So this past weekend I was planning to get in a bunch of day game sets, but in the end it was extremely disappointing. I got 12 in on Thursday, worked Friday and then had a date, had to spend Saturday morning/afternoon looking at apartments (more on this later), did night/bar game with a friend Saturday night, then tried out two streets on Sunday I’ve been meaning to game and it was brutal.

Not the rejections, nor the blowouts–because there weren’t any. No, there were just so few women out I only had 3 approaches over an hour and half and finally said fuck it.

Guys in certain cities: NYC, London, Berlin, Sydney–maybe Paris, Chicago, LA? I’m probably missing some, but the point I want to make is that guys in those cities take volume for granted–as in, they can go to certain areas in those places and know for a fact there will be enough pretty girls to approach. Was talking to Mr. V Daygame NYC on Twitter and he said something to the effect of, “bro, we gotta get you some volume.”

He’s not wrong.

Because here in the PNW, volume can be tricky. I’ve got a pretty reliable route now for day game where, even on a weeknight, I can get at least 6-7 opens, but when I stray from that route or if there’s some anomaly–a blip in the weather, a big event, or something similar–it can be very difficult to get the volume a day gamer needs to grow and learn.

To be honest, that’s probably been my biggest sticking point in learning day game so far. I started doing my first true day game sessions in March (before this I had done one-offs in coffee shops and grocery stores, but it was mostly bar/night game to that point), and right away I realized that getting volume and figuring out when and where to game were going to be the first few things I had to get sorted out.

I think I have now–had a miss on Sunday, but that’s mostly on weather in retrospect. Temps were above 90 and my guess is everyone was either on a boat or at the beach.

A few ideas for guys living in smaller cities to make sure they get volume (I may have put some of these out there before, but it never hurts to repeat):

  1. Find a route downtown where you can get reliable volume. Even in smallish cities, there should be an area where people congregate on a regular basis during certain times of the day.
  2. Identify a few alternate routes/streets that can be good on weekends or certain days/conditions. For example, those streets I tried on Sunday are definitely good… sometimes and under some conditions. My next step is to ID those times/conditions.
  3. Hit up street fairs, farmer’s markets, parades, art showings, concerts, sporting events, and the like to augment your volume. Anywhere you get a large concentration of people–especially hot, young women–is a go for day game. Even county or state fairs (doesn’t that sound quaint Euro boys?) are fine places to work some day game.
  4. Don’t forget malls, clothing stores, coffee shops, and grocery stores. During my epic 30 approach day, I literally drove around to different grocery stores and malls to get to 30. Was talking to @daygamerules about this and I told him to game at book stores and high end grocery stores like Whole Foods, and he had some success at those venues.

Logistics matter big time–to whatever extent you can, put the odds in your favor.

One of the things that’s become incredibly apparent during my post red-pill awakening and re-entry into game is just how important logistics are when it comes to success in game, on dates, and getting laid.

I mentioned looking at new apartments and logistics are the reason. I live near enough downtown that I can usually pull without huge objections to come back to my place–but it’s far from ideal. I’m too far from downtown and there aren’t enough good date venues near my place.

So I’m moving to the best possible area in town for game. Highest density of hot, young girls, plus tons of great venues for dates I can easily pull from. Understand guys, there’s a huge difference between, “let’s go watch a movie at my place: A) follow me 10-15 minutes in your car, vs. B) I live three blocks that way.”

In my next post I’ll talk about my specific in-field experiences with day game and a couple dates I’ve had recently, but I will say this for now: if the logistics had been better on the date I had last Friday, I might have gotten laid. As it is, the girl is still very much a maybe.

Anyway, the location I’m moving to:

  1. Guarantees me far more volume than what I get now, as I can literally walk out my front door and start day gaming immediately in a prime location, and it’s only a short walk to my usual, reliable route.
  2. Has multiple venues amenable to seduction within a few blocks of my new place. The 1st date lay blueprint–1st venue drinks, bounce to 2nd venue drinks, bounce home: lay–will be very easy to pull off from this spot.

I bring this up because many guys don’t understand how important this is: if you’re living in the suburbs, away from the city center, it’s far more difficult to pull. It just is. Like, you will lose sex with some girls because they don’t want to drive to your place and/or there’s no way to go from a date venue to your place. I get that that sounds capricious, but women are capricious–especially the hot, young ones we’re after.

So to whatever extent you can, prioritize your logistics/location. Of course you have to balance that with where you work and other considerations. For example, I have a kid, but luckily I was able to choose a place that’s close to where I need to pick him up on the days I have him, has a lot of parks and playgrounds nearby, and makes for a reasonable commute to work on my end.

As I said earlier–I’ll have a report on my actual game coming soon.