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Red pill lessons from a repeat customer: alphas, betas, and a side note on OnlyFans.

RP McMurphy
September 8, 2020

So, I got laid recently. That was pretty good. Like, my dick still worked with an actual woman instead of old school Rebecca Linares (totally my type).

To be honest, I haven’t been much of PUA lately. More of a guy chilling in his apartment waiting for better times and trying to monk as much as possible. In any case, Booty girl from last year’s post came out of the woodwork and started texting me about a week ago, and it finally worked out for her to come over to mine for dinner and stuff.

Good times were had by all–my player skills are still intact. Like riding a bike in some ways I guess: once stuff works, you don’t forget. And though guys–even some of my best buddies in the game community–make fun of my inability to retain chicks, I hope no one by now doubts my ability to get first date/fast sex.

But the really interesting aspect of last week’s sexcapade with Booty girl, was what she told me about the female perspective during COVID, and also what I’m starting to realize about the female dual mating strategy.

RedQuest was right about COVID: girls found a beta, hunkered down.

So, in an interesting development, Booty Girl told me–post sex–that she had a BF during the whole quarantine thing. Funny, cause I think I pinged her once during that time, but she demurred, saying she was was being a “good girl” and not seeing anyone.


But like, what do you expect from a woman? Honesty? Please. If you think that, start here, but you probably are already offended and leaving.

Anyway, unlike a chode who would have gotten upset about the dishonesty (seriously, getting angry at a woman for dishonesty is like getting mad at a dog for eating food left unattended–it’s either your fault or you shouldn’t care), I asked her more about the guy and what she’d been up to during quarantine.

Goes like this: she doesn’t respect him, but he’s nice and took care of her. He doesn’t fuck well (which is why she texted me as soon as she started to feel safer), but he would come over, watch movies, make dinner, and most of the time they didn’t even have sex. What really floored me was how disgusted she was with him being a pussy and beta type guy. Like, she was MAD that he was so weak and unable to be emotionally strong during a tough time. She especially despised the fact he had a victim mindset. Even more interesting was the fact she said that many of her friends did the same thing and had a similar experience.

And yet, these women CHOSE these men to be with during quarantine. Another lesson here about women taking responsibility for their choices and whether or not they can make good ones (A: no).

But my guess is that this is what most girls did when the pandemic hit:

A) chose a beta type comforting guy to pass the time with, or

B) they took themselves off the market entirely.

If she sees you as alpha, you are…but it cuts both ways.

So, as I said, Booty girl reached out unprompted, to start this whole escapade. There’s a lot to be said for that.

Now, to start, I want to say that the “alpha/beta” thing is overblown in the RP community, but just because it’s overblown doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Women really do see you as either the chode beta polo shirt khaki pants BF, or the hot guy alpha who fucks well.

She didn’t bring up being attached or a relationship in any way. She seemed to expect that I fucked lots of girls and didn’t care. And she wanted me to cum inside her and just fuck the shit out of her generally, which was fantastic for both of us. Point is, a lot of chicks these days don’t get fucked well, or fucked by an alpha type guy.

Here’s the rub though: if she sees you as the player/alpha type guy, you’re disposable. You’re there for sex, because it turns her on–because she can’t get it elsewhere. But that’s it. She’s not going to invest in you (usually) or try to have a legitimate relationship. Hopefully you can work it so she becomes a repeat customer, but if she doesn’t, it’s because that’s not what she’s looking for anymore, not necessarily because you did anything wrong.

It’s interesting, because it seems to me that as hypergamy continues to go mainstream, women have basically become explicit in their dual mating strategy. Beta boyfriend to take pictures of her she can post to IG and take home to mommy; alpha player older guy she can fuck on the side. Yoylo has noted this recently as well.

And again, what happened during the pandemic is that chicks cut out the alpha guy, which is why guys have been having such a hard time during this past year. Now that things are starting to normalize, my guess is things get significantly better.

Side note: on the general panic over chicks on OnlyFans.

I believe Aaron Rodgers said it best.

Seriously guys, chill out.

Yes, I get it–it’s disturbing to see so many young, hot chicks essentially opt out of becoming productive members of society to make money selling nudes. As someone who cares about the general wellbeing of the world, sure, it’s not great. It’s actually sad on both ends: sad that these chicks feel that this is what they want to do with their lives and sad that there are so many simps out there willing to pay for female attention.

But a few points here:

  1. There’s nothing you can do about it.
  2. It furthers redpill awareness and undercuts every basic premise of feminism.
  3. Beauty isn’t rare.
  4. These chicks still want to fuck.

Like, her getting money off of chody dudes on the internet doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sex drive–if anything it probably makes her even more horny for player dick and more likely to be interested in kink and sex parties.

And sure, lots of chicks can get on there and open an account, but only a very small number are going to make enough money for a long enough period of time to actually do this as a career. Beauty is actually pretty common–if you don’t believe me, think about the last time you walked around a college campus: truth is, as long as she’s not overweight, a lot of young women are quite attractive. To be blunt, there are just way more attractive young women out there than the amount of money simps spend on OnlyFans. So yeah, some chicks are probably going to get rich, but most of them?


Indeed it will only be a very small number–but you’ll hear about them on social media, which magnifies anomalies: a big reason why so many people you know have lost their fucking minds when it comes to politics, critical race theory, and all that bullshit. That’s probably worth a non-player post sometimes, actually.

So yeah, think that’s it for today.

Still not a great time to be a player fellas, but the worm is starting to turn.

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