you thought was there, and then there are girls like this: she looked like a 7 dressed, but naked she’s a solid 8–perky tits, super tight ass, nice abs, and a very nice little pussy.

And I just smash the absolute shit out of her–she hinted that she likes it a bit rough, so I give it to her, and lasted pretty long too, which was surprising given how hot she was.

So we get done and cuddle for a bit (RedQuest and Nash both talk about this being important to secure the chance for a plate–and because chicks like it–and I agree), and then the best thing ever happens: she’s like, “I have to leave soon cause I gotta get up early,” and she’s out of my place by 10:30.

She’s going on vacation for the next couple weeks, but we’ll see if she becomes a plate when she gets back.

Praise be to the Gods of Day Game.