I’ll repeat something a lot of guys in game don’t like to admit, but if you’re purely relying on cold approach, it’s a numbers game. It’s actually a numbers game on SOD (swipe/online dating) as well, but there’s no issue in getting the numbers–so if you want to bang 6’s and single moms in their 30s, knock yourself out and start swiping.

The girls I’m after: 8’s and 9’s in their 20’s will never swipe on me, but I’ve banged many through cold approach pick up. However, in order for that to happen you have to get enough approaches for the numbers to work.

Because even if you’re very good, 40-50% of the girls you approach won’t give you a number.

Of those who do, another 50-60% will flake out or ghost you.

And about 50-75% of those who text back and seem interested will actually come out on a date.

That means if you approach 20 girls in a week, you’ll get probably 8-10 numbers, 3-5 will respond, and then you end up with 1-3 who actually want to go out on a date.

The great thing about pick-up is that you chose them, not the other way around. On SOD, girls are the gatekeeper–if she doesn’t find you incredibly attractive, she’s not swiping on you, which means that for most guys you’re not going to match with women who are all that attractive.

So yeah, the numbers seems shitty–but that’s 1-3 girls every week who are hot enough that you decided to approach, and that’s why we’re in this isn’t it? To bang hot, young chicks?

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of guys complain that cold approach takes too much time and SOD is more effective on that front, but I’m actually not so sure that’s true–let’s compare.

If I’m on SOD, I should probably be on at least 3 platforms to give myself an optimum chance in terms of numbers. Say I spend just 10 minutes swiping on each one a day, and another 10 minutes total interacting with any matches I might have.

40 minutes a day x 7 days = 4 hours 40 minutes per week.

I think that’s actually a low estimate on the amount of time one would need to spend on SOD to get good results, but let’s go with that.

If I go do day game twice a week and spend 2.5 hours on each outing to get my 10 approaches, that’s 5 hours, so pretty comparable.

But think about the advantages:

  1. Hotter/younger chicks–way higher quality. Even if you’re Chad, my guess is you can do better IRL.
  2. You’re actively improving your game and ability to interact with women.
  3. You’re getting exercise and being social, as opposed to sitting at home being a goon.
  4. You’re interacting with fewer girls via text–anyone who’s been on SOD knows a lot of girls disappear, flake, play games, and/or require a lot of bullshit before she’ll actually come out, even if that ever happens.

Compare that to a girl I game through cold approach: I text her. If she replies, I ping back playfully, she replies again, then I go into setting up logistics for the date. Probably 5-6 texts at most.

Now, full disclosure, I’ve been doing more than 5 hours a week of cold approach (or at least trying to), but that’s because I love this shit and I’m trying to learn as much as I can and the best way seems to be full immersion.

This is also why I like the idea of U-game, because it augments the cold approach sessions. In theory, it’s actually possible that if you’re always aware of running game, you could cut out purposeful day or night game sessions altogether as long as you live an active life where you get out in society and expose yourself new people.

In any case, however, the notion guys are saving a ton of time by swiping away is mostly bullshit, and the results are going to be worse, both from a standpoint of the quality of chicks and how much you’re developing your game in the process.

So why is it a numbers game? Because there are any number of reasons she might not give you her number, ghost, flake, etc:

  • Maybe she has a boyfriend or husband? Most hot girls have at least someone around they can bang or who wants to bang them, and that guy for sure has a leg up on the player in terms of comfort, if not also value.
  • Could be the wrong time of the month–maybe she’s in that part of her cycle where she’s looking for more beta-type behavior.
  • You might not be her type. Maybe she likes black guys and you’re white, or vice versa, or she like big guys, or skinny guys, or artistic hipster type guys, or clean cut preppy types, or who the fuck knows?
  • She also might be in a super busy cycle of her life with work or school or both. Maybe she’s a single mom.
  • And any number of other weird circumstances could apply–she just broke up with her boyfriend, she just had a date last night with someone she likes, she met someone else, she’s just downloaded Tinder and is busy swiping away, she’s questioning her sexuality, etc.

The fact is, all the above factors transcend just about everything under the player’s control–no matter how fucking strong your game is, how alpha you are, how high your SMV is, there are circumstances in a girl’s life that will make her a no girl for you. And this is further exacerbated by the fact that young, hot women live in a state of abundance where it’s easy for them to get lost in all the attention they’re getting on social media, SOD, etc. not to mention the fact that women are super flaky to begin with.

However, the fact remains that outside of a strong social circle, the best possible way to present your value as a man is through cold approach with strong game. If you do it right she knows everything a girl needs to know to want to fuck a guy:

You’re an alpha–a confident man who’s socially calibrated and outcome independent, dominant, and abundant. This means you’re more likely to be fun, interesting, and good in bed.

Yes you read that right: when you do cold approach correctly, you will come across as abundant. Because when the girl starts hamstering, she knows that a guy who has the sort of confidence and social skill to get her number off the street gets other chicks, or already has other chicks which is why he DGAF.

My guess is that if you read my blog you’re already with me on this. Anyway, happy hunting fellas.