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Observations on female patterns of behavior.

RP McMurphy
April 28, 2020

Chicks are herd animals in groups and general behavior (credit to Magnum).

No, I’m serious. He’s right. We should actually think of them this way.

And I want to be clear, I’m not saying women are dumb, or not individuals, but that they often react as a herd, basing their behavior off what other, seemingly successful women are doing. Think about fashion trends, drinking rose, IG, tik-tok, even patterns of speech and ideas about the world. How women interact in society is heavily influenced by what other people are doing–particularly other women.

A perfect example of this is the one where women with BFs and husbands made Tik-Toks of themselves coming into the guy’s room and dropping the towel, naked. I don’t know the actual number, but it’s a lot–and the reason 99.9% of them did it is because they saw another woman do it first.

And damned if those bitches aren’t making some bread…although, truth be told, I think it’s sexy as hell and I’m all for it. But you’re telling me tons of women all the sudden got the idea to bake bread–women who’d never made bread in their lives to this point…at the exact same time? Sure: coronavirus–but also, they could choose to do anything–why baking bread?

Because the herd decided that was the thing to do. I just had three women yesterday tell me they made sourdough pancakes. ON THE SAME DAMN DAY.

And of course men have group behavior patterns (they’re baking too–though if you look closely, it’s patterned around femininity–which, again, I think it’s sexy when chicks bake bread, but dudes should be grilling steak. I know. What a chauvinist dick.) and are influenced by society as well, but we’re simply not nearly as tethered to the actions of other males as females are to that of other females.

So anyway, what do herds do?

Well, as pointed out above, they cluster. They pattern their activity and behavior onto what the rest of the herd is doing, so that it becomes almost a hive mind–not one brain independently processing, but multiple consciousnesses combining to make a collective decision. Think of a school of fish or large flights of birds. A group of horses feeding in a meadow. They move in the safest direction for the herd as a whole, toward the best situation in terms of food, and expose themselves to as little risk as possible, when feeding, resting, or sleeping. And again I want to say, this is not a negative judgment. It’s smart for the herd to behave this way. Otherwise herd never would evolved.

But to get back to the point, we’ve seen an obvious example with the reaction to Coronavirus.

Now, without politicizing the issue, let’s just say what we know: COVID-19 is extremely contagious, easily spread, and in some cases quite deadly, although it appears to be far more deadly for people with pre-existing health conditions, especially the elderly. And even more strange is that in some places it appears extremely deadly; in others, not so much.

On the other hand, it’s not Ebola and most people who contract the disease are going to recover and be just fine. The grey area is that there’s just honestly a lot we don’t know. Is it a 1% mortality rate, or .1%? Big difference, but hard to know yet.

Did we overreact as a society?

Possibly so. As things move forward, that’s looking to be the case, but that’s exactly the point of social distancing and quarantine, so again, ultimately it’s too soon to know.

It’s also possible we’ll see that it’s worse than we thought or that it comes back in Fall/Winter 2020-21 as a more dangerous version, as did the Spanish Flu.

There are a lot of unknowns at this point, so I tend to be pretty skeptical of people who claim they have all the answers.

However, getting back to how people react, we’ve seen women go absolutely dormant. I’ve seen like maybe two or three +1s during this time from the PUAs on Twitter? Whereas ordinarily I’d have seen 20-30 a week based on who I follow. I also know that of the guys I’m in touch with personally, we can’t get chicks out. I managed a lovely night with Socks a few weeks ago, but otherwise the answer looks something like this:

They are most definitely following all the rules.

Now, in my last post, I noted that this is perfectly reasonable. Women are extremely risk averse and have a huge biological incentive to remain as such.

But this is where I want to talk about how herd behavior is often unreasonable and can indeed sometimes be dangerous and/or carry quite negative consequences.

For example, consider one method Native Americans used to kill buffalo: they’d dress up like wolves and get the herd to stampede toward a gully or cliff, and the herd, too caught up in fear to think about where they were going, would just run blindly toward the hazard and inevitably some would get killed, basically because they weren’t thinking for themselves.

They were reacting as a herd.

Let me give you an example we see in game–especially day game–all the time. And keep in mind, I’m speaking from our own collective mind here, as other players have made these same observations.

But it’s so classic: the chick rejects you almost as a matter of course. Like, of course she won’t give her number to a man in the street. Some can’t even be bothered to be stop, the classic blowout. It reminds me of what one of Mr. V’s girls, Indiana, said after he broke up with her because she wanted to be exclusive: “see you on the streets.” It’s almost as if she should have known better?

(What she doesn’t know is that it proves he’s got good game.)

Now why? Why does a woman reject a guy without even really considering who he is–possibly a guy with high status and value–and not care about it later? Because women are taught to be wary of men who make sexual advances, and day game is rare. Think about it: what spooks a deer or trout? It’s not always logical, it’s just that something feels…off. They see or sense something they’re supposed to be wary of; something happens that’s uncommon.

And whoosh, they vanish!

Going back to humans, females are taught that sexual advances are only allowed after a certain number of things have happened and/or in certain circumstances. And as a herd, if they all move in the same direction, it protects them from some of the bad things that can happen, like getting pregnant or the man being some sort of criminal.

So in general, that dictates their behavior. The problem is that this behavior isn’t uniform or logical. It based purely on emotion and environment.

The same girl who blows me out at the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning without a second look will fuck a guy with lower SMV she just met at the pool in her Vegas hotel that very same night.

This is one of the reasons I think Tinder was phenomenal when it first came out and why it doesn’t work for shit now.

The first is that Tinder’s trying to monetize their platform, and they can’t monetize it without manipulating men, so part of the reason it doesn’t work is on purpose.

But the second, and I think main reason we see such a disconnect between now and before is that chicks, over time, learned that meeting guys on Tinder didn’t work that well for them–sure they could, and still can, match with guys +2 of their SMV and go fuck them that same night…but turns out, none of those guys stick around, and most of them don’t even fuck very good.

Over time, the herd learned, and now recognizes Tinder as shady and potentially dangerous, with the tacit assumption that all guys on the platform are low value. So chicks will use it as a thirst trap, but they’re much less apt to meet up, which is where Tinder fucked up, because its underlying value was that some percentage of guys got pussy. Less pussy = less value, but that’s a story for another time.

I apologize if I’ve been fairly meandering. But I prefer a clear target and right now there are none. Plus, it’s been a lot longer than usual between getting laid. Boys are getting restless.

But that’s a story for another time.

Pandemic = worst time ever to be a player.

But, remember boys: this too shall end.

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