So, went out yesterday to run some day game and was sorely disappointed.


  • Opens: 4
  • Didn’t stop: 1
  • Stack: 3
  • Vibe: 3
  • IG: 1 (I know)
  • Says we’ll meet again: 1
  • Weasel: 3

Maybe it’s because it’s August and people are on vacation, maybe it’s because it was just a bad day for whatever reason, but I’m beginning to believe my city fucking sucks for day game (realistically it’s mediocre–I’m being a tad dramatic).

Not enough hot chicks, too many bums and weirdos, and a heavily masculine/feminist population of women.


Kid you not, I ran into at least half a dozen man-women today–AKA, men that are dressing like and presenting as women. Good luck with that, since no guy in his right mind wants to fuck a man who turns himself into a woman–and no, that isn’t transphobia. It’s called being a normal heterosexual man who doesn’t want to fuck someone who, no matter how much they try to dress themselves up, has or at one time had a dick.

Honestly, here’s the thing: I really don’t give a shit on an individual basis. Be you, whoever the fuck that is, I don’t care, fine. And I mean that–I believe in everyone’s personal freedom to live their life however it best suits them.

Like, if you genuinely feel like a chick but you were born a dude, that sucks and I guess you’d probably want to fix that. Just understand, it’s no one else’s fault, and it’s going to be weird no matter what you do for the rest of your life. However, I have sympathy for someone in a situation that is genuinely beyond their control or is just plain fucked up.

What I don’t have sympathy for is everyone else fucking up for no good reason. The best example of this is all the girls who’ve cut their fucking hair super short, dyed it purple or pink, shaved half of it off on the sides or back, or do nothing other than eat tacos and pizza and still think they should walk around wearing a crop top (oh, and while we’re on that topic, unless you have nice tits, you should wear a bra so we at least think that you do–so many girls these days are walking around with nasty, saggy, misshapen tits in tube tops with no bra–it’s gross). I passed at least 7-8 girls I refused to open (4 redheads Mr. V) on account of having a butch hairdo. I’m sorry: I don’t want to date a little boy–and that’s what girls with short hair look like, unless they have giant tits and crazy curves.

Speaking of giant tits and crazy curves, another probably 20-25 were too fat to open. Really unfortunate, because at least half if not more would be very cute girls if they kept themselves in shape.

The point is that I could’ve had a fine session of day game yesterday if this was a place like Eastern Europe where women were still feminine and took care of themselves–the volume would be there. To be fair, the volume is there in my city on weekends, and now that some of the colleges are getting back in session, weekdays should improve significantly.

But I’ve also realized that I need to be running night game in addition to day game, because with day game I’m struggling to get enough volume on a consistent basis. Like 4 sets (when I initially posted this it was 3 and 2 weasels–I managed to open and weasel on one more each after I wrote it and) in 3 hours of walking around? That’s fucking horrible.

Goddamnit, and now Kitty is texting me again wanting to play games. Just right now (last night while I was writing this).

Hotter and younger. Hotter and younger. Hotter and younger.. than you Kitty. This is what I tell myself.

Anyway I know weekends are viable, events are viable, and maybe when school gets back in session, the day game will be better, but for now the volume just isn’t enough to learn from and it’s frustrating.

OK, so lessons for guys:

First, to whatever extent you can, sort out the logistics.

If you can move to a big city where day game is viable on a regular basis do it. If you can find an apartment or house near downtown or a trendy area of town where there are lots of bars and restaurants to bounce girls home from easily, do it (I’ve just done this myself). The point is to control what you can control, and in terms of access to women and logistics for dating/pulling, those need to be in place for players who want to live the non-monogamous, alpha lifestyle.

Second, find the hack for the logistics you can’t fix.

For example, I can’t move to a new city because my son lives here.

As I note above, daygame in my city is hit or miss–OK, so I need to work hard on the weekends I don’t have my kid which I know to be good, and focus on going to events and gatherings where I know there will be larger concentrations of people. That means looking at things like concerts, farmer’s markets, movies or performances in parks, fairs, festivals, etc.

And again, even though I don’t like it, I need to run more night game, because there are certain bars or clubs I can go where I know there will be large numbers of hot, feminine chicks. Honestly, for any guy living in a smaller town or city, learning night/bar game is probably the way to go, given that it’s hard to get volume via day game unless you live in a very large city.

I also need to get better at U-game, which is the idea that any time I see an attractive girl, I run the set and try to get her number. I haven’t done well at this lately, but I would guess that I could get at least 1-2 sets on an average day, which means I could add 7-14 sets a week to whatever else I’m doing via daygame/nightgame. Remember, that seems small on a daily/weekly basis, but if I average 10 U-game approaches

Finally, I know that I probably have to move to the burbs next year in order to be close to where my son will go to school, as I want to coach his sports teams, watch his games, etc. That means I have one year to hone my game to the point where I can operate in suburb bars, on soccer moms, and on girls I meet in places like Target and Starbucks. It also means I may have to get back on the swipe apps, which is why I’m trying to cut my weight down to the point where I can have shirtless photos showing ripped, washboard abs (I look good with my shirt off as I lift and watch what I eat, but I’m not quite at the male model ideal girls expect these days–but I can get there).

The point is that as long as you live somewhere where there’s a sizeable population (probably a metro area of at least 100,000), you can make game work for you as long as you sort out the logistics and hack whatever you can’t sort out.