Went out last Friday for some day game after a good chat with another player. Love this guy, btw, and if he wasn’t anonymous right now I’d give him all the credit in the world for making me a better man and player. Well, him, RQ, Magnum, and others like Mr. V, Yoylo, Nash, Runner, Stedman, and Riv–I’m surely forgetting guys, but if you want more good follows, check out who I’m following on Twitter: they’re all solid dudes).

It feels like we’re entering a new era in Game, and the community is changing game, cold approach, pick-up, and seduction as we go. To be clear we are standing on the shoulders of giants: Mystery, Strauss, Krauser, Torero, etc., and we have the advantage of being red pill aware.

In part, I see this project as the best way I can make the world a better place (that sounds ridiculous, but it’s not–men are killing themselves over despair everyday whether it’s over a woman, or because the see no path to being with one): it’s better for guys to know game and how to fuck girls good–and it’s better for the chicks too. No chick has yet complained that I was too masculine, or was pissed I made sex happen. Girls like getting gamed, so long as we have the courtesy and dignity not to explicitly mention the fact.

Day Game Sesh

I’ll just go ahead and post the tweets, since that’s easy and I’m lazy:

So, a few guys said it seemed like a same day lay (SDL) was impossible. On the contrary, it’s quite possible (although it could be argued this was night game). Here’s how this one rolled:

  1. I met her at a bar, opened, negged, false time constraint, ignored w/ dread–talking to another girl who was there–then re-engaged, got strong attraction, bounce to next venue.
  2. Let’s get a drink–lots of qualification: why am I even impressed? Lots of kino, strong eye contact, kiss close.
  3. Bounce to next venue: let’s play shuffleboard. Chicks love competition, especially if it’s playful–they love the back and forth it allows. We play, a few more drinks, start making out in the bar. Yes, if you’re wondering, I’ve done exactly this thing before. It works. Consistently.
  4. Bounce home: have you seen X? OMG, you haven’t? We have to go to my house–we’ll have a glass of wine and watch.

Then: put on movie (you should know this by now–oh wait, it’s this #AStarIsBorn), pour wine, start making out, token LMR (last minute resistance), roll off, try again, pound town.

Remember, a lot of chicks will give you that token LMR–we say token, because she feels like she has to resist a little, even if she knows she wants to fuck (it basically allows her to feel better about herself and less slutty). It’s also shit test, because a lot of guys will get butt hurt and that tells her everything she needs to know about why she shouldn’t fuck them. Anyway, just roll off, chill, be a nice guy, start kissing her again, and then put your dick inside her. The same girl that might be demure one moment might tell you later to choke her while she cums.

Anyway, it was fine, solid game–but it was also a gimme.

She was there to be had, and I was there to have her. As soon as she and I made eye contact I could see she was on. Sometimes this happens, especially as you run more game. It’s a third volume, a third she’s out to get fucked, and a third she gets who you are–can sense you’re dangerous in the best, most validating way: not violent, but heartbreaking. But really hot and good in bed is what she tells herself.

And if you want to keep her, she better not be wrong.

Fuck her hard and good, then be an aloof asshole.

Anyway, so far it looks like a one-off (is not responding much to pings and texts), which can happen with pulls because the girl feels slutty after. But overall a fantastic evening. Day game stats:

  • Opens: 7
  • Direct: 5
  • In Direct: 2
  • Stack: 5
  • Vibe: 5
  • Numbers: 3
  • Blow Out: 1

Want to point out again here that an SDL is rare. I’ve gotten very lucky both times I’ve done it and that’s mostly what it’s based on–although being that this merged with night game, perhaps it’s less surprising. BTW, if you aren’t doing night game, you’re missing out. Girls in the modern age go out absolutely thirsty for players, and some of the will fuck you that very night if you run good game.

Next up: post about the football game I went to recently that revealed some stark redpill truths, and some observations about a one-off cold approach at a coffee shop on a HB 8, and the subsequent date we went on.