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Social media: how to set up a decent IG, and why you should have SnapChat.

RP McMurphy
June 22, 2021

When it comes to chicks, there are three relevant channels of social media: Instagram, SnapChat, and Tik-Tok. Why? Because they’re all visual and chicks are narcissistic people who love taking pictures of themselves. They love the attention and validation of people telling them they’re hot.

And honestly if I was young and hot I’d probably do it too.

Anyway, as much as I don’t think you should spend a lot of time on social media, I DO think it’s worth having a solid IG and a SnapChat. Seems like a lot of guys in EU and Oz use WhatsApp, so get that one too.

Let’s start with IG, because that is truly universal and just about EVERY hot chick will have one.

You should have 15-30 VERY good photos, almost the same as you’d have on a dating app profile:

  • Cool scenery or vacation shots, preferably with you in the photo.
  • You with animals.
  • You with hot chicks–this is essential.
  • Boats, cars, and motorcycles that are either rugged or flashy, with you in the photo.
  • Family and friends, obviously with you too.
  • Professional photos of you looking suave and/or sexy–get the fuck outta here with the ones with fake backgrounds that look like they’re from JC Penny’s in the 1980s.

Post a new photo every few days if you’re opening a new account until you hit the number you want–same thing if you have one, only replace the ones you have as you get better pics. Immediately delete any low value pics–it’s honestly better to have zero pics than ones where you look like a goon. If you play dungeons and dragons, cool, but you don’t want to advertise that fact.

Once you hit 15-30 good pics, post sparingly, and delete the worst photos so that you don’t end up with 8000 of them. Less is more. If you look at the profiles of hot chicks, MOST of them have like 30-50 photos–some only have 10-15. Moreover, posting stories or pics all the time is a LOW VALUE MOVE, especially for a guy. So unless you’re famous and/or IG is the way you’re making money, post only when you truly have a really good photo.

If you need help understanding this better, hit me up for a consult and I can help you with that, plus setting up a solid OLD profile.

SnapChat is a pretty worthless app for guys in my opinion, but it’s worth having for only one reason: some girls will give you a Snap instead of a number, and if that’s what she offers, take it–it’s a way to contact her, right? And that’s the name of the game.

I’m not on Tik-Tok and I refuse to be. That’s probably a mistake because hot young chicks are on there, but I just can’t–don’t blame you if you do though, and feel free to comment if you know how to use Tik-Tok to one’s advantage.

I know what you’re thinking: these apps are all chick apps and it’s ghey. I agree. They are lame AF.

But FUCK your pride. Who cares. I’m telling you they can get you laid, so let’s get to that.

How to use social media to help with getting girls.

Notice I say “to help.” Because mostly these apps WILL NOT get you laid. You need to learn cold approach or get on dating apps (and do it right, otherwise OLD is bad)–but the reason to have them is that they can help get you laid.

Think of them as a supplement to the other things you’re doing.

SnapChat is simply a way to contact the girl. That’s it. But yes you can get laid by taking a SnapChat–Yoga girl, who ended up being a long terms thing, was a girl who gave me her Snap, not her number. Same with the hot 18 yo I’m seeing now, who found me through Snap.

Unlike other apps, SnapChat is designed as a messaging app–it’s doesn’t work the same way IG or Twitter or FB works where you’re scrolling through posts. The only similarity is that they do have stories.

Which on that point, again, avoid. I don’t recommend posting stories–at least not very often, which is the same thing I’ll say of stories on IG. What kind of guy sits around all day making Snap Chat stories? A thirsty beta or a young guy who lives in his mom’s basement and smokes pot all day; and sure, he might be getting laid if he’s good looking, but it’s only because he knows girls from his high school. It’s for this same reason I don’t think guys are losing out too much by not being on Tik-Tok.

Now if you’re truly doing something cool, go ahead, but the litmus test should be this: would a 22-year-old hot chick in college be impressed? If not, don’t post it.

Also, do not slide into the DMs of chicks you don’t know. Get to know them first. You do that by making friends with people, liking or commenting on some of their posts, and then see if they respond or reach out. Hot girls have tons of guys hitting them up on IG aka “sliding into their DMs” all the time and they have a policy of ignoring the vast majority of them. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re on a date with a hot chick, ask to see her messages on IG. It’s astonishing how many thirsty simps are hitting on her, and YOU don’t want to be that guy.

This is also why you don’t want to take an IG when doing day game. If she likes you she can give you her number, a WhatsApp, or a Snap. IG means she wants a follower. Now, if that’s truly ALL you can get, you may as well take it, more for the fact of taking a W in terms of the approach than anything else–but don’t expect much to come of it. Her DMs are full of guys trying to hit on her and now you’re just one more of them.

The times I’ve gotten laid through IG it was because the girl found me and DMed me first, which gets me to the point: IG should not be an active place you’re gaming. It’s basically passive income. It provides value and comfort for girls who give you their number. I’ve had multiple girls ask for my IG after I got their number because they want to see more about me–and when you meet people out and about in situations where directly hitting on them would be bad or socially inappropriate, exchanging IG is a sneaky way to connect. Indeed, in night game, with mixed sets or where it’s hard to separate the girl from the group, it’s easy enough to ask what everyone’s IG is and show them cool pictures and stuff.

Like, Mystery and all those guys used to carry pictures of themselves around before smart phones existed as a way to DHV. You’re using IG in the same way.

Let’s see, other points here: Facebook is for old people. If you have it, it’s to have the WhatsApp thing which is linked although it doesn’t have to be. Twitter is Twitter: better for getting info and staying connected with the Game/Redpill community and reading stuff, but not really a visual medium and therefore not great for getting chicks.

This should not be how/where you’re spending most of your time.

The overall point here is to have these things, but don’t use them much.

Social media is for chicks, especially IG, Snap, and Tik-Tok.

The majority of your time should be spent doing day or night game, plus OLD if you want, plus cultivating a cool social circle. Obviously lifting, having a strong mission, and all the other red pill things as well–only don’t be a Field of Dreams guy: no matter how fit, good looking, and rich you are, you need to actively pursue women and learn Game…you can build it, but mostly they will not come.

I can help you with all of that stuff, so if you want, hit me up for some coaching.

And to be honest, if guys have figured out other good advice for using social media, you probably know better than I do, especially younger guys. I grew up without social media and smart phones, for which I’m very thankful as even in my own life I can see what an incredible time suck they are–and let’s not ignore the fact that the reason a lot of people today are social retards is because they spend all day staring at their phone instead of being high value human beings who read books and stuff.

So get out there and do that! Good luck, and as always, thanks for reading.

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