So there have been some pretty amazing moments in the last month where women I’ve interacted or spoken with have either directly or indirectly confirmed some of the red pill truths we’ve all become aware of.

It’s interesting–seems like a lot of guys have gone anti-red pill lately: guys like Nash and Stedman and some of the other PUA and game guys on Twitter. In part I get it, because at some point you get past the anger phase and then you see a lot of the conversation for what it is: bitching about women the same way women bitch about men.

Which is fucking pointless. Honestly, if you’re learning game, applying TRP, etc., it should be because you love women, not the other way around.

But I hope guys haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater, because TRP is critical for our health and wellbeing as men. I feel sorry for guys who don’t get it, even though there’s no way I can tell them unless they’re ready and there’s no way to know if they are or not.

There’s a great line in the Old Man and the Sea, by Hemingway, who was pretty fucking red pill dude:

“But the old man always thought of her as feminine and as something that gave or withheld great favors, and if she did wild or wicked things it was because she could not help them.” 

The truth is that like the sea, women are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous–not because they are evil, but because they can’t help it. Goddamn, now I’m getting philosophical, but recall Aesop’s fable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

The scorpion asks the frog to ferry him across the river, and the frog says, “no, you’ll sting me,” to which the scorpion replies: “if I sting you, we’ll both drown, so of course I won’t do that.” Frog then agrees to take him across the river, only to be stung halfway there.

Frog: why did you sting me? Now we’ll both die!

Scorpion: because it is my nature.

#1: boredom = death–if you’re not fucking her good and maintaining frame, the position’s open.

Can’t remember if I’ve written about this before, but if I have it’s worth retelling, which is that the neighbor of a red pill friend of mine committed suicide after finding out his wife was going to leave him.

I haven’t seen the woman, but my buddy says it’s kinda what you’d expect: big fake tits, kids from a previous dude, super entitled and mean to the guy–even though he was successful, owned his own business, was a Mr. Fix-it type around the house, and loved the kids like they were his own. Basically, he was what every woman claims to want in a man.

Then he finds out his wife wants to leave him, has been cheating on him in the interim for awhile now, and decides a dirt nap is preferable to whatever his life might look like after.

I’m not going to blame the guy–as a lot of the harsh assholes on Twitter would–because to my mind, you have to know better in order to be at fault for something, and he was doing everything our society tells guys to do in order to do well with women–the “happy wife, happy life” kind of bullshit.

Unfortunately, as we’re all aware, what you don’t know can still bite you in the ass. Now again, I don’t know the exact details of the situation, but I know for sure that one or both things were happening:

  • The sex wasn’t good/frequent enough for the chick.
  • She had the frame, he was submissive, and she hated him for it.

Then she got bored and found some dick to occupy her time.

I want to be clear, not all chicks will do this, but, AWALT (reminder: all women are like this). This is an important distinction that isn’t made enough in red pill circles: just because a woman has a desire to do something doesn’t mean she will.

For example, almost all women have a fantasy about BDSM or some sort of kink, whether threesomes, a rape fantasy, etc.

But not all women will act on that fantasy.

And this happens a lot in marriage–my friend’s neighbor could have been in the same exact position with another chick, but even though she felt bored, he was beta, and the sex wasn’t good/frequent, she wouldn’t cheat, either because she lacked the opportunity or doesn’t have the guts to go through with it.

But every woman in that dynamic has thought about it, and eventually, a lot of them will either cheat or want out of the relationship, whether it’s an LTR or marriage.

Dudes, especially young guys, don’t get married.

But if you are in a relationship, remember that: once you lose frame and aren’t fucking her good, the door is open to her cheating on and/or leaving you for someone better–and that doesn’t mean better as in makes more money or is better looking; just better at turning her on.

#2: the power of cold approach and a word on what you should know about hot chicks (8+).

A few weeks ago I did a one off at a coffee shop–beautiful girl, fantastic tits, a solid 8 no matter how you slice it.

Anyway, it was a good set. I did a situational opener about her shoes, then quickly transitioned to what such a pretty girl is doing working so hard on a Sunday morning (she had laptop). She said she was applying for new jobs, I stacked on that, then we vibed on a few common interests and things, ended with a number close.

Texting back and forth, she commented that she liked how “bold,” I was and told me that no one in her office and none of her friends could believe a dude had just asked her for her number at a coffee shop.

We then had a date: drinks at venue one, drinks at venue two, but I could tell it wasn’t on so I dialed back the player vibe and just walked her back to her apartment, thinking two or three date model. We did have a good kiss there–I’m not proud of how typical and cheesy that sounds, but it was fine–she texted me shortly after to thank me and said she was excited to see me again.

But that never happened.

Texting was good. We did some back and forth, I spiked with some photo pings, etc., until I proposed another date. Then, radio silence. Luckily, I know better than to double text, so I just let the void go, and she finally texts me back saying she’s sorry she didn’t get back to me, blah, blah, blah.

I play it off cool: “-20 points coffee girl,” then, “no worries figured you were busy.” This after waiting a day to reply.

Then we go back to texting again… until, I propose another date. Once again, radio silence. When she does finally get back to me, it’s another apology about how she was so busy, but had been seeing someone else casually, something had gone wrong, and now she’s stepping back from the dating scene.

Too bad, because damn I would’ve loved to motorboat those beautiful breasts of hers, but oh well–that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Anyway, remember how I wrote recently that not all hot chicks are constantly fucking Chads?

That’s true… but we also need to remember that a lot of them are–and the hotter she is the more likely that’s the case. I have no idea who this guy was or how they know each other, but she wasn’t strictly “single” when I approached.

I take a few lessons from this episode:

  1. Cold approach is incredibly powerful. It elicited in her–a very hot chick who was already seeing someone–a feeling of excitement and intense feelings. And cold approach works primarily because IT IS BOLD. Very few guys do it these days, and most women respond very positively to being approached, even if they aren’t ultimately interested.
  2. If she’s hot–8 or better–she might not be fucking someone currently, but she’s got all kinds of options. And as it applies to texting or why certain girls flake or don’t come out, my guess is that a lot of them respond well to the power of cold approach, but they’ve already got a guy they’re interested in who they know better and feel more comfortable with. In general, what it boils down to is that if she’s genuinely interested, she’ll come out. If she’s hesitant, it’s time to NEXT and run more game.
  3. I don’t think “I have a boyfriend” is the shit test TRP makes it out to be. I mean, sure, it could be–and there’s no reason not to pass and try to close anyway–but this chick could have told me she had a boyfriend and mostly been telling the truth. She didn’t, however, because she was interested. And I guess that’s the point: if she’s interested, why would she tell you she has a boyfriend? A: 9/10 times, she wouldn’t.

#3: Chicks citing bad behavior from men are meeting guys online and getting pumped and dumped because their SMV is 2+ points lower than the guy.

A girl who’s friends with my red pill buddy’s wife was over at their house recently and was talking about getting ghosted. Admittedly, before this time I thought she was pretty good–like a 7–not bad for a single mom in her 30’s.

But then I got a better look at her. And I realized that while she’s very pretty, her body leaves something (read: a lot) to be desired. Maybe a 6 if I’m being generous?

Anyway, I started to envision what her dating profile looked like: her photos probably make her look like an 8 and so she matches with a ton of guys, giving her the pick of the litter–and like most chicks, she’s choosing the hottest ones… who then get a look at her IRL and think: fuck, I can do a lot better than this, and… ghosted.

Now, ghosting is a shitty thing to do regardless of the circumstances–there are plenty of nice ways to tell someone you aren’t interested. That said, the motive for the behavior is clear: guy went on a date with her, maybe they slept together, but he isn’t attracted enough to see her again.

This also speaks to a huge problem with online dating, which is that women think their SMV is way higher than what it actually is because a 6 with good photos can make herself look like an 8 and occasionally match with Chads on Tinder. Like, this chick might never get remarried because she’ll reject any guy who would actually stay with her long term.

That’s a tough reality for guys too, especially guys who rely on Tinder for dates, but you know the solution don’t you?

Learn cold approach. Through cold approach, we increase our SMV by 1-2 points in her eyes and get on par with the guys she thinks she deserves. Plus, these days, cold approach is novel–and chicks love a good story.

#4: A drunk girl after a college football game… “good sex just happens,” and other unreasonable female desires.

So, like a good boy, I volunteered to DD for a friend’s birthday party at the college football game we went to recently.

It was good both because I have a tendency to drink too much at these kinds of things which is never good for game, but also because it’s extremely interesting to watch what drunk people do and say while sober, especially with regard to sex and sexuality.

Observation 1–holy shit are college chicks hot.

Whoa. Just whoa. We didn’t even walk around all that much, but my goodness the tail on a college campus is nothing short of phenomenal.

I realize that’s not exactly groundbreaking shit, but I bring it up because I honestly think that even as an older guy, a player could probably do very well if he was to get an AirBNB in a college town for a week.

You get in, run your day game on campus Monday through Thursday, then hit the bars on Thursday, Friday, go to the game Saturday–seems like a lot of really good things could happen.

And yes, college girls are down. I did two approaches while away from my friends (half were women in their late 30’s who would have been nothing short of PISSED had they seen me hitting on college chicks), and though I didn’t get any traction (got an Insta, but I don’t even count that anymore), I’m sure that if I did 50-60 sets over a couple days, I would–tons of IOIs, but again, couldn’t approach much due to logistics.

Observation 2: in the right environment, girls get really slutty.

So, remember the mom I mentioned earlier in the ghosting spiel? Yeah, she was there too, and as we’re walking around campus from tailgate to tailgate, she’s cat calling guys, being extremely promiscuous, and then, somehow, dick size comes up, and she and the other girl we’re with start talking about that, black guys, etc.

The one girl is like, “there’s such a thing as too big,” but momma says, “OMG you’re stupid. That’s what I need–I need to fuck a black guy.”

Now, I assume none of us are dummies and we know why–because all black guys have big dicks, right? Truth is: kind of, but not exactly. Black men on average have slightly larger penises, but size is more correlated to height than anything, and even then it’s tenuous, but whatever–that’s what women think, so therefore it’s true.

Understand, RPD doesn’t judge. Chicks wanting a guy with a big cock is the same as guys wanting tighter, younger girls–turns out, no one likes idea of throwing a hotdog down a hallway when it comes to sex.

Again, perhaps not a super original observation, but no way those girls have that conversation unless they’re drunk at a tailgater. It’s why girls traveling or on vacation are so much more likely to have a one night stand and/or cheat on their BF or husband. Environment is huge with regard to how chicks behave.

Observation 3: women take precisely zero responsibility for good sex.

So, on the way home we’re talking about sex and interests and kinks and fantasies, and my buddy’s sister plays it cool, saying she’s not into different kinds of sex or kink or BDSM–she just likes a good session of pound town.

But then I start to drill down: “what does that feel like? How does it start? Who initiates? How does it work?” That kind of thing.

And in every case, it comes down to, “it just happens.”

So then I ask, “who makes it happen?”

And she’s like, “IDK–it just does.”

So I correct her: no. I make it happen. The man does.

And she says: “yes.”

Such an important lesson there for the young player: for women, sex just happens. It’s not planned or expected (or if it is, but she doesn’t want to admit it or blacks it out like an alcoholic), it just sort happens.

Holy shit RPD, my clothes fell off! And I’m all wet… what do you think we should do?

Observation 4: Girls have almost no understanding of the realities of the sexual marketplace.

Same girl later is talking about what a huge turn on it would be to meet a guy who makes more money than her.

BTW, she makes over $150K a year–which is a fuck ton almost anywhere you go, aside from maybe New York, London, Sydney, or LA.

And I’m just thinking: WTF are you talking about darlin? You’re a single mom who has one day a week off, you’re 35, and honestly, not near as attractive as you were when you were 25 (out of shape, partially, but also just age).

In other words, there’s no fucking way she’s going to get a guy who makes that kind of money and who’s also reasonably attractive. That guy can fuck girls who are 24 and hot if he has any semblance of game, which by the way, for this chick he’ll need as she’s super shit testy.

But it just goes to show, women are completely unreasonable when it comes to their understanding of the sexual marketplace, especially with regard to their value relative to what kind of men are available.

  • Guys who know what they’re doing in bed? Rare.
  • Guys who have game–can tease, pass shit tests, etc.? Rare.
  • Guys who make lots of money, like over $100K/year? Rare.
  • Guys who are 8+ in terms of looks? Rare.
  • Guys who are phenomenally fit and have six pack abs? Rare.
  • Guys who are 6′ or taller? Kinda rare (less than 20% of men in North America).

But that doesn’t stop chicks from wanting those guys, because of course they do. Now, I’ve predicted a shift in the sexual marketplace in the next 5 years or so when girls collectively start to realize how rare these qualities are, but until that happens, there’s only one answer…

Learn cold approach, pick up, and game. Cause I can tell you this: I can only check three of the above boxes (bed, game, tall), but I guarantee this chick would sleep with me, and the bed part doesn’t even count because she can’t know that until it happens.

#5: The Wall comes super fucking fast.

I don’t have a lot on this–just been noticing it lately. Especially with some of the women I work with and/or know through friends. Seems like even just a couple of months and it’s like BAM, she looks super old.

Not sure if everyone saw this, but studies now show that men actually age more slowly than women. That’s pretty fucking cool.

Because as RedQuest reminds us: there’s never been a better time to be a player.