This is a field report from a while back (8/7 I think?), but it’s the last proper session I’ve had because then I went on a fishing trip and when I got back I moved.

Moving fucking sucks.

Let’s start as always with the stats:

  • Opens: 10
  • Direct: 6
  • Indirect: 4
  • Stack: 4
  • Vibe: 4
  • Invest/Hook: 4
  • Number: 4
  • Weasels: 4
  • SDL: 1

No BFs this time, which is actually just weird/rare. ¯\_(ã)_/¯

OK, so as per usual, I’m not going to break down every set because it’s classic LDM, but I’m learning a few things as I do this more:

A) Weasels are killer.

If I go back and look at the numbers, basically every time I go out and get 10ish approaches, I’m weaseling on 3-4 sets–usually the hotter girls too. In any one session, assuming I do 50-75 approaches a month, it means that I’m missing out on around 300 sets per year.

Ultimately, that’s probably around 3-4 lays, which is a huge difference in productivity, options, and abundance. A good reminder that if you see an attractive woman, don’t think–approach. Because as Crash Davis reminds us in Bull Durham: don’t think; you’ll only hurt the ballclub… which in this case is you and your dick.

B) Accusing and teasing > endless questions and traditional stacking.

The more I make silly accusations or teasing into the equation, the more bought in girls seems to get in set.

This isn’t to say the LDM is wrong, but that in both stacking and vibing, the player should also be teasing and accusing the girl–breaking rapport to get the girl to invest and qualify.

A good example is what I did with Blondie, the SDL on that session.

I opened: “You’re looking quite lovely this evening–what’s a pretty girl like you doing wandering around without a date?”

Immediately she laughs, blushes, replies: “I’m just here for one night so I’m bar-hopping.”

Me: “Uh oh–not that kind of girl (grinning): I wasn’t sure if I should even say hi… you look, hmmm, I don’t know. Dangerous. Yes, that’s it.”

This is a stack I use a lot and girls seem to like it. At some point I accuse her of being dangerous, and then start talking about how she might fit in with history’s bad girls: Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Marilyn Monroe… Paris Hilton.

The last one doesn’t really matter. If she’s blonde, Paris. If she’s brunette, Mila Kunis. If she’s a red head (I gotchu Mr. V), Scarlett Johanson, etc. Just pick a hot starlet type who looks like her and then accuse her of being like that and breaking hearts and leading men on.

Anyway, this leads to a very flirtatious vibe, as opposed to what can happen with a traditional stack (you look like you’re from Chicago, I can see you out there in the bleachers at Wrigley, beer in hand, hotdog in the other, etc.), which is that it sometimes lands flat.

C) The hotter and/or younger the girl, the easier she is to open.

Yes, this seems counter-intuitive, but some of the coldest rejections and blowouts I’ve had have come from 6+’s and 7’s. Hot/young girls are easier to game in my experience. I don’t know why that is… but I like it (actually I’ll get to why I think that is).

I won’t go on about that because I’ve said so before, but I bring it up because it ties back into the first point I made about weaseling. Often, guys don’t open girls because they’re super hot and/or comparatively young (20-21 vs. 37, say), and cold approaching a girl like that is intimidating without a doubt. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

The irony, however, is that approaching and gaming those girls is actually easier. Bizarre, yes, but true. I think this happens for a few reasons:

  1. She’s used to getting male attention, so the approach is less abrupt–she has more reference experiences.
  2. She’s more likely to be confident in her beauty and sexuality. One thing I’ve experienced recently–and I’ve seen a couple other guys tweeting about this–is that girls will reject you because they’re intimidated by your sexuality. You’re able to spike her buying temp to the point where she’s definitely attracted… but too much, and it freaks her out. With hot and/or young girls, less likely to happen.
  3. People are nice to hot/young girls. Their parents/friends dote on and spoil them. Guys are always trying to do stuff for them to snake their way into bed. Teachers are nicer. Sometimes she gets free shit just for being pretty and/or a girl. So like yeah, life is good. She’s a hot/young girl.

Same day lay.

OK, I’ll do my best to embellish but it was a few weeks ago so cut me some slack. As I mentioned I opened with the push/pull tease, stacked with the dangerous girl routine, and she hooked easy, says, “You’re right I’m a very bad girl–you should come have a drink with me.”

The old chody me would have said something chody like, “well when a beautiful girl asks you for a drink it hardly seems polite to say no.”

Instead: “OK, but only if you promise not to be a weirdo.”

“That’s rude! I’m not weird,” pushing me away.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Then I grabbed her hand and led her to a bar I knew on the next block.

I figured I should stay close to where we were because she mentioned she was from out of town right away, so immediately I’m thinking: this girl is super on, she’s tipsy, she likes me… this is the perfect situation to try for the SDL, and probably my only chance to fuck her at all as she’s leaving soon.

Just to give you guys an idea, she’s a tallish blonde, probably 5’9″, but wearing heels, so even though I’m 6’3″ we’re almost on the level. Big breasts that she’s happily showing off in her flower sun dress, which is otherwise long and fairly conservative. She’s a bigger, curvy girl, but clearly takes care of herself (which I affirmed later in the flesh). Blue eyes, long hair, and presenting in a very feminine way. Probably a high 7 or low 8.

We bounce to the bar, I get her talking about herself and what she likes, we go into the questions game, have a drink and a shot (she prompts). I find out she’s staying at a local hotel just two blocks up, so I start seeding the bounce…

“That’s super swanky–did they put you up in the penthouse?”

“I’ve actually never been in that hotel.” (lie)

“I hear they don’t have a 13th floor–is that true?” (I have no idea if this is true, but it’s a reason for her to show me)

In the end, however, she’s looking at me with expectant eyes, so I’m like, “let’s grab a bottle of champagne, I’ll walk you back to your hotel and we can get some glasses from you room and drink it on the rooftop.”

We did not drink champagne on the rooftop.

We did get a bottle, but when we got to her room we didn’t even open it–the clothes just flew off and in less than 5 minutes we were fucking. But I did escalate on the way back:

  • When we left the bar, I pushed her against the brick and kissed her. As soon as she got super into it I stopped, grabbed her hand and led her up the street.
  • At the store, I teased her about making out in public (which was now kinda just happening on the way), I grabbed her breasts through her dress–she loved it and got super bashful at the same time–and I kept accusing her of seducing me, playing on the danger theme of earlier.
  • In the elevator I went for the full on heavy makeout, and then when other people got on, just stopped and smiled at her with fuck me eyes.

To be honest, we might have fucked anyway cause she was just a yes girl I caught in the right situation, at the right time, and I happened to be the type of guy she likes… but I always like to think of escalation as the ramp, and sex as the launch: so to have sex, you have to get the ramp high enough, but also with enough speed to make the launch–otherwise you get the dreaded LMR.

As for the sex: we started off making out/taking clothes off in missionary, so that continued, until the point of penetration, but for that I made her turn around and bend over. I put my hand around her neck, firm, but not too much pressure, and slid my dick in her very slowly, accelerating gradually until I was pounding away hard and she’s screaming and moaning like a maniac.

Per the advice to fractionate everything–even the sex–I stop and tell her to get on top and ride me. She does and ends up going super hard and coming in just a few minutes, just as I’m really beginning to enjoy watching her big titties bouncing away in front of me as her hair is streaming over her shoulders.

When this happens, however, I twist so I’m on top and then go very slow, so she can feel every inch, and ramp up to the point, a little faster, a little harder all the time, until I’m losing it and then I lose my shit and come (wearing a condom–not as fun, but smart).

All in all, probably only a 15 minute romp tops, but we both came and we’re lying there breathing heavy and I say, “so, want to open that champagne and go up to the roof?”

We do and it’s a very cool vibe. She’s a cool chick. We click and it was great. I don’t count myself as an expert seducer, but I’m pretty sure that in this situation, she got the kind of experience she wanted–adventure seduction and sex with a handsome stranger. Hopefully in that I made Nash proud, but I have to say to brother Rivelino, I did not face fuck her, and that is my only regret.

What’s weird is that neither of us even thought to exchange numbers until I said I had to go–she’s like: let’s do round 2 next time I’m in town. I say, “deal,” then lean in and whisper in her ear, “only if you’re not a weirdo.”

Good game? Sure. I guess. I mean, I didn’t fuck it up and I did things right, but at the same time, I don’t want to give guys the impression this happens regularly or is easy. It’s not. I fucked up on an SDL earlier this summer, which is probably the only thing that allowed me not to fuck this one up. 

But, it also speaks to why you go out and run game–because that shit can and does and eventually WILL happen if you go out and game enough.