If you’re unclear as to what u-game is, it’s ubiquitous/universal game, the idea that you’re always up for an opportunity to game a hot girl should you come across her path.

I thought it might be interesting for guys to see a sample of approaches in different situations and how they went–plus kind of a good kick in the ass for me to force myself to approach.

I’ve got my son every Monday and Tuesday, and then every other weekend, so pretty much 50/50. The biggest gaps in time when I can run game are obviously on the weekends I don’t have him, so if you guys notice gaps in my field reports, that’s why.

Also, you’ll notice these are almost all one offs, because I’m trying to be opportunistic–like, if I see a pretty girl, I’m going to do an approach. When I have some more time I want to go do some serious day game now that the weather is getting better, but for now I just do what I can when I have the chance.


Went downtown before meeting a girl for a date. Parked my car and began to walk to a tap house I like. Weather is super shitting for day game: cold and snowing lightly, but not sticking, about 36 degrees.

Immediately there’s an attractive woman as I get out of my car, but she’s walking fast and with purpose so I puss out. I continue walking and then go inside a hotel to see if there’s anyone hanging around in the lobby and then go to the bar, but there aren’t any targets to open.

Coming down the elevator there’s a group of women, so I open with a nice smile on something they’re talking about, but I couldn’t hook as they took off in a group–clearly business professionals so a tough set.

I go back outside and continue to the tap house. About two blocks away there’s a really cute girl smoking a cigarette, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to stop and open, which I beat myself up for the rest of the day and even now as I write this.

Remember guys, the regret of not opening is far worse and longer lasting than any anxiety you feel in the moment. Just fucking do it like Nike says.

There aren’t any girls at the taphouse, but I order a beer and sit down to do some writing–maybe one shows up? Nope.

Leaving, I walk several blocks to a brew pub, but there aren’t any girls to open. I go inside and immediately see that the hostess and one of the waitresses at the front are hot, so I take a seat at the bar nearby. I really want to open the waitress, who’s given me some IOIs already, but then she gets busy, so as I leave I open the hostess.

I go with the London model: “hey, I have to say, you look really cute.” She responds positively, so I tell her she looks like she’s Irish, and she says that actually, yes, that is where she’s from. She starts to talk about that and in what she says mentions a guy she’s dating is Irish–nice little passive shit test there.

She’s working so I don’t have much time to vibe with her and she’s sort of hinting she wants me to leave… now a lot of guys see this sort of thing as a reason to bail, but it’s just a natural inclination for almost anyone. It’s natural for people to feel nervous when talking to a random person, but if you demonstrate social proof and calibration, she’ll be intrigued–one of the reasons cold approach works.

Anyway, I ask for her number, but she declines: “sorry, I’m seeing someone.” Perhaps I should have countered, but given that she’s already put that out there once, I just leave it–plus, given the fact she’s working I don’t want to be rude.

So yeah, basically a shitty fucking session, really only had one true approach. But one is better than none, and I feel pretty good for doing it: the open, stack, and vibe worked and it was fine game–a different girl might have given me her number. This one didn’t.


After lifting weights I stopped by a store to get some protein bars, and on the way out noticed the checker was a super cute chick, so I give her the eyes and a big smile right away.

I remark that her name is very unique and that she has beautiful eyes–she tells me she’s Iranian, so I vibe on that, telling her I had a friend who was Persian (true) and that I love the food his father used to cook for us. We vibe for a short bit while she rings me up, and as the transaction is coming to a wrap I say, “hey, you’re super cute–we should get a drink or some coffee sometime.”

And… here it comes boys: “I have a boyfriend.” Nice shit test there, thanks darlin’.

I lean forward, smile, and reply in a whisper: “I don’t want to be your boyfriend,” and she smiles back as we make eye contact.

Problem here was… another fucking customer comes up, and at this point it’s super awkward to continue, so I just thank her and bail. But I might go back there and follow up sometime, because the set was on.

Those types of situations are tough, but I feel like there has to be a way to convert some of those leads. I actually wish I’d had a business card, because I could have left that with her–low probability she hits me up, but I also have nothing to lose. In actuality, going back and just re-opening is probably the best method, but that’s something I’m definitely going to work on, because there are so many times when a cute girl is working (barista, clerk, customer service, etc.) it would be nice if there was a way to access that market.

After that I go to a bar to meet a friend for some food and beer. I order the first round and there’s a super hot girl sitting by herself, so I open, tease her and then tell her a story and quiz her with a riddle. Then I grab the beers and go back to sit with my friend.

I didn’t get her number right away–didn’t feel right to rush it, and I knew I’d have another chance because if she left she’d have to go past me, and otherwise she was just chilling at the bar. Plus she had her computer out which told me she’d be there for awhile.

Anyway, I go back for round two, tease her some more and go heavy into qualifying. This time I ask for the number and she’s more than happy to give it to me. Feels good to finally get some validation and she’s pretty fucking hot, so very excited–just have to hope she doesn’t flake (spoiler alert: she does).

The rest of the night we go to a few other places and I’m practicing my mantra: be on and be opening all the time, but there aren’t really any solid opportunities–two hotties at the last bar and I open and stack, but just as we’re about to vibe they say they have to leave and even though I should ask for a number I fail, which is fucking stupid.

One lesson I’ve learned for sure is that if you don’t ask for what you want, you’ll never get it.


Ended up working all day and had a date with my only plate this night and she hung out through Sunday afternoon–had a date that night with a girl I met a week ago who genuinely does have a boyfriend, but it turns out she’s just fucking around.


Monday, however, I have a couple really good sets.

The first is at New Seasons–there’s a cute girl rearranging some decorations, so I tease her about whether she organizes in patterns or colors. She laughed and I keep teasing her about being OCD, which she finds hilarious.

I ask her if she can show me where the gatorade is, cause I’m doing hot yoga tonight. I ask her if she’s done it and boom here we go, she hooks and starts telling me how much she loves yoga, asking questions about me, etc.

We vibe for a couple minutes and I even manage to work in a little kino pushing her away playfully as if I don’t believe her.

Then I was like, “OK, so I have to go and you should probably get back to work young lady–but first you should give me your phone number so I can take you for a glass of wine later this week.”

I have to say, it was pretty goddamn smooth–and as you guys know, I still fuck up all the time so I have to celebrate the victories.

Unfortunately, sometimes in pick-up, as in fishing, the perfect cast doesn’t yield a strike.

“I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend.”


This is the number one shit test you have to pass as a man–remember boys, you can:

  1. Agree and Amplify: “I have a girlfriend–should we introduce the two and run off to Mexico?”
  2. Ignore: “Or we could go to yoga together sometime and you can tell me how sexy I am in my yoga pants.”
  3. Disqualify: “I don’t want to be your boyfriend–don’t be in such a rush darlin’.”

I went with option three, which I think is the strongest play, because even if she does truly have a boyfriend (or even a husband), you’re giving her plausible deniability.

But alas… she just says: “I’m sorry. It was nice meeting you!” followed by a big smile.

And at that point there’s not much I could do–it was a very good set: she was interested, I had been charming, but a girl who truly has a boyfriend (or husband) and cares about him (and yes, they do exist, for a time) generally won’t bite.

Here’s the thing though: it was worth running the game. It was a good set. It’s like in baseball when you foul off a bunch of pitches, work the count to 3-2, and then hit a long fly ball that the center fielder catches on the run: yeah, it’s not a hit–but if you keep having at-bats like that, you’re going to do just fine.

Later in the night I take my son to his swimming lessons and there’s a hot mom right next to me, so I chat her up–with moms you need to be more practical and do less pushing. She gets pushed around all day by her kids; what she wants is a nice guy with a big dick, or someone who knows how to use his.

Anyway, she doesn’t really give me an opening, but I give her my card and she seems somewhat interested.

Keep in mind, I prefer not to do indirect game, but with married women, single moms, and girls who care about their boyfriend, you almost have to–if you’re too direct they feel the slut shame harder. To me, as bad as it sounds, this is the pinnacle of game: if you’re smooth enough to convince a hot mom to fuck you–especially if she’s married–that’s a feat.

The logistics have to be perfect and the game has to be tight: nothing can be said out in the open.

So that chick may or may not bite, but I lost nothing in the exchange, and I figure anytime I’m talking to women I’m getting better.


Go to a strip club after a date I met a few weeks ago turns into a bust (cock tease). Not sure what I want, but I don’t really care, just kinda want to see some hot chicks if I’m honest.

However, I’ve always been curious about how one would go about gaming a stripper–without giving her money or paying for a dance–so I did just that. Made clear to the girl I wasn’t going to give her money, teased her and honestly just ran normal game; the only real tweak was going pretty hard and salty when it came to the teases. The hotter the girl the more you have to neg her.

The other thing was that I turned the conversation sexual as soon as possible. I mean, you’re in a fucking strip club–there’s no reason not to acknowledge why you’re all there.

And in the end she bit–I said I needed to go to work the next morning (true)–so I suggested we meet up sometime later in the week to get a drink. We talked a bit about the fact we were both sex positive, interested in sex clubs, and a possible threesome. I told her I had a girl I was seeing who might be into that sort of thing (my only plate right now).

Overall results:

Not good. Over the two weeks I only had six approaches and got two numbers, both flaked.

The truth is I got kind of lazy in December and January because I had 2-3 plates spinning and a few other options on the side, so I pretty much could have sex with a hot chick whenever I was free.

Additionally, I’ve only just started to take this idea of U-game seriously. Before that to be honest most of my cold approach has been night and/or bar game, which I won’t knock because I had very good numbers last fall/this winter: 13 girls over 5 months.

But yeah, I’m disappointed in myself. I need to find a way to generate more approaches, more numbers, and more leads.